Have You Seen Pokemon Go?

You may not have heard, but Pokemon fans recently received another reason to become even more obsessed with the universe of creatures and powers with the release of Pokemon Go, a product that allows Pokemon users to interact with Pokemon on shared networks with others on existing electronics. If you dare to, Google “Pokemon Go” and just let yourself explore what’s out there for five minutes. True Pokemon fans take their passion seriously, and Pokemon Go is no exception.

I remember Pokemon when I was a kid, and hearing about them now brings me so many fond memories from my childhood. I remember not having much, but always being able to get a few Pokemon cards somehow. I saved up to get an album specifically designed to hold trading cards like Pokemon cards, and I had hundreds of them. They were all different parts of nature, came with a number of different powers, and there even some so rare that I never showed a soul.

Pokemon cards were the thing many “nerds” played in elementary school when I was growing up. It was a cool way to combine strategy and planning with cool, colorful cards that created a universe for players to imagine up and really live in for however short or long a while.

Pokemon is a fantastic world of products, and Pokemon Go is no exception. Give it a try, and tell me what you think.