Tarallucci e Vino: A Space For Celebration

Often times, people need a restaurant with private rooms for a large gathering. This can be for the holidays, a wedding, or any occasion. The main thing is to find a place that has beautiful ambiance, plenty of space, and delicious food. These are some of the top venues that can be considered that I found on GOOP:

Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern has been a popular establishment for two decades. It is a Danny Meyer restaurant that always has a crowd. The traditional American fare is delicious and made from local seasonal ingredients. Chef Michael Anthony presides over the kitchen and is well-known from his work at Blue Hill. Patrons love the primitive-style dining room. One of the walls has a stunning mural of vegetables that was painted by Robert Kushner. Gramercy Tavern also has a private room that is perfect for an intimate get-together.

The Nomad

The menu at the Nomad is created by Daniel Humm, from the famous Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park. Patrons love the atmosphere and the delectable food. The interior was designed by Jacques Garcia, a famous designer. There are two rooms from which to choose. The first one is the Parlour, which has a club atmosphere. The Parlour has velvet seats and gorgeous Persian rugs. Guests may also choose to eat in the Atrium, which has a huge skylight. The Atrium allows for a romantic dinner under the moon and stars.

The Nomad has several different private rooms for private parties. One of the best ones that people often choose it the roof top. It is actually inside of the hotel’s cupola and has room for one table. Dinner on the rooftop in the Nomad would be one that will never be forgotten.

Tarallucci e Vino

Another event space to consider is Tarallucci e Vino. It is located in Union Square and has two lovely event spaces that would be ideal for any type of occasion. Those who love traditional Italian cuisine will not be disappointed! Chef Riccardo Bilotta creates inspirational Italian menus with a modern flair. There is something that everyone will enjoy.

The first event space is called the Mezzanine. It is an intimate room that will comfortably seat 30 guests or 80 people for a cocktail party. The warm ambiance makes everyone feel at ease. The Mezzanine has a lounge area, a bar, beautiful brick tables, as well as gorgeous artwork and mirrors. The Mezzanine even has its own sophisticated wine cellar.

The 6th Floor Loft is the elegant second event space in Tarallucci e Vino. It is spacious enough for any type of event, whether it be a small business meeting or a huge celebration party with 120 guests. Like the Mezzanine, this loft has its own bar, lounge, and beautiful hand-made tables. Clients also adore the antique mirrors and breath-taking chandeliers.

ESPN Fighting Back Against Cord-Cutters With Streaming

After having lost millions of viewers over the past few years due to the practice of cord-cutting, ESPN and its parent company, Disney, are planning on offering consumers the chance to watch its programming online through streaming.

However, there’s one caveat to this information that potential viewers should make sure to remember. Instead of receiving all of the available programming on ESPN’s networks, the events that will be available are all from so-called niche sports. In other words, the programming for Major League Baseball, the National Football League and National Basketball Association won’t be included. In addition, only selected college sports will be available.

This particular practice is known as offering “skinny bundles,” in contrast to cable companies packaging all of the network’s channels together. There’s no information as to when ESPN will begin this and there are currently no plans to include any of the networks in the near future.

Last year, ESPN made the Cricket World Cup available by streaming, with no cable contract needed to access the contests. To watch all 49 of the matches, viewers were required to pay $99.99. There’s no indication of how successful the concept was, thought it was seen as something of a test run for this current plan.

The idea of cord-cutting was based on the fact that ESPN charges more money per subscriber to cable companies than any other network, an estimated $6.61 per month. As a result, the network has lost more than seven million viewers since September 2013.

Target Is Changing Its Kids’ Fashion

Business Insider reported earlier today that Target is making drastic changes to its kids’ clothing department. They say this is because of an increased interest in self-expression among children.

This is great news for kids, and for parents too. It also speaks to a larger issue: raising confident children who can express themselves in healthy ways. Now, Target making clothes more expressive is not going to make your child more confident. However, the availability of clothes that are more likely to speak to where your child is emotionally and personally at any given point in life might make it easier for them to express themselves later on in life, especially if you’re freely allowing them to wear those clothes. It also allows children to see the value of clothing more clearly, as children who pick out clothes they like are more likely to take care of those clothes than children who aren’t responsible for picking out their own clothes.

What your child wears is important, but it’s more important that they be confident. In order to make that an easier goal to attain, we need businesses that make self-expression teaching and facilitating products to be available for our children in ways that are affordable, easily accessible, and likable for our children. In some small way, Target changing its clothing for kids is a step towards raising a more confident, independent generation.

Have You Seen Pokemon Go?

You may not have heard, but Pokemon fans recently received another reason to become even more obsessed with the universe of creatures and powers with the release of Pokemon Go, a product that allows Pokemon users to interact with Pokemon on shared networks with others on existing electronics. If you dare to, Google “Pokemon Go” and just let yourself explore what’s out there for five minutes. True Pokemon fans take their passion seriously, and Pokemon Go is no exception.

I remember Pokemon when I was a kid, and hearing about them now brings me so many fond memories from my childhood. I remember not having much, but always being able to get a few Pokemon cards somehow. I saved up to get an album specifically designed to hold trading cards like Pokemon cards, and I had hundreds of them. They were all different parts of nature, came with a number of different powers, and there even some so rare that I never showed a soul.

Pokemon cards were the thing many “nerds” played in elementary school when I was growing up. It was a cool way to combine strategy and planning with cool, colorful cards that created a universe for players to imagine up and really live in for however short or long a while.

Pokemon is a fantastic world of products, and Pokemon Go is no exception. Give it a try, and tell me what you think.

Garth Brooks Is Going Online

On Thursday, Business Insider released an interview with Garth Brooks, the megastar musician, who talked about online streaming and releasing his own radio show on Sirius.

This is fantastic, because Garth Brooks is one of the few artists who probably warrants having his own radio station. He has released some of the most iconic albums in music, from “Garth Brooks” to “No Fences,” “Ropin’ the Wind,” and “Double Live,” which all sold at least 10 million and as many as 21 million copies. That alone warrants him deserving his own radio station, but throw in a pair of Grammys, more than a dozen American Music Awards, and other recognition for being commercially successful, and you’ve got one of the best radio stations in music.

Garth Brooks took a years-long hiatus from music in order to raise his children, but that nearly two decade-long absence from music did nothing to dampen and everything to enliven the brand he has created. He has starter touring, has been working on a new album, and is doing high-publicity shows at Yankee Stadium and Central Park in New York City. Garth Brooks is bigger than the average country star is today, and that’s nearly 30 years after he released his first album. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of Garth Brooks, but there’s a good chance you are too.

Even if you’re not, it’s hard not to acknowledge that Garth Brooks is at such a great point in his career that going online and live with a radio show and more streaming options is a logical step for him.

How Businesses can benefit from Facebook Video Marketing

Many businesses use commercials to reach out to their loyal clients as well as recruit new ones. Since advertising is visual, it is possible to reach out to many prospective customers by enhancing the visual impact utilizing video marketing. Carefully chosen text combined with high quality moving images not only advertises the business but also entertains. Businesses that use video marketing and capitalize on the popularity of digital ventures like Facebook have high chances of realizing immense profits.

Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing


Millions of people across the globe use Facebook on a daily basis. Therefore, entrepreneurs can create Facebook pages for their companies. The pages should target their potential clients and update them on new and existing products or services that are available.

Increased visibility

Facebook videos are searchable on modern search engines like Google. The video will be available on both Facebook and Google. Thus, businesses will have a fantastic online presence. Customers will access information about a particular company easily.

High conversation rate

Apart from increasing the number of people who visits a particular website, social media can boost the conversation rate. Business owners can post interesting videos and still manage to convince their audience to buy their products or services. Originally published on Forbes

Incredible social connectivity

Facebook is debatably one of the most famous and fastest growing social media platforms. The number of users keeps increasing as each day passes. Therefore, entrepreneurs should communicate with potential and existing clients, offer ideal customer services, and strive to build a fantastic relationship with their target audience.

Amazon Prime Day Will Probably Benefit Other Companies Too

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual day to give massive discounts to a wide number of products from a plethora of different companies, and it looks like this year’s will benefit other companies as well, at least in terms of online traffic.

A company is lucky if it can direct 15% of internet traffic to its website to make an actual purchase, but it is an absolute truth that you make more online sales when you get more online traffic to your website. Certainly, it matters that you get high-income viewers to come to your website, but it’s equally important that you just get more people to view your site at all. So, Amazon offering deep discounts to many products offered on its platforms means that customers will potentially end up going to the websites of the producers of products they first viewed on Amazon. The average American consumer is just fascinating.

This, of course, is an unintentional but still free and beneficial service to other businesses that Amazon provides on its Prime Day, which gives Amazon itself millions upon millions in additional revenue due to Amazon’s ability to control its own prices. This increases Amazon’s market share, and it deepens the average consumer’s business relationship with Amazon as well. Overall, Amazon Prime Day is an economic blessing that benefits almost everyone involved, all the while giving customers lower prices that at almost any time during the year. How can you beat that?

Google Adsense Closing Accounts

Google Adsense has been the source of income for many bloggers and site owners over the years, including YouTubers and other businessmen online. It’s the way to making huge money, but building a blog to make money from Adsense from scratch in this day and age is not exactly a recommended business model. It has become more than true that Google Adsense is ultimately a great money maker, but with so many people from several years ago not using their account or barely making a whole lot of cash, their accounts are being closed down on July 4th. In fact, they focused primarily on all the inactive accounts, and so any active accounts were left alone online.

They legitimately sent emails to every single inactive account reminding them that they could continue their account, provided that they keep it updated and sign the form to maintain their Adsense accounts. Sadly, many were closed down while also providing a quick launch of whatever money they had left in the account, as long as the money to withdraw was a minimum of $10.

Google Adsense is constantly trying to step up their game and provide new options for many people. Adsense is a very worthwhile site that you could use to grow your income, but the key is to be active and to make sure you save your account with this new update that they came up with. Google Adsense’s new update is just their way on handling business and taking care of old accounts.

Bitcoin Is About To Make A Big Change

Bitcoin, the online currency that gained popularity most recently with new economy businesses and hipsters, is making some serious changes. Chief among them is the decision to cut the supply of bitcoins in half, which means that individual Bitcoin will theoretically increase in value. In order to offset the probable rise in crime with the increased value of individual Bitcoin, the company will also be instituting more stringent policy related to the mining of Bitcoin, which further puts the supply of Bitcoin in danger.

This is a cool development because it signals that virtual currency is something that has staying power. It’s not just a fad. We don’t know if virtual currency is really going to be something that comes onto the mainstream of how we do commerce online, but we now that Overstock.com is already accepting Bitcoin and other company are looking into it as well. It’s certainly a growing and changing enterprise no matter how you slice it.

Virtual currency is interesting, and I’m excited about what it means for all of us. I’ll admit though that no one I know uses Bitcoin, so this development won’t matter to them. It’s just nice to pull out physical cash on the rare occasion you have it, and it’s also nice to pull out a fresh debit card and put it in the special little pocket in the billfold. What do you think?

The U.K. Still Prefers to Shop In-Store

A report today from Business Insider is showing that consumers in the U.K. like to look up products online to find out what they want, but they still prefer going into an actual store to shop. This is much different than in the United States, where more and more stores are closing shop in favor of a model that would favor large spaces for inventory that ship directly to consumers who buy online.

I didn’t think I would say this so soon, but I agree with our friends across the pond on this one. Sure, you might find a product that is slightly cheaper online, and you may be more efficient with your time if you buy online as well, but is that really enough of a reason to not live your life more fully? Buying things in a store just feels good.

More than that, shopping in an actual store is just a cool experience. If you have the energy to make yourself look and smell halfway decent, get in a car, drive to a store, walk across a parking lot, and stand around looking at clothes, you know you really want those clothes. From trying clothes on in the store to testing out appliances immediately and supporting in-store jobs along the way, buying things in the store is just an all-around preferable experience.