An In-depth Look into Exceptional Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Nowadays, pet owners consider their pets as a part of their family. They invest much of their resources and efforts to ensure the pets are getting the best food, care, and treatment. Beneful is a brand of exceptional dog foods by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Company. The brand consists of scrumptious wet dog foods, snacks, and dry dog foods. All the dog foods under the Beneful brand are produced using natural ingredients like veggies, real meats, and flavors of highly nutritious fruits. Some of the healthy dog foods include:
ORIGINALS (with real meat)

This product falls into the category of dry dog food. It is made with a strict adherence of Real Beef Recipe. The primary ingredient is farm-raised beef, which is mixed with whole grades and some bits of vitamin-rich vegetables like the peas, spinach, and carrots. Adult dogs will love and enjoy this meal.

ORIGINALS (with real chicken)

This dry dog food consists of highly nutritious farm-raised chicken. The chicken is blended with whole grains and vegetables. There is a 100 percent guarantee that an adult dog will enjoy and love this meal. Apart from the real chicken, it contains accents of tomatoes, carrots, and avocados.


HEALTHY WEIGHT is one of the weight management diets under the Beneful brand. An adult dog that consumes this food on a regular basis can achieve a perfect body and live a healthy life. It contains real chicken obtained directly from the farm, blended with nutritious whole grains such as green beans, and then accented with vegetables like carrots. This dry dog food has 10 percent fewer calories than ORIGINALS (real beef). Therefore, it is recommended for dogs that are on a weight loss program.


The nutritious diet consists of real chicken and a mixture of whole grains and vegetables. It contains accents of carrots and peas. The ingredients in this dry dog food are meant to boost the immunity of the growing puppies. The traces of DHA available in this product are instrumental in promoting the development of healthy brain and vision. Pet owners should regularly feed their puppies with HEALTHY PUPPY. Due to its appetizing nature, puppies love this product. All these products are available on Walmart and local pet supplies stores. is the site to visit for online customers.

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I Became An Expert Investor At Laidlaw & Company

I became an expert investor at Laidlaw & Company because I had a broker who helped me once I took my first meeting with James Ahern. He explained a lot of things to me that I really needed to know, and I needed to be sure that the investments I was making were going to be worth it. I wanted to be able to make a lot of money from things that I was investing in, and I wanted to have a good idea of how it would work out when I did something that was out of the box.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

There are a lot of people like me who are not sure how to make investments, and they need someone at Laidlaw & Company to help them make sure that they are going to make the best investments. I learned a lot about the investments that have been made in my name, and I learned that I could invest in anything from stocks to gold and other companies. I have invested in some commodities, and I have been able to invest in businesses that I believe in. It is a really nice way to make money, and I have a great broker whom I trust.

I can go to Laidlaw & Company to make sure that I can make money, and I can make it easy for myself to make good investments because I would be able to create a portfolio that is easy to manage. Matthew Eitner is a very easy person to work with, and he sends me reports often that make it easy for me to get the money I need to retire or just to pull out cash when I need it. That makes my life easier, and I am no longer lost without any assistance.

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer: Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum & Jeff Bridges Join The Action For Round 2 – Watch Movies online for free

“Eggsy, I saw in you what someone once saw in me. Something that can’t be taught, the makings of a Kingsman.” Welcome to the first trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel to the over-the-top 2015 spy action that returns stars Taron Egerton and Colin Firth — though the latter’s character had survival issues in the original. A number of big names are aboard for Round 2 including Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and one Sir Elton John. They join holdovers from the original including Mark Strong and Samantha Womack.


Paramount Drops J.C. Chandor’s ‘Triple Frontier’; Channing Tatum & Tom Hardy Also Out

Picking up where Secret Service left off, Kingsman: The Golden Circle sees Chav-turned-superspy Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Egerton) and his supervisor Merlin (Strong) heading to the U.S. to join forces with the “Statesman,” the Kingsman agency’s American counterparts, after the destruction of Kingsman HQ at the hands of evil mastermind Poppy (Moore). The two spy agencies must band together to defeat their shared enemy.

Matthew Vaughn returns to direct the 20th Century Fox film from a script he co-wrote with Jane Goldman. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters June 16. Have a look at the trailer above and tell us what you think. But there’s really only one question: How can they top — or even match — the frantic church massacre or the climatic killing spree from the original?

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Relmada Makes A Legal Complaint Against Laidlaw

Laidlaw and Relmada once had a mutually beneficial relationship. However, now the two companies are involved in a legal dispute. In the past, Laidlaw functioned as Relmada’s primary investment bank. Their relationship began in the year 2011 and continued until 2015.

Laidlaw and Company was Relamda’s placement agent in December 2011 as well as in May 2014 and It also advised Relmada financially during its merger with Camp Nine, Inc. This was a crucial step for Relmada to take before it became a publically traded company.
In 2015, Relmada and Laidlaw discussed how to go about attracting new investors. Laidlaw took it upon itself to organize a road show in April for this purpose. Relmada was not happy however with the way Laidlaw conducted itself in regards to the roadshow. This was the beginning of the dispute between the two companies and it resulted in Laidlaw disclosing some of Relmada’s confidential information to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The information concerned Relmada’s capital raising efforts as well as details of its interactions with institutional investors.

Relmada did not want to have an expensive and disruptive fight with Laidlaw over these matters so its board of directors reached out to Laidlaw and set up a meeting in December 2015. Relmada was represented by its CEO and Laidlaw was represented by Matthew Either and James Ahern. At the meeting, Eitner and Ahern demanded that they be empowered with the ability to choose who goes on Relmada’s board of directors. Then after the meeting, Laidlaw issued a public letter stating that they intended take control of Relmada corporation.

Relmada took Laidlaw to court over the proxy materials they distributed to investors as part of its takeover attempt. A federal judge agreed that Laidlaw was disseminating false and misleading information about Relmada and issued an injunction to force them to stop.


Laidlaw Complaint

Infamous investment banking firm Laidlaw & Company are in hot water again. The innovative pharmaceutical firm Relmada Therapeutics has filed to amend the complaint they currently have against Laidlaw. Relmada accuses Laidlaw of compromising sensitive financial information about Relamda when the banking firm was acting as Relmada’s banking firm

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

Laidlaw, of course, denies the charges levied against it, but one woule be hard pressed to believe them with the reputation they have acquired over the years. If you recall the movie “Wall Street” starring Michael Douglas as sleazy banker Gordon Gecko, then you have a good idea what the investment firm’s two founders, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, are like.

How this firm has remained in business for so long is beyond my comprehension. Even the most jaded of those in the investment community find them repulsive. The firm has a reputation for not only swindling investors, but even their own employees. A cursory glance at any corporate reputation review site shows just how loathsome the “Dynamic Duo” can be. Quite frankly, I hope that the pair, and the company, get everything they truly deserve, and that they get it in spades.

Norka Luque – Delivering Message of Love and Hope Through Music

Norka Martinez Luque is an upcoming Latin singer who recently gained international fame through her beautiful voice and powerful messages of hope. Unlike most singers, Norka’s success is an uphill battle to gain fortune. The attractive Venezuelan artists went through difficult times during her career; however, she continued to believe in her ability to sing beautiful thematic songs of hope and struggle, which also symbolize Norka’s own life.

Since her childhood, Norka got full support from her family who allowed her to learn arts such as music, composition, dance and flamenco. As Norka continued to blossom in the arts, she also perused professional education. In a pursuit to gain additional opportunities, Norka completed here Bachelor’s in Business Administration from France. Beside, she also got education in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.

According to her Linkedin profile, Norka continued to follow her dream by joining a local band. Perhaps, it was her vigor and energy that brought her in the limelight when Emilio Estefan Jr. inducted her for his musicals. According to Norka, Emilio acknowledged that Norka wanted to deliver the message of hope to the public by incorporating her own experiences in life. Accordingly, Emilio encouraged Norka to continue working on musicals that would inspire others to appreciate simple things in life.

The first major break for Norka is the promotion of the popular theme song, MILAGRO, promoted through El Cata. MILARGO is produced by Emilio and overseen by such talented artists including Hermanos Gaitan, Archie Pena and Luigi Geraldo. Already. MILARGO has become an instant hit in many countries including Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States. It is also included in the prestigious Latin Music Billboard. Actually, the song is a mix of Reggae, Mediterranean traces and Caribbean sounds making it an instant hit in multi-cultural communities. Perhaps, the true fame of MILAGRO is the theme of hope and love that has made it famous around the world.

In a recent statement regarding the success of MILARGO, Norka claimed that she wanted to express her own feelings through the song. She acknowledged that her team wanted to give the message of hope to inspire others who are facing various crisis in the life. As such, Norka wants her fans to know that they should never lose hope and continue to work hard to achieve their dreams. Overall, the message of MILARGO and Norka is to transmit love, hope and dream inspiring others to achieve the impossible.

Duda Melzer Becomes a Popular Leader for Grupo RBS Organization


Sometimes the choice of a corporate executive can have far-reaching consequences. News broadcasts are peppered with stories that have a negative twist to them. The story of Duda Melzer couldn’t be further from any of these pieces of bad news.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda, took over the reigns at Grupo RBS. His appointment was actually extremely popular. His induction ceremony was broadcast live, and 6,416 members of the company staff watched it. Family members and employees flocked to an office in Porto Alegre to meet up with him in person.

It’s nice to hear about such a popular figure in an era when there are so many stories of corporate scandals and corruption. Duda rose up the corporate ladder by way of hard work. He originally assumed an executive position at Grupo RBS when a prominent administrator received a promotion. His grandfather was the company’s founder, and he pledged to work harder in order to fulfill his grandfather’s vision.

While he’s emphasized the importance of using technology to solve problems, he’s also remarked that the company should never loose sight of the human dimension in any business venture. There are living people on both sides of every business transaction. Duda has stressed that each of these transactions needs to be beneficial to the parties on both sides of them.

Duda Melzer has so far overseen a major expansion of Grupo RBS operations in the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul areas. He has overseen the company’s acquisition of radio stations and television outlets in the two markets. Grupo RBS also operates a digital company now that provides similar content online.

Recently Duda has expressed interested in providing additional executive education services. It seems that there’s no end to his popularity. He also seems to have a very solid vision for the future.

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Laidlaw & Company Uses My Information To Make Better Investment Decisions


I have been working with Laidlaw & Company for a while now, and I always have good talks with my broker about how I plan to invest for the future. I knew that I needed to do something to save better for the future, and the only way to do that was to make sure that I was working Laidlaw & Company. They made sure that they were helping me, and I got James Ahern on the phone. He helped me understand what I should be doing with my money, and then he sent me to a broker in his office who was going to make my life easier.
Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

There are a lot of things that I can do with my money, and I am really happy that I was listening when Laidlaw & Company started helping. I have a broker who will take me through any kind of investment idea, and I learn a lot in the process. It is really nice to know that I have Matthew Eitner there who is going to help me. I just knew that I was going to start making more money, and I am very impressed with the level of customer service from reports to phone calls.

I can call Laidlaw & Company at any time for help, and I have even turned my friends and family onto the,. They talk to everyone to figure out what should be done as an investment, and then they put that in action. It feels really nice to work with people who know just what to do, and they will advise me to do things that are best for me. What works for me might not work for other people, but it is still brilliant. I have never been so secure in my entire life where my finances are concerned.

Makari Skin Whitening


Makari Skin Care is the premiere luxury provider of the best skin products on the market in the world. Makari Whitening Crème is the most effective product available to lighten skin and protect the skin for all cultures and skin tones. The benefits of healthy and beautiful skin is priceless and promotes confidence and success in all components of life.

Makari means beautiful in Swahili and the company has a mission to enhance the beauty endeavors of women all over the world. With it’s renown luxury skin products manufactured in Switzerland, they are a global company making faces prettier everywhere. The company has been thriving for the past 10 years and continues very impressive growth.

Whitening Crème can be utilized for various reasons including issues with multiple shades of skin tone. This crème is a strong combatant against uneven skin tones and more. Scars, blemishes, acne, sun patches, uneven tanning, and natural multi shaded skin can all be improved and properly treated with Makari Skin Whitening. The face is the first impression that is given to those we encounter and looking as impressive as possible should be mandatory. This can be achieved with this product.

Makari Skin Care is also great purely for cosmetic reasons to lighten an entire area. There are many studies to reveal the association between skin shade and being feminine. Traditionally, women were inside while men worked outside and got tanned. This association of feminine beauty carries over today and Makari Skin Care is the most effective and luxurious crème to take control over your skin.

There are many benefits to having beautiful and healthy skin. Being comfortable in you own skin enhances confidence, peace of mind, and overall happiness. This relates to success in all aspects in life and influences how someone is seen and treated by others. This could be that extra boost in getting that job offer or promotion, being asked out by that dream date, or simply getting more smiles your way. Makari Skin Whitening can help achieve all of this and more as it is the leading lightening crème available today.

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Michael Zomber: The Samurai, The Collector, and The Prisoner

Michael Zomber is a collector of antique fire arms and amour for approximately forty years. Zomber also holds a bachelor’s degrees in English literature and psychology as well as a master’s degree in English literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. His many years of expertise led Zomber to be a guest expert/ historian on History Channel’s Tales of the Gun. He appeared in episodes like Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. However this is not all Zomber is known for, Michael Zomber was accused of fraud in 2003. The accusations made against him stated that Zomber significantly overcharged Joseph Murphy, a wealthy businessman and fellow firearms collector, for firearms. Zomber was sentenced to thirty months in prison. This man was forced to leave his family, including two young children, to be incarcerated in an United States prison facility.

Zomber spent two years falsely imprisoned. Prosecutors failed to disclose a personal letter from Murphy to a fellow wealthy businessman, Bill Gates. In this letter Murphy offers to sell the guns for the same price that he purchased them for to the billionaire. This letter contradicted the testimony that stated Murphy overpaid for the firearms. If Murphy felt he was overcharged, why would he attempt to sell the firearms at the same price to an even more wealthy man? Past overdue in November 2008, Zomber’s conviction was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals and was ordered a new trial. Charges were dropped by the prosecution in July of 2009 with the condition that Zomber agreed to not seek compensation for the prosecution’s misconduct under the Hyde Amendment.

Zomber did not allow the false imprisonment to get him down. While in prison, Michael Zomber opened the prison library, tutored many prisoners to obtain their GEDs, wrote countless legal documents for those who were not educated to do so, and even wrote seven novels and non fiction books. He wrote Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, both set during the civil war. Zomber also had a love of writing about Japanese culture; Soul of the Samurai and Jesus and the Samurai were two books that captured his love of the Japanese history and his examination of the Japanese art and auction. Despite that he was falsely accused and imprisoned, Zomber continued the work that was close to his heart. Follow Michael on Facebook, and read more about him on CrunchBase.