Possibility is Red or Blue for Charles Koch

An American billionaire tycoon has to be involved in the red-white-and-blue political arena; it’s a must. Consequently, the political race for United States president is an assuring gemstone of opportunity for the very rich. The political hoopla attacks the mighty top one-hundred billionaires’ front and center. The main party lines flaunt symbolic red and blue delimiters. As a political benefactor and billionaire Charles Koch is one such philanthropist. He is known to be on the conservative side, but remain amiable to all political ideologies. As the wealthy co-owner and executive principal of Koch Industries he is a well-known figure. Sharing the prosperity with his brother David Koch; they are the descendants of Fred Koch.

Come November 2016 there will be no possibilities, because the Electoral College will have given the United State another president. The presidential race up to this point has been between a famous television personality and equally famous fidelity scandal personality. So who would be a better president to represent the United States? Billionaire Charles Koch says Hillary Clinton could be a possibility, but quoting odds between two viable candidates is a fifty-fifty draw. Koch known for funding large donation towards the Republican Party was asked to comment on the presidency of Bill Clinton verses George W. Bush. Koch said there were elements that he liked about Bill Clinton’s stay in the White House over George Bush. Charles Koch said increase government spending was one of the factors that contributed to his commentary. So when a follow-up question was posed about Hillary being a possible preferable candidate over the Republican forerunners, he said that it is possible. When the reporter delved deeper for a more meaningful answer and solicit a direct question, would he support Hillary. Koch said she would have to change her approach to political policies.

On the flip-side Charles Koch said he would not obstruct Donald Trump’s campaign. More significantly, he said he would just plain prefer to pass on the whole ordeal of the 2016 election. A television celebrity and a tabloid sensation vie for position to represent the integrity of the nation. Charles Koch is not alone when he says there is a scarcity of good role models running for the 2016 presidential seat. Personal grievances being cast from one candidate to the other and vise-versa caused Koch to remark that the message being sent to the citizens of the United States is dismal. He chastised the two front-runners scolding them as awful role models. A flustered Koch showing dismay over both contender said he wonders how he is suppose to support either one of them.

This article recapped http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/charles-koch-hillary-clinton-republican-white-house-222349