Diversant: A Company of Visionary Success

If you’re looking to find either valued work or valued service at an IT recruiter company, then there’s no better option than “Diversant.” Whether it’s finding that career path that stems in Information Technology or finding work at a place like Diversant, their excellent assistance and extensive knowledge knows no boundaries. With Diversants help, you can have every IT job in the world at your fingertips, along with appropriate job benefits and the freedom to work wherever you please. Or if your aspiration is to get behind a company like Diversant, they give you many great career options that range from good pay, benefits, job security, and location choices. They believe in your personal and professional growth, and they have the credentials, attitude, and spirit to prove it. With helpful mentoring and training along with a work environment that boasts a collaborative and innovative approach, and not to mention amazing employees who will guide you along the way, your experience at Diversant would be nothing short of rewarding.

John Goullet, the man behind the inner workings of Diversant, is an entrepreneur who is responsible for some of the most successful ventures in the IT field; he serves as the Principle Executive. Goullet first rose to prominence as an IT consultant before transitioning to IT staffing in 1994. AS his knowledge and cognizance of market trends expanded, he was now the founder of an IT staffing company which dealt with helping Fortune 500 companies; the name of the company was Info Technologies. It was until several years later that the company blossomed into a well-respected business that managed to pull in over 30 million dollars. And in 2010, John Goullet along with his Chief Executive Officer, Gene Waddy, decided to merge Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. into what would now be known as Diversant LLC. And the IT firm is only growing bigger and more highly lauded due to the creative genius of John Goullet and his passion for finding new and inventive ways to expand the IT field.

Doug Levitt Tells the Story of Real Americans

Signer-songwriter Doug Levitt was profiled in an interview for DCist about his critically acclaimed artistic documentary,The Greyhound Diaries. After trading in his former life and career as a CNN correspondent, Levitt has been opening up the eyes of the American public ever since. In his out-of-the-box project, Levitt exposes the general public to the daily lives of average Americans that he encountered by taking a very extended journey on Greyhound buses. In fact, Levitt traveled more than 70,000 miles on different Greyhound buses for this project to capture the diverse range of people and stories from all over the country and see what the common threads were between them. Levitt was inspired to bring attention to how difficult living in poverty can be in this country and how different people cope with that situation.

Doug Levitt definitely has a unique story of how he came to be such a widely recognized singer-songwriter, performer and documentary maker of some of the most pressing issues in society. Levitt grew up in Washington, D.C. and is the youngest son of Carol Schwartz, a former D.C. Councilmember and former candidate for mayor of D.C. Levitt left D.C. for college and eventually moved to London, where he worked as a correspondent. He eventually made his path back to the U.S. to embark on this revolutionary project and has been changing the hearts and minds of countless people since then. The stories told by Levitt may not make it to the nightly news headlines or be the type of tales that are trending on the Internet, but they do have an impact on the audiences that hear them. Levitt says that in these difficult economic and politic times that we are living in, it is important to recognize that there is a world that exists beyond our own personal lives and that we cannot begin to comprehend it until we actually approach it.

Levitt has performed his work from The Greyhound Diaries at The Kennedy Center in D.C. and continues to inspire artists and other through his unique perspective and compassion for others.

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Possibility is Red or Blue for Charles Koch

An American billionaire tycoon has to be involved in the red-white-and-blue political arena; it’s a must. Consequently, the political race for United States president is an assuring gemstone of opportunity for the very rich. The political hoopla attacks the mighty top one-hundred billionaires’ front and center. The main party lines flaunt symbolic red and blue delimiters. As a political benefactor and billionaire Charles Koch is one such philanthropist. He is known to be on the conservative side, but remain amiable to all political ideologies. As the wealthy co-owner and executive principal of Koch Industries he is a well-known figure. Sharing the prosperity with his brother David Koch; they are the descendants of Fred Koch.

Come November 2016 there will be no possibilities, because the Electoral College will have given the United State another president. The presidential race up to this point has been between a famous television personality and equally famous fidelity scandal personality. So who would be a better president to represent the United States? Billionaire Charles Koch says Hillary Clinton could be a possibility, but quoting odds between two viable candidates is a fifty-fifty draw. Koch known for funding large donation towards the Republican Party was asked to comment on the presidency of Bill Clinton verses George W. Bush. Koch said there were elements that he liked about Bill Clinton’s stay in the White House over George Bush. Charles Koch said increase government spending was one of the factors that contributed to his commentary. So when a follow-up question was posed about Hillary being a possible preferable candidate over the Republican forerunners, he said that it is possible. When the reporter delved deeper for a more meaningful answer and solicit a direct question, would he support Hillary. Koch said she would have to change her approach to political policies.

On the flip-side Charles Koch said he would not obstruct Donald Trump’s campaign. More significantly, he said he would just plain prefer to pass on the whole ordeal of the 2016 election. A television celebrity and a tabloid sensation vie for position to represent the integrity of the nation. Charles Koch is not alone when he says there is a scarcity of good role models running for the 2016 presidential seat. Personal grievances being cast from one candidate to the other and vise-versa caused Koch to remark that the message being sent to the citizens of the United States is dismal. He chastised the two front-runners scolding them as awful role models. A flustered Koch showing dismay over both contender said he wonders how he is suppose to support either one of them.

This article recapped http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/charles-koch-hillary-clinton-republican-white-house-222349


James Dondero: Someone You Can Trust

What makes James Dondero stand out from everyone else is his experience. He has plenty of it, over thirty years of it, as a matter of fact in the credit and equity markets. He’s also the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Needless to say, he is a self-made man and someone that has worked for everything in his career and life. Nothing has been handed to him and nothing has been easy. Quite frankly, that is the way he likes it. It means more when you put the time, effort, and hard-work into it. When you get to see the benefits of it, you feel as though you have really accomplished something and have something to be proud of when it’s all said and done.

The company has been around since 1993 and they have been a trendsetter in the world of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. They work with retail investors and help them come up with solutions. They understand it is a collaborative process and like to work hand-in-hand with their customers to make sure everyone is happy. After all, isn’t that what it is all about? It is key to make everyone happy and and have repeat customers. You don’t want to leave someone with a bad taste in their mouths or have them feeling like they were cheated out of something. Good customer service goes a long way.

I used the word trust in my title and that is because James Dondero is someone you can trust. As the expression goes, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. James earns your trust, but more importantly, he keeps it. He’s not just going to tell you what you want to hear. He’s going to give it to you straight and he’s going to keep his word. His word and his character mean everything to him.

Highland Capital Management, located in Dallas, Texas, is an investment advisor. They help to make sure you are on the right path and your future is secure not only for yourself, but for your children and their grandchildren. Along with their affiliates, they have about 18 billion in management. Not only do actions speak volume, but so do numbers. That number shows you the kind of company you are working with, and what they are all about and what they stand for and the kind of results they can produce.

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Keith Mann Announces New Scholarship For Charter School Kids

Keith Mann has announced a new scholarship for charter school kids who are in Brooklyn. Every one of these kids will be able to apply when they become seniors for the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, and they will be given $5000 when they win the scholarship. Keith Mann is offering the scholarship for kids who want to have the extra money they need for school.

Keith Mann runs Dynamic Search Partners, and he wants to give back to the community to make sure that all the kids in the area are able to have a good time going to school. These kids need to be able to collect all the money they need to go to school, and they should make sure that they are going to be able to have enough money school. This could be just one of their scholarships, but it is one that is going to help kids get through school in a way that is best for them. Their families might not have the money they need, but they can get it from the program.

Mann is looking for more ways to fund the program, and he wants it to be there for people to use every year for the future. Making the program fully funded is very important, and it is something that people need to remember when they are applying. Any family that is sending their kids to charter schools today can have a look at the scholarship for the future, and they will be able to use the scholarship to make sure that they have a plan for the future.

Keith knows that money for college is very important, and he wants to be sure that people can have something to try for when they are in high school. Kids are being told that it is a good thing for them to have money for school, and they can dream of college because they are getting this scholarship. It will be just one that people can get, but it benefits kids in Brooklyn who are in charter schools today trying to get to college.

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Avi Wesfogel and GoFundMe are Spreading Beautiful Smiles

Meet Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is popular, he is considered to be a top dentist in New Jersey. He can be viewed as gregarious because he is even considered to be the best dentist in his area. He is also becoming well-known throughout the world because he has started a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. He loves the field of dentistry. He finds that this field is rewarding in every way. He is New Jersey born and raised.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe Campaign to request support for Operation Smile. This campaign is a global charity organization. This organization will assist young adults and children with needed treatment. These are individuals who have been born with a facial deformity. This may include a cleft pallet or other deformities of the face and mouth area. This organization will work with the following to provide necessary dental care to children. They work with the following:
* local medical professionals
* hospitals
* governments
* various other organizations

Operation Smile spreads all across the globe to assist children and young adults who would not have access to quality dental care without this operation. This organization was founded in the year 1982. Bill and Kathy Magee noticed a need in the Philippines for this organization. To this date, the operation has already provided over 220,000 free surgical procedures to those in need. Operation Smiles strives to spread beautiful smiles all across the entire globe. The belief is that each and every child deserves quality care from trained professionals.

Cosmetic dentistry is a big part of Avi Weisfogel‘s practice. He is a huge fan of nice teeth. Innovation is incorporated into his education. He believes in ongoing education so that he can remain up-to-date and provide solutions to every patient. He is dedicated to dentistry. He practices dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He is a licensed dentist who has a passion for beautiful smiles. He is a fan of nice teeth and believes that everyone deserves them. Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Pyongyang Tries to Shut Down Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is quickly becoming one of the most vocal and outwardly brave North Korean defectors in recent memory. The young woman, and she is far too young to have dealt with what she has lived through, has turned into a global icon for the rights of humans everywhere and she has done it by telling the story of her escape from North Korea. The story can be heard in full within the bindings of her first non fictional Amazon released book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” as reported by Reason.com. Being a high profile defector isn’t always the safest thing to be, especially in regards to North Korea, as Yeonmi has now gotten the attention of her former country’s government.
The most interesting thing about Yeonmi Park is that she never intended to become famous and she never intended to have her story heard by people all over the world. Instead, she told her story in a slight voice at the One Young World Summit just a few years ago. The combination of her soft words, porcelain skin, and huge eyes with the horrific details just made people snap to attention. Her speech quickly went viral on the internet and now the world is listening to the small woman who dared to live when hope had seemingly run out.

Of course North Korea couldn’t let Park become a hero, not easily. As a result Pyongyang has been churning out propaganda videos in order to try and shut down her story and her burgeoning popularity. The results have been something akin to sequences from the latest ‘Hunger Games’ movies. Pyongyang has released dramatic and overly long videos that go by titles like, ‘Park Yeon mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot’. These videos go into excruciating detail as they try to pick apart Park’s story. Ultimately Pyongyang concludes that Park is a planet created from the West in order to make North Korea look bad.

Though Park’s story has had a few minor details fixed these have never been malicious in intent. Instead, Park’s lax understanding of the language resulted in minor corrections being made.

Sanjay Shah Is A Philanthropist With A Sharp Business Sense

Sanjay Shah is the philanthropist that founded autism rocks in 2014. His son Nikal was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and since then he has created autism rocks a concert including some of the biggest names in entertainment to help raise money for research and development into autism. Most recently some of the entertainment included Flo Rida and Tyga, and entertainment from across the world. Some past entertain and that participated include; Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, Prince, and Drake. Autism continues to be on the increase, and it is Sanjay Shah goal to highlight awareness and research. The first concert was held in 2014 and was a great success. A website for the organization has been set up to help raise money and make people aware of the project.Sanjay Shah has used his business know how to make autism rocks to spread awareness of autism and to fund research.

Sanjay Shah creative Solo Capital in September of 2011. Solo Capital also goes by solo Capital UK. Solo capital has a variety of Specialties including professional sports investment Consulting and proprietary trading period solo Capital had a net worth of 15.45 million at the end of March 2015 assets of 67.45 million and a cash flow of 30.26 million. Solo group Holdings control solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah studied medicine before going into the world of finance. He was an accountant for Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. He came into Financial hardships during the financial crisis of 2009 and decided to break out on his own and create solo capital. Solo Capital continues to have great success. Most recently Sanjay has focused his attention toward his family and to his philanthropy. He is still partially active with Solo, However; he feels that he has had his share of success.

Everyone In The Online Community Should Be Keen

Sam Tabar is an investment strategist and lawyer who is based in America. He is an expert in finance activities. Due to this fact, he has managed to land himself some of the best jobs in the big companies in different parts of the world. He has worked for different nations too, and this has forced him to learn more languages that he had. His latest job appointment was in Hong Kong, and he had to learn the local language because the residents of the country are not English natives. He practices in the New York City at the moment.

Recently, the international community woke up to some woke twitter racist remarks that made everyone very worried. The remarks were made by several individuals: Chris Hart, Justin Van Vuuren, and one Penny Sparrow.

It is believed that these three individuals made a conversation in the Twitter environment, and it spread and left people in the real world with some serious repercussions. All of them will now have to face some serious consequences due to their actions. Chris Halt will no longer work as an analyst at the Standard Bank. Apart from the suspensions, the three individuals are currently facing charges in a court of law. They will need a good lawyer to represent them if they want to win the case that has been laid against them.

In the modern times, the internet has been used to help people in many cases. People can now communicate from any part of the world using the internet without spending too much money. These technological changes have brought both positive and negative changes in the modern world.

The same internet that has brought progress has also created problems like what Chris Halt and his friends are using. Instead of using the platform for the right reasons, some individuals have chosen to use this platform for other reasons, and this has landed them in a lot of trouble.

The Internet allows people a lot of benefits, but important measures have to be put in place to ensure that racism and different other crimes are not encouraged. In other social media platforms, people are bullied, just because they are not in the real world. The new court cases facing the three individuals will set an example for the rest of the communities to be keen when interacting in the social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.  Check out what Sam is doing through his GoFundMe where he takes up the cause for AWI.

Maintaining Success After Retirement: The Igor Cornelsen Story

The hunger for success has always been insatiable in human beings. However and unfortunately, most people rarely understand how to begin their journey to success, and only wish for money to be able to flow in without any considerable effort on their part. Literature is helpful in obtaining useful information on how to become successful, but referring to inspirational individuals as examples is one of the most powerful and useful things a person can do. Igor Cornelsen, for example, is one of the most successful human beings of all time. Even during his retirement years, he works tirelessly to help people become the most powerful versions of themselves.

A retired banker, investor, and a businessman who maintains a working life with Bainbridge Group, Cornelsen is one of the world’s top bankers. His success began in Brazil where he managed some of the nation’s biggest banks and worked to maintain the nation’s gross economy. He also heavily invests in the stock market which further contributes to his overall success.

Igor Cornelsen currently resides in south Florida where he refers to himself as being fortunate enough to play on some of the greatest golf courses the state has to offer. Though he labels himself as being retired, he regularly meets with people as a mentor. During these meetings, he attempts to educate people on how to make successful, long-term investments. His common advice is to “avoid investing in damaged companies and instead focus on investing in damaged stocks.” His decades worth of experience and wisdom are his tools; Eager students and fellow investors are his projects.

Perhaps the most important character trait that Brandyourself.com guru Igor Cornelsen possess is his relatability. The man never dreamed that his success could reach these heights, but the effort and time he invested to attain this success are the reasons why he is popularly known today. Another reason why the banker achieved so much is his willingness to take risks. He admits to investing in unpopular stocks due to the fact that small businesses have a drive that big companies tend to lack. Implementing a strong sense of risk management is important, but taking the risk itself is absolutely crucial.

To finalize, only hard work, dedication, and the courage to take risks will generate success. Igor Cornelsen is a strong figure who is responsible for his own success and has many strategies that help others become successful. A simple man who enjoys playing golf in the Florida sun on the surface, an intelligent, diligent banker on the inside.