Brian Torchin – Healthcare Company Expert

Brian Torchin is a business healthcare professional, practicing chiropractor and the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and has years of experience in sports medicine and physical therapy. He currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the headquarters are for HCRC Staffing as well. Torchin has years of experience in the chiropractic services and quickly learned how important it is to maintain a health, relaxed and professional environment that serves quality patient care. He gives a lot of credit to patients, because without them, healthcare businesses would not run properly nor have a credible reputation.

HCRC is a healthcare staffing company that specializes in selecting the perfect employee for primarily chiropractic practices and hospital. They particularly focus on several different kinds of healthcare jobs that include but are not limited to medical jobs, physical therapy jobs, chiropractic jobs, human resources and customer service. The company is nationwide and has companies located across the globe in areas such as Asia, Canada, Australia and Europe. HCRC staff continues to offer their services in the evenings and on the weekends, making it convenient for the client to reach them easier.

Torchin, known as the top healthcare recruiter worldwide, has quickly increased his staffing team into a high quality healthcare job seeking company. Their goal is to find the best employee possible for the job, and ensure quality staff members that will be added to your team.

One of the challenges that Torchin finds at times, is the ability to find staff quickly. HCRC Staffing takes pride on working hard to find the right individual, however, at times it becomes difficult to find the perfect match quickly. Every practice and healthcare company knows how difficult it is to be short handed. If you don’t have the proper billing staff, the company can’t bill and each day that passes is money lost. Torchin and his company take pride in their fast approach company. They have a turnaround time of approximately 48 hours, which is considerably very fast. Torchin and his company strive to make sure that all of their worldwide clients are treated with the best results and excellent customer service and satisfaction. From his Twitter it’s clear Torchin continues to work very hard and spend much of his energy ensuring the quality of the company and the quality of the staff placed are efficient, knowledgeable and eager to get the job done successfully.

Nobilis Health Provides High Benefits For All

Nobilis Health, leaders and innovators in health care, stated and delivered on the promise of great benefits for patients, doctor partners and investors and on all accounts, lives up to that statement. Nobilis Health owns and operates over 100 surgical centers in which it promises that patients and loved ones will experience the best possible care from staff. Nobilis also stated aspirations to provide superior medical care with increased patient satisfaction at a lower cost. Nobilis considers the well trained surgeons and physicians partners in the business of health care. Among the talented staff serving in the centers are experts and specialist in pain management, spine surgeons, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, gastrointestinal scope and ear, nose and throat specialist.

Education is part of the care and services provided for patients. Each patient receives knowledge about their health concerns and issues, information about treatments and procedures recommended and suggested to treat their problems and conditions, and the possible and expected outcomes, whether the patient decides to be treated by a Nobilis specialist or another physician. Nobilis Health’s business model is not only designed for superior patient care and satisfaction, but also to benefit the physician partners and stock holders. The partnership with physicians include management and operation of the over 100 centers to allow physician partners the opportunity to concentrate on providing the highest level of patient care.

Nobilis Health has experience in operating outpatient surgery centers in Dallas, Houston and Arizona. Its business model stems from maximizing opportunities for physician partners who are also equity partners. In doing so, maximum growth and profitability is achieved through enhanced marketing, improved operating procedure and the highest standard of patient care. This model drives the cost down as well. Having managerial responsibility of the staff, facilities and patient care and experience, as well as involvement in the revenue and center design and development are among the reasons Nobilis is a recognized innovator and leader in health care delivery.



Dog Food Products From Premium Dog Foods

Premium dog foods is the food that is produced by the legend upcoming company by the name Purina company that has shown in the recent past greater success that can be attained in this sector through the leadership and management of the founder. He is using the newest of the newest innovations for him to produce the healthiest as well as delicious dogs’ foods in the market today. Beneful is a company that is led by the management and production line that lets exits the meals that are made from a combination of the meat and meat products to make a combination that every dog can’t miss to have it in its meal times.

Freshly cooked and manufactured meal that is a combination of meat products and meat as well exits the company’s production line as an end product that will be sold to customers. The products are also inspected by the incorporation by the name Purinastore’s Beneful.Beneful company is situated in Bethlehem in the city of Pennsylvania. This is a start up company but has had tremendous amount of success because in a short period of time it is recording more than twenty three billion dollars in terms of dog food as its main assets. The industry of the pet food is now growing and the company is set to grow into more and more success towards winning the hearts of all the pet owners as well as producing the freshest and most delicious foods for the pets and dogs.

Richard Thompson is the one that cuts into the chunky tube of the turkey recipe as well as the chunky chicken that is now the favourite dish for almost all the dogs that come across that spectacular taste that exits the production line of the company. He is encased with a self advancement in determination that is coming from the want of quality for his products. He wants all the food to be made by the fresh products only and also making them from the best preservative in the market today called the eschews and also the


Shaygan Kheradpir New Position In Coriant

Coriant is popular independent institution that was started in 2013. The company uses a technology that is believed to have originated from Tellabs, Siemens Optical Networks and Sycamore Networks. When the company announced it’s launched in March 2013, it was using the name Coriant. The same year in May, the company becomes independent. Before this, it was operating under the Nokia Siemens Network, a company owned by Marlin Equity Partners.

In January 2013, there was a merge with Sycamore, an institution that had been purchased by the Marlin Equity. The organization had its headquarters located in Chelmsford. This merge was also named Coriant America. The other day, the institution announced its great plans to bring together two companies, Tellabs and Coriant and they would be operating using the name Coriant. The institution known as Tellabs was bought by the Marlin Equity in 2013.

Coriant is a very popular company that is a proven and qualified supplier for innovative networking solutions. The company is also leading in the network operations in 100 nations all over the world. The company recently announced that it will appoint Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer and chairperson of the board of directors. Before the appointment, Shaygan was still working in the company, but under the management team in for Marlin Equity Partners. In that position, he has been very instrumental in the company’s planning and operations.

While serving in the new position, Shaygan will support the company in driving growth strategies while strengthening the focus on the critical solutions to the dynamic consumers and modern competitive market. His new position was previously under Mr. DiPietro, the CEO and also president in Marlin. Mr. DiPietro will be assigned other duties in the company.

Shaygan is very popular in the networking industry. He is believed to have a lot of operational experience and skills in the business. His expertise will be very important in his new position because the demand for intensive applications and quality data has gone up significantly.

Shaygan is expertise has been acquired in his 28 years in the industry. He started working in the GTE Corporation, and since then, he has never looked back. After working for GTE, he moved to Verizon’s where he managed to bring a lot of positive changes.

Shaygan has also worked in Barclays. In Barclays, he was the chief operations and technology manager. He was also a member of the company’s executive committee.

Teachers Stress Out Too

An Australian teacher’s Facebook post is going viral. Much like the problems arising in America, Australia has an overcrowded school system. The teacher, a woman named Kathy Margolis, worked for 30 years as a teacher. However, she cannot continue working.

The post is almost a satire on the system, but a similar story reported by Bloomberg about Jon Urbana reminds us it’s all too true. The system is tracking children’s success by what they get on tests. Teachers are every increasingly being asked to teach to a test – and being told by when a child should know facts A, B, and C. The NAPLAN test is such a big deal that every child must stress about it.

Margolis noticed so many of her students – and even some of the students she didn’t have – stressing before they were in positions to have stressful jobs. New teachers are being burnt out too quickly to get into a full time position. Older teachers are too afraid to speak up and speak out about how their children are being pushed into these situations.

Little kids, she noted, are stressing out over learning to read and write when they simply aren’t ready to learn it. She wonders what has happened to the concept of readiness, and so do many other teachers.

Securus Gives Prisons an Upgrade

The concept of video visitation is becoming a lot more popular now that this technology is available through smart devices. I can remember watching the Jetsons and thinking that this concept of video phones would never be a reality, but the future is finally here. People that are looking for the opportunity to visit with family that is in jail will have the ability to communicate with family this way thanks to Securus Technologies.

I know that this is the way for correctional facilities to go. The government will actually have a better time with getting inmates out because the inmates will have hope. They will see all that they are missing on the outside and try hard to get good behavior early releases. They will become a lot less likely to get in trouble because there is a means of inmate communication that actually allows them to see what the wonderful outside world that they are missing is like.

When people visit the prison all that they bring is themselves. This is encouraging, but the inmate is still inside the prison. He cannot see anything other than the prison. What the video visitation Securus app does is allow prisoners to see things that they may miss in the outside world. That is how I use the video visitation to keep my friend encouraged during his time behind bars. I go and do the video visitation in the park. I show him what he is missing on the outside world. I encourage him to stay out of trouble and try to get the sentence shortened with good behavior. This is something that works better for him, and it also works out a lot better for me as well.

Securus Technologies video systems are the one piece of technology that seems to force correctional facilities to update in some type of way. The government has done a terrible job in general with staying abreast of technology in prisons because so much focus is placed on the guarding of the prisoners. Securus Technologies is the company that can help reduce the operating costs for a prison system. This is a company that has the ability to help keep families connected to their friends and loved ones that have went away to prison. For me it has made life a whole lot easier, and I certainly do enjoy this type of connection with those inside. Securus has a really good product. Read more about their business on their website:

Steelers Stay Fashion Conscious

NFL apparel and memorabilia clears billions of dollars every season. Today’s fans are more diverse than ever, scooping up products promoting a bevy of different NFL athletes. Official and unauthorized vendors alike offer thousands of products to choose from, making it increasingly difficult for official team stores to stand out from the pack. The Pittsburg Steelers have managed to stay on the cutting edge with their apparel by hiring Susan McGalla (formerly of American Eagle and Wet Seal) to spearhead strategic planning. She brings nearly thirty years of experience with her to the organization, specializing in branding and merchandising. Her fifteen years spent with American Eagle taught her valuable lessons concerning trends and how to market to her audience. McGalla has done wonders to make the fans feel appreciated and important by taking full advantage of their voice on social media. She has rolled out contests to encourage the faithful fans to support their team during Fridays at the office place. She has made it easier for fans to find what the players and coaches are wearing by adding a section devoted to just that on their website. Susan McGalla recognizes the need for more options in apparel and merchandise geared towards the female fan. Due in large part to her tireless efforts; the Steelers have rolled out more team themed jewelry, they have joined up with some of the more notable female box stores, the store added a large quantity of figure fitting attire that does not look unisex or masculine, and even rolled out more pink attire.