The Manse On Marsh; Caring For those Who’ve Cared For You

Getting older is anything but glamorous. Anybody who is or has a relative who is along in years knows this fact all to well. It is very seldom that the circumstances line up in our favor when it comes to caring for our loved ones. Jobs, relationships, children, the reasons can pile up quickly for anyone. Life is demanding enough without having to wonder how to care for our elders properly. After all, they deserve all the dignity and respect that we all do. This is the driving force behind why we choose a living facility that reflects these qualities for our family member or members.

There is just such a facility in the San Luis Obispo area and it’s name is The Manse on Marsh. When you’ve had enough of looking at place after place for a great living environment, it’s a great idea to give them a look. The staff there are as friendly and professional as can be. It really is like no other facility you’ve been to. They even have twelve different awards showing their dedication to this ideal. Everybody wants to feel like somebody and they are exactly the place that makes everyone feel welcome and important.

The amenities there are too many to list from memory here, but rest assured they are many, tons of activities too. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your loved ones are in a safe and caring environment. This place will erase any preconceived notions that you may have of assisted living facilities in general. It really does stand out from the crowd, but you’ll have to take a look for yourself to see the difference. If you are like most people, then you don’t just pick the first choice here. This is a big decision about someone you care for deeply. The staff there are fully aware of this fact and it shows.

There are so many reasons that arise in life that require this type of housing. The Manse on Marsh really takes that to heart. You can feel the genuine welcome feeling when you are greeted at the door, all the way until the time you leave. It is really a gem in the assisted living community. From the aesthetics, to the location and the activities, it really has an overall caring attention to small details you just don’t find at many places. It’s definitely worth a look.  Check out their latest commercial for more.

Pets Need The Best Foods: Is Beneful Right For Your Dog Or Cat?

Who doesn’t want quality premium pet foods these days? The fact is pet parent does! So how do adoptive parents ensure their pets consume health chow every time? By finding a trusted pet food supplier, of course! With a handful of top-grossing chain suppliers such as that of gourmet-food innovator Richard Thompson representing Pennsylvania. Pets today aren’t short of a wholesome diet. The successful chief executive is absolutely passionate about what he does: making superior quality, healthy grub for pets. So with champion pet food manufacturers like Nestle Purina (Beneful), Freshpet, Inc., Mars Pet care, and Colgate-Palmolive all focusing on presenting healthful foods for pets; it’s obvious adoptive parents today aren’t short of options. It’s been observed that many manufacturers are optimistic about humanizing pet food recipes. With a concentration on appropriate nutrition, they’re producing scrumptious that aren’t just appetizing, but healthful. While humans naturally live longer, pets aren’t always as lucky. However, pet food innovators are originating healthful formulas to change this cycle. They’re encouraging exponential growth for a longer, more enjoyable life for animals. Billion-dollar Blue Buffalo has introduced the world’s first mixed selection containing nutritious vegetables, chicken, lamb, whole grains, and fruits for animals. Sounds delicious, right? It’s obviously because these innovative product line sales cap a generous billion annually. Surely, heavyweights like Nestle Purina with its Beneful is up for the challenge hitting back with a new alliance and revolutionary menu blends. Last July it actually acquired Merrick Pet Care according to a recent Daily Herald press release. With this acquisition, Merrick has incorporated its patented Backcountry pet food number as a feature to complement Beneful products. Beneful, a product line of Nestle Purina introduced in 2001 has become a pet food heavyweight; known to produce some of the industry’s best high-quality premium chow. The company has specialization in dog treats as well wet and dry food recipes. It’s been ranked the industry’s 4th most popular pet grub manufacturer grossing an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. With the finest ingredients, it’s definitely the ideal recipe for pets today. Beneful is Nestle Purina’s top-grossing brand. Pet nutrition is the brand’s key focus, although it’s also put emphasis on presentation. Beneful packaging strategy is indisputably the industry’s most attractive which earned an award at the 2007 Pack-Expo Selects showcase. The profiles of Beneful pet foods are impressive and it meets AAFCO nutrition requirement to guarantee a longer life for animals. It’s participated in numerous fundraisers, including a contest aimed at renovating the dog park. The highly anticipated Dream Dog Park fundraiser attracted the best designers submitting over 1000 proposals in 2013. The projected cost of renovating dog parks in three states, including Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia projected to about $500,000.

Helane Morrison Readies for SEC Survey Along with Fellow Chief Compliance Officer

In the last one year, there have been accusations and counter-accusations between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Chief Operations Officers representatives. These arise from the recent cases brought about by SEC against individual CCOs for actions committed in the course of their work. I see a growing rift between the SEC and the CCOs that if not tamed can scare away qualified persons from taking over these positions.

On one hand, SEC is bent on adopting a raft of measures in its regulation roles while on the other are CCO groups complaining of witch-hunt from the commission. The groups are especially worried that the rules being proposed by the SEC are intimidating and that it is wrong to charge a CCO individually for mere negligence in the course of their work. By instituting charges and fines against individual CCOs, the groups argue that the commission will only be instituting fear and demoralizing these workers.

Distancing itself from the matter, SEC argues that no new regulations are being put in place insisting that it is only tightening the noose on already existing laws. I also sense impartiality with the body and concur with it when it rules out witch-hunt from its operations. This is informed by the fact that since 2003, the SEC has instituted more than 8,000 cases against fund management firms all of which fall within its mandate. Of these, only five have been against individual CCOs.

The commission further proves that the cases brought forward against the individual officers have been due to complete irregularity or gross negligence. This means that their actions or inactions put the investors’ funds at risk. For instance, Bartholomew, the CCO of BlackRocksAdvisers LLC was charged and fined $60,000 for failing to disclose the portfolio managers outside business interests to the company Directors and clients. Helena Morrison is one of the CCOs to be affected by these strict measures.

About Helane Morrison

Helane is the current Chief Compliance Officer and managing director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also serves as the general counsel for the company as well serving as a member of the company’s executive committee. Helane graduated with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University but later proceeded and pursued law from the University of California.

She has worked in various national and private firms including serving as a clerk for a Supreme Court judge. She also served as the SEC San-Francisco regional coordinator for close to 10 years. This is the expertise both in law and finance that made her a perfect choice for Hall Capital Partnership position. Her hard-hitting honesty and passion for seeking out the truth has made her an excellent compliance officer as she is relentless in her pursuit of integrity.

Former CCMP President and CEO Steve Murray passes on at age 52.

CCMP Capital one of the largest private equity firms globally. The company has invested over $16 billion in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts since its founding in 1984.Over the years the CCPM has been known over the years by different names, originally during its formation, it was known as Chemical Venture Partners.

In 1996, the firm acquired Chase bank and changed its name to Chase Chemical partners. Again in 2000 when the company acquired J&P Morgan and Co, and JPMorgan Chase was formed, its name changed to JPMorgan Partners. In March 2005, JPMorgan Chase announced on their spin out and separated from JPMorgan Chase effectively by 2006.The firm consequently adopted the acronym CCMP in 2006 from the names of its predecessors (Chemical Ventures and Chase Capital Manufacturers Hanover Capital/ JP Morgan, Partners).

CCMP directs their investments towards these sectors; Consumer/Retail, healthcare, chemicals/energy and industrial sectors. Since its founding, for Years the company has focused on these areas. Their expertise and deeper knowledge on these sectors have made the company a better choice to prospective companies. CCMP became an independent firm in 2006 but continued to manage JPMorgan Partners private equity portfolio.

Steve Murray was the president and Chief executive officer from 1989 to 2015.He was with the company and its predecessors since 1989 and left CCMP in February due to health related issues. Steve passed away in March at the age 52.Steve became CCMPs CEO in 2007 to succeed its founder Jeff Walker.

Steve Murray graduated from Boston University in 1984.he later earned his MBA from Columbia University in 1989. He was a renowned private equity investor. Steve began his career in 1984 when he joined a credit analyst program Manufacturers Hanover 1989 he joined MH Corporation, which combined Manufacturers Hanover. Manufacturers Hanover was purchased by Chemical Bank which later became J&P Morgan Partners. In 2005, Mr. Murray became head of buyout business at J&P Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP in2006.
Steve was also a board member in many companies like; Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Foods, Cabela’s and Legacy Hospital Partners.

The Charity Work Of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah son has autism and, this is why he began Autism Rocks based in the United Kingdom. To raise money for research which is done by the University of Cambridge( here they try to understand what cause it and why does it happen),Shah had an invitation only concert. Some of the world’s top entertainers were there, people like Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and more. The venue was well attended. Shah said that all the proceeds from the concert will go directly for the research. He has also up a “go fund me” page. This is a web site that allows people to raise monies for worthy causes.

Source: Waiting On The Court To Figure Out How To Tax Remote Sales

Autism Rocks is trying to find why this disorder happens to some children. In Autism the child withdraws, finding it difficult to talk to people, keeps doing things over and over and don’t really like changes that occur around them. The experts says that anyone with this disorder, seems to turn inwards.

Sanjay Shah is an investment banker, he did this for almost twenty years. He also worked at Morgan Stanley, but after he found himself unemployed, he decided to open up his own investment firm, call Solo Capital. He started small at first but was able to grow the company to one hundred financial experts, with location in London and Dubai. This firm made him a multimillionaire. In 2011, because he was doing so well, he was able to purchase two mini buses for the Dubai Autism Center.

He is proud of his hard work that he has done to get the Charity started. Shah said he can put the monies raised to whatever research project is being done with Autism, and wants to remind us that he has other people who work with him on the decision making. To find out more about Autism Rocks, go to their website.

Thor Halvorssen Attacks Nicki Minaj Concert Choice

The Human Rights Foundation founder and figurehead, Thor Halvorssen has written an open letter to rapper Nicki Minaj detailing the problems with her planned performance at an Angolan Christmas festival. The issue Halvorssen has with the concert is the sponsorship from a telecommuinications company owned and operated under the leadership of Angolan President Jose Eduarda Dos Santos. The open letter written to Minaj by Halvorssen details more than three decades of abuses committed against the people of Angola by their President as he has taken the majority of profits from the diamond and oil industries in the southern African company.

Nicki Minaj and Gilbert Arenas are the latest entertainment figures who have been in the sights of the Human Rights Foundation and its founder Thor Halvorssen. The Venezuelan filmmaker and producer has been involved in advocating for human rights groups for a number of years, and has held high level positions with a number of organizations before eventually founding his own foundation. Halvorssen has also been instrumental in bringing events like the One World Summit into being as he attempts to bring a greater understainding of the abuses occurring around the world in terms of human rights.

For Thor Halvorssen the need to protect the human rights of people from all walks of life is an important one as the Halvorssen family itself has been affected by the issue. The father of Thor Halvorssen was arrested and tortured in his native Venezuela because of his opposition to the ruling government, this occurred despite the diplomatic status afforded to the patriarch of the family in his role as an ambassador. These issues have only added to the need Halvorssen feels to aid others in protecting their human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has called on Nicki Minaj to abandon her planned concert in Angola, which he hopes will act as a signal for her fans to boycott the businesses of Angolan President Dos Santos. The fear members of the Human Rights Foundation have over stars like Minaj performing for supposed dictators is they provide a legitimate platform for the regime being represented.

How Get Your Wiki Can Make a Wikipedia Page to Get Your Business Noticed

Anyone who is in business should definitely tap into the online sphere. There is a lot of business to be done online considering the billions of people who have an internet connection and are now able to access information that has been posted online. One of the most innovative way of helping your business scale greater heights is Wikipedia business page creation. A Wikipedia page will help your business get into active competition with all other similar business that have a presence online. Your business will have a greater edge over these other competitors because of the advantages of Wikipedia entries. Your page will definitely be among the top five search engine results. This is because Wikipedia pages are usually search engine optimized meaning that the algorithm used by search engines works in their favor. They will always be among the top pages appearing after a search which increases the chances of being selected by visitors.

Once people click on your Wikipedia page you do not want them to get bored and never visit it again. Or worse, you don’t want your page to be flagged or rejected because of Wikipedia’s strict set of regulations to adhere to. You need to have a captivating and interesting page created for your business so that you can actually get more clients and not send them away. The easiest way to have such a page created for you is by hiring Get Your Wiki writers. This is a group of professional writers who have a lot of experience in this industry. These writers have written content for many clients thus obtaining a lot of edge and expertise in this kind of writing. Get Your Wiki writer will first understand the nature of your business in terms of what you sell and who your clients are. After getting a clear feel of what your business entails, they will create content for your page that will highlight exactly what your business is about.

Working with this Wikipedia writing service comes with a lot of benefits. You will get a business page that reflects a lot of professionalism. Descriptions of products are people will appear as you want them to but with some edge. These writers will provide you with a page that will pass all the Wikipedia rules on content meaning that the pages will be accepted immediately and put up for the world to see. Get Your Wiki writers also provide you with some additional services including maintenance. Visit them at today to get these spectacular services.

A Few Things About FreedomPop That You Should Know

Very many people feel the need to switch from their mobile phone networks for various reasons. Many feel the need to switch because the network is expensive, has very poor customer care or does not have a reliable internet connection. However, different to what many people think, switching networks is not a very hard thing. Nowadays, the process has been made painfully easier and cheaper compared to what it used to be.

Picking a network to switch to is a process in itself. Before one switches, it is important that one checks a few details. However, regardless of the network one chooses to migrate to, there is that possibility that the previous number that was being used can be migrated with. That depends very much on the previous network’s presence in the area code network.

In the event that one wants to change carriers but the current contract is not finished, one has to pay an Early Termination Fee. However, depending on where one is with the contract and the amount one has paid off in the contract. The price can range from a few dollars to a few hundreds. However, for those people whose contracts are over, these section can be skipped entirely.

To find out the amount the network will charge, the easiest and most appropriate thing is to call the carrier and ask them. A lot of prepaid carriers have some good offers that are worth researching for anyone who wants to migrate to a new network.

FreedomPop is a phenomenal mobile phone network that operates on a mobile virtual network in the United States. The network provides wireless voice, data and text services on two major networks in the country. In the recent future, the company, made announcements that it was expanding to the UK operating on Three’s network.

The company has made a lot of strides in matters related to getting funding for expansion. FreedomPop has also been able to start selling its network compatible phones that are cheap when compared to other networks. The network has stood out a lot when matters related to quality and cheap pricing are concerned.