Use FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi Service With An Old Or New Smartphone

Free phone service is not something that any company likes to give unless they know they’ll get something for it, but FreedomPop is different. FreedomPop has been giving free service ever since it was created as a company, and they now came out with a much better deal. Those who choose to buy a smartphone directly from FreedomPop will have a great phone to use that they can simply connect to their new account as well as getting a free month of service. The free month of service includes unlimited everything but has only 1 GB of Internet.

Some people find it easy to still have use for a cell phone, even if they have no active service on the cell phone. A person may be tired of an old smartphone, and after they upgrade to a new phone, maybe they put the smartphone in a drawer and forget about it. Along comes their child and the child finds smartphone and takes it to play with it. Although the smartphone is not active on a cell phone plan, it’s still possible to activate the Internet on the cell phone via Wi-Fi. If the family doesn’t have Wi-Fi in the home, then Wi-Fi can be connected to the cell phone, wherever it can be found outside of the home.

Parents who want to give their children a cell phone of their own, whether it’s activated on a cell phone plan are not may be helping their child to learn a little bit more about the world through the Internet. The Internet is a dangerous place, so it’s a good idea to block certain websites, which, usually, can be done through the settings on the cell phone. Now, if the parent is looking to allow their child to access Wi-Fi services, then they may want to consider joining a Wi-Fi service plan, especially if they have none at home.

Instead of activating the cell phone so the child can use an old smartphone on the Internet, connect the cell phone to Wi-Fi service. Those without Wi-Fi in their home can get the FreedomPop unlimited Wi-Fi service, and the service is downloaded through an application. The application can downloaded to the smartphone, and once the app is downloaded, then pay the five dollar fee, and it’s possible to access the FreedomPop hotspots throughout the month. The service is unlimited, so there is no need to worry about how long the child will be on the Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop has low-cost Wi-Fi service as well as low-cost cell phone service for everyone.

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Helping Victims Who Were Affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Thousands of people had their lives completely turned upside down when the huge earthquake occurred in Nepal in April 2015. There were many aftershocks that followed that caused even more damage. More than 9,000 individuals lost their lives in that disaster. More than 20,000 people were hurt. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are still suffering because of the disaster. Even though many months have passed, lots of people are still homeless. Many are dealing with illnesses and do not have access to clean water and food. Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me campaign for the individuals who were affected by this disaster. He has special interest in this country and the disaster that took place because many of his friends live there.

Majeed Ekbal is a well-known real estate investor in the Chicago area. He is also the owner of a company that provides a grocery delivery service to busy individuals in the area. People can go online to purchase groceries. His company will then deliver these groceries for a small fee. Most individuals feel like it is worth it to pay the fee so they do not have to spend their time and money driving to a supermarket and then a shopping around. He provides delivery service for the big grocery chains in the area as well as smaller specialty shops.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal has already donated money from his own personal funds to the Go Fund Me campaign. It is his goal to raise at least $1 million in order to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The money that is raised will be used in connection with other money that has already been donated to provide housing, food, clean water, and medicine to affected individuals. Once the money is collected, he plans to put it in a crowdrise campaign. Not only is he looking to get money to help the victims of the earthquake, but he also wants to help others learn more about the difficulties that people are still facing in the country. He appreciates all donations and hopes that others will continue to spread the word. Find Majeed on his Soundcloud page for more information.

Dog Food That Tastes Like People Food Is Healthier Alternative

According to the Daily Herald (see, sales of premium dog food have increased thanks to healthier selections. All natural, grain-free food and kibble with lamb and salmon have been on the market for years, but now companies are adapting their pet food to be more natural, fresh and healthy. Beneful offers tasty refrigerated food sold in stores like Walmart, Whole Foods Markets and Target. The company’s Vital Raw products are marketed as grain-free food that a canine’s wolf ancestors consumed. Raw beef, chicken, vegetables like spinach, kale and sweet potatoes are included. Blue Buffalo was the first company to make canned food and kibble with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, chicken and lamb. Other dog food companies offer specialized items like selections that encourage weight loss from Colgate-Palmolive. Mars Petcare makes Nutro Farm’s Harvest with cranberries and blueberries. Beef stroganoff and lasagna are provided by Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. Milo’s Kitchen owned by J. M. Smuckers produces grilled beef burger treats and duck jerky without artificial colors and flavors. Purina makes Bright Minds food especially for older dogs. Their website allows pet owners to custom-blend dog food. In July this company purchased Merrick Pet Care that produces organic wet and dry dog food. Beneful is also a Purina brand that produces high quality pet food. Purina crated this brand in 2001 to offer canines a healthier alternative. Just like people, their health and wellness is based on what they eat. The healthier the pet food, the healthier the dog. This Beneful product line includes real meat like chicken, beef, turkey, lamb and salmon. They also use real vegetables like peas, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas. All of their food and treats consist of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Pet food is a $23.7 billion industry, and sales for premium pet food that tastes like people food have increased 45 percent since 2009 in the United States. Pet owners have purchased 37 percent more since last year. Using fresh meat makes pet food smell and look better than typical dog food; however, it is more expensive. Although sales of these healthier products are on the rise, that may still not be enough for companies to show a profit for this food line.

Confab with new peeps at Skout

Skout is a global social networking mobile app and a website for meeting new people or discover new friends from all over the world. Skout uses a cellphone’s global positioning system to help users to find like-minded people within a walkable radius of one another. It is available in 180 countries and in 14 different languages. It is compatible with iOS devices, has several languages available and can be downloaded through either Google Play or the App Store.

About Skout

Skout is founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. It attained profitability and is adding 1.5 million new users per month. Skout learned that 59 percent of Filipinos, 53 percent of Brits, 48 percent of Australians and 46 percent of French users are friends with people who live in another country. Previously, It raised $22 million from Andreessen Horowitz. It has employed 150 people, with about 75 at their San Francisco HQ and the rest in Santiago, Chile.

Pros of being on Skout

Skout helps you in expanding your network with the tap of a button. It’s way too exciting that you won’t stop once you sign up. You can meet people by preference and proximity and get updates from the nearby users, buy and send gifts to your favorites. You can browse profiles and pictures of new people and promote your profile to earn points to unlock premium features, which will make skouting great.

Cons of being on Skout

Skout is probably the safest choice, if only because it has a teens-only section that seems to be moderated reasonably well. However, ages aren’t verified, making it easy for a teen to say she’s older than 18 and an adult to say she’s younger.

Special Feature on Skout

The travel feature of the Skout helps the travelers to connect with the other tourists while on the road. Millions of members have begun to use the app after the introduction of traveling features. As Audrey Shedivy, a spokeswoman for the company said in an email. Many of those virtual travelers, particularly young adults, and college students, she said, have begun turning those virtual trips into real vacations, in some cases touring a destination with those they met through the app.

Interview of CEO about betterment of Skout

Christian Wiklund, CEO, and co-founder of Skout emphasizes that understanding what your data says about your users and their experience is the most important factor in improving that experience. “You’re selling an emotion and a brand, and with that come analytics, testing, messaging, design, and consumer satisfaction. No matter how you look at it, data is everything.”

Skout is a competent social networking app, its focus on monetization rather than socialization negatively impacts the experience — users are far better off using one of the many completely free mobile-social networks to engage with people who share their particular interests.

A Full Travel Experience Just an App Away

Technology has allowed people to change the way they interact with each other. Nowadays conversations are carried almost exclusively by phones and computers since everything needs to be faster, easier and right now. Apps are a large part of this. They allow in many different ways to chat and meet people that share your same interests. Sharing photos, videos, and voice messages helps friends to feel closer and become part of each others lives in a much easier way without schedule or distance issues.

Online dating has existed for at least a couple of decades now, and the options to participate of this have expanded to more than 1000 dating sites and apps where many individuals have created their profiles to find their special someone, since blind dates are more popular than you think, or even just to meet new people with a little bit of help from experts, since most of them are dealing with increasingly hectic schedules and many obligations to meet, which limits them from finding the right date.

You can expand the way you interact with the newest app Skout. With there being so many dating apps, which would be the best to choose? Most important of all, you must consider the ones that have the best safety and security measures from preventing any bad experiences and that is the reason why Skout should be in your top options. This app makes sure you and everyone else is maintained safely. They have built-in tools to help make your interactions fun and safe.

When Skout first started, it was more than a dating app, it was meant to be used to make new friends in different cities around the world or to get contacts in a specific place to those who already had traveling plans, these ideas have been successful so far, particularly among young adults who want to experience the world and get the best relationships out of it.

Skout can allow you to expand your social circle by making it a whole lot easier to meet new people in the area who can also help you to get the know the city you are visiting. You can begin scouting anywhere at any time by preference and proximity, you will be able to chat, see who has checked your profile, get updates on nearby users and save your favorite ones.

Everyone has always tried to expand their social connections, and online dating sites are the way you can search for new people and they can search for you when finding someone interesting you can choose whether or not to get in touch, so it will be always up to you. Remember to always use a good photo, create a detailed profile and have patience, those will be the key elements to consider and get the best out of this experience. You should keep in mind, that if the first few profiles fail to your expectations, there are millions more to choose from.

FreedomPop a Revolution in Wireless

FreedomPop has been getting a lot of interest lately in the form of multimillion dollar loans. Recently a loan from Intel in an undisclosed amount joined the 10 million dollars from Axiata Group, that has Asian market influence, and the 30 million dollars invested by Partech Ventures. Sounds like FreedomPop has the goose that’s about to lay golden eggs.

FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator that is planning to expand its smartphone technology. In the coming year FreedomPop will launch a Wi-Fi first model using big brother Intel’s Sofia platrorm. It may sound confusing, but what is implied is that FreedomPop will begin to circumvent the normal wireless networks, and offer free or cheap cell phone connectivity. This would be a breakthrough and FreedomPop could capture the lion’s share of future cell phone products and service. They will be doing to cell phone providers what Skype did to long distance providers. It’s a revolution! The powers that be are backing FreedomPop in an effort to control this new technology. A merger or an aquisition by large players in telecommunications are being repulsed by the leader of FreedomPop, Steve Stokols. Stokols says that there may be an opportunity in the future when the value of FreedomPop escalates with its advanced technology.

This little known networking company with a revolutionary concept could vault itself into the public eye and telecommunications history. There is a chance that the company may be acquired only to bury the technology, but once an idea surfaces, it’s almost impossible to stop it from taking hold. In this case the world would be made a better place thanks to the technology being advanced by FreedomPop and Stephen Sokolos and company. We hope the technology will be successfully developed and that the entire world will benefit from this new, revolutionary, and beneficial technology.

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Reputation

When you are trying to build a business, there is nothing more damaging than negative online reviews and bad reputation management. One of the more devastating problems of owning a company is knowing that anyone and at any time can write a bad review about your company. This is a major problem for companies that simply want to make the most out of their services in helping others. If this has been an issue for you, it might be time for you to consider hiring a reputation management firm like Status Labs.

Status Labs has been in the business of helping people to restore their reputation for many years. They work by eliminating the negative reviews and essentially righting any wrongs that have been done to those individuals. They can also help to manage your social media pages and anything else online that you need. For brand new businesses, they can also market your company so that they can grow a reputation for you in a positive manner.

Status Labs and using their services has been something that business owners have been doing for quite some time now. They have worked diligently with a variety of different company owners to ensure that they are satisfied with the finished work. You will find that Status Labs is one of the top reputation firms in the market, allowing you to know that you have made the right decision in hiring them for yourself.

You will first want to contact Status Labs to find out what types of services they can offer to you. From there, you will be able to contact them and begin working with them on managing your reputation and ensuring that you do not have to deal with negative reviews anymore. There are a lot of things that can essentially bring down your company, but one of the worst things that you might have to deal with at some point in time would be negative reviews. These reviews can do more than hurt your business, they can actually cause it to go out of business over time without the proper help.

The Business Of Status Labs

Status labs is based in Austin, Texas. Darius Fisher is the founder. This company specializes in Brand Marketing,Consulting, Social Media Monitoring,Public Relations, and this is only a few. They are an online public relation company. They boast over one thousand five hundred clients, from all over the world.

They help companies secure an online presence, and works hard to protect the well being of the company. They want companies to look great, when someone is searching for their product. They focus on maintaining a great character for their customers, any negative or inaccurate information is omitted. Status Labs Search Engine Optimization team will use their vast know and resources of the internet, to get your company on page one of a Google Search. When this happens, you will notice that you will get a lot o visitors, and a rise in sales. A member of the team will work closely. The company keeps you abreast with any updates, or changes they made. Their main aim is to make you look good in the long run, if anyone is searching for your goods, or service. They have the ability to let your customers see only positive information about your company.

This company has the ability to make your company always shine in the eyes of the public. Some other services that they provide, blog writing, public relations, and social media accounts. They will continue maintain these for you, but don’t worry you will still be the owner, where you can add and change information, if it’s not to your liking. They will give you reports every month, so you can see what stride you have made.

Status labs is also big on giving back to the community. Once a month they will go out into the neighborhood and do some for of service. They love to keep their employees happy, so they offer great incentives. A creative mind is what they thrive on. So, just in case you are interested in working for this company, they have an unlimited amount of opportunities. Maybe a position is waiting for you.

Darius Fisher and Status Labs Deliver Second Chances

Online Reputation Management
A digital reputation crisis can be fully managed according to Darius Fisher and Status Labs. This is an online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing firm that is based in Austin, Texas. This is a firm that had been launched four years ago. This firm does deliver second chances to the following:
* executives
* politicians
* public figures
Since the firm launched, This firm has served well over 1,500 clients. This is in over 35 countries. The firm has enabled their clients to grow sales by the use of effective PR strategy along with effective digital marketing. Fisher has proven that he and his team at Status Labs do have the skills to thrive at a fast pace.

Darius Fisher is a Prominent Entrepreneur
Darius Fisher is a business consultant and a highly prominent entrepreneur. He had graduated from Vanderbilt University and obtained his BS in economics. He is also a successful investor. He is the creator of numerous companies that have generated revenue of over 20 million dollars. He is a prominent and a remarkable entrepreneur.

Darius Fisher Specializes in Repair
Darius Fisher does indeed have a specialty area. He and his entire team specialize in the repair of their clients digital presence. It may be their presence on social media or even their presence on Google search results. It is a specialty to ensure that each and every client look their absolute best. Fisher is solid proof that a reputation can have a second chance. Status Labs is ready for any crisis. Delivering second chances is a specialty.

Status Labs Helps Rebuild Reputations

Sometimes the past really does come back to haunt you and If you need to edit some of the information that others can learn about you about you in an Internet search there are a few steps you can take to ensure some information remains private and buried. Status labs is a company that handles

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs. The company helps clients handle digital crisis and tailor search results. Tips from Status Labs on how to secure the search results you want include logging out of Google before conducting a search, identifying undesirable results before other see them,and taking care of them proactively. It is also possible to work with web administrators to remove photos and information that you’d like to delete.

Facing a reputation crisis is something more and more people can identify with in this age of unlimited technology and Status Labs Darius Fisher has done all of the work to figure out ways to thwart unflattering data. Status Labs was founded by Fisher four years ago. Fisher’s staff is now made up of over 30 people and has offices in three locations. Executives, politicians and other high profile clients have all benefited from the work the company has mastered. Fifteen hundred clients in 33 countries can speak to the good works of Status labs. Fisher, himself, knows how important it is sometimes to utilize spin control.