Tech Companies Have Changed Real Estate Industry in NYC

Tech industry has show rapid growth since the beginning of 21st century. As a result, it has positively impacted the economies of major cities across the world. Tech hubs like NYC apartments for rent are changing rapidly in order to accommodate the influx of tech companies. According to a report released on Huffington Post, tech firms are affecting real estate industry in New York City and surrounding. Investors are injecting capital at an astonishing rate into New York tech industry according to a CB Insights. With more cash, tech firms are injecting their money in the commercial real estate industry.

Tech companies are approaching landlords/ladies requesting to design new office space for their operations. These tech companies are demanding unique space with open floor plans, exposed concrete wall and loft spaces covered with rooftops. Due to these needs from tech companies, landlords/ladies are transforming their buildings in order to cater for the new renters. Moreover, tech companies have brought fresh perspective to old neighborhoods hence changing the city’s foundation. Majority of NYC’s upcoming neighborhoods are booming with new business opportunities as a result of startup tech firms establishing their operations in those areas.

Real estate developers are designing residential neighborhoods to cater for tech folks that are working in these companies. Some senior executives may afford to live in high demand neighborhoods but majority of other junior staffs prefer to live in surrounding areas. As a result of this influx of young and educated residents, new residential units and apartments are coming up thus bringing a boom in the New York real estate industry. One of the leading industry experts in this city for NYC apartments for rent is TOWN Residential, which was established in 2010.

TOWN Residential was founded by Andrew Heiberger who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and also co-chairman. The firm is an integral part of real estate industry in New York and surrounding areas. TOWN Residential focusing on luxury residential leasing and selling and marketing. Since its inception, the company has been leading in the industry for its quality and excellence services.

The firm has a team of professionals who are highly experienced in this industry. The firm has a unique formula that has made it win several accolades as among the top companies to work for in NYC. This has been made possible because of top talents available to every TOWN Representative. The Representatives provide unprecedented quality of service making them industry leaders.

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