James Dondero- The Gentleman Investor

Most people like to think of themselves as risk takers, adventurers, or without fear. Everyone thinks they have an inner Conan the Barbarian or Wonder Woman who lives inside of them. Ask them to take risks with their money, and they start to sing a different tune. Most people are very conservative with money, afraid of losing it all in a foolish gamble. These people are wise: poorer but wiser.
Finding someone who is excited by risk, who thrives on the smallest whiff of danger, can be a potent force when it comes to investing.The ability to handle stress is important in most jobs, and none so much as investing. Being immune to fear is something James Dondero at Highland Capital Management is proud of, and his lack of fear has made many people much wealthier.
Dondero seemingly has a dowsing rod when it comes to sensing the potential for making money, almost like finding water in the desert. His fortune and the fortunes of others he has helped have come from high-yield and distressed debt investing.
Finding riches from distressed debt is not for the faint of heart. When a company or government entity is undergoing fiscal or operational stress, which can include bankruptcy and various types of default, the amount of risk an investor takes on is incredibly magnified. The likelihood of default creates so much risk that these securities could be rendered worthless.
What makes this type of investing attractive for investors like Dondero is the incredibly high return on investment. More money can be made off of distressed debt than almost any other type of venture, but only if they can stomach the huge potential for loss.
Since he and Highland Capital Management’s inception, many fortunes have been made due to this lack of fear. With over $21 billion in assets in hedge funds, individual accounts, and more, his laser-like focus on achieving ROI’s has been unimaginable for any investor until now.
James Dondero on youtube also serves on the board of directors for other firms, including MGM Studios, NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. This impressive array of diverse businesses has definitely given him the skills necessary to succeed. With this amount of experience, he has acquired it should come as no surprise that his talent for finding riches in theoretical ditches is nothing short of amazing.
With a stomach of iron this man has been able to achieve what few investors have ever dreamed of, and it looks as there is no end in sight for what this savvy investor can do in the future.

Award Winning Author Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias, 50, is renowned for his dedication to furthering Brazilian literature. Dias was born in Rio de Janiero to Arnaldo Dias, a journalist and author, and Dulce Garcia Dias, an architect. He was fortunate enough to have highly educated parents who strongly encouraged him to write at a very young age.

Garcia Dias attended the Arnaldino school where literature was his primary focus. As a young student he read, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands by Garciliano Ramosand, this would later inspire his first novel.

An alumnist of the University of Rio de Janeiro, by the age of 30, Dias had already published ten books and was a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy where he taught aspiring young authors. His teaching methods were unconventional and profoundly effective, in fact, by 1997 he was promoted to vice president of the academy. In 2007, the 100th anniversary of the academy, Dias was elected the president of Carioca Literature Academy and maintains that position today. As President, Dias announced in 2010 that the Carioca Literature Academy would be the first school in Brazil dedicated to journalistic literature.

Widely known for his book, Fell From Heaven, Dias continues in a long line of renown South American authors who continue to have significant impact in the world of literature. With his list of accomplishments continuing to grow, Dias joins the ranks of well-known, celebrated Brazilian authors like the late Jorge Amado (1912-2001) and Paulo Coelho (1947- ).

Dias’ many titles include: Caiu do Ceu, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miuda. In 2013, Dias was invited to write a weekly article for the popular newspaper, Jornal do Brasil. His most recent novel is a collection of all his articles for the Jornal do Brasil about his childhood and his father, Arnaldo Dias. In 2015, Dias was awarded the ABC Award for Brazil Fictional Literature.

What You Should Know About Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth C. Griffin was born in 1968 at Florida, Daytona Beach. He started investing during his first year at Harvard University after he read an article in Forbes Magazine. On his second year in the institution, he began a hedge fund that focused on changeable bond arbitrage. This fund was capitalized with cash got from family, friends and money from his grandmother that totaled to $265,000. He later mounted a satellite link to his dorm so as to get real-time marketplace data. He graduated from Harvard with a Degree in Economics in 1989.

Armed with a telephone, personal computer, and fax machine, Ken Griffin on turtletrader commenced trading in his dorm room at Harvard in 1987. From this humble yet ambitious beginning, he caught the mind of the co-founder of Glenwood Partners, a Chicago-based company and hedge-fund pioneer, Frank Meyer. The performance by Griffin gave him the chance to establish what would later grow to be Citadel.

Ken Griffin set up Citadel in 1990 and is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The firm is a wide financial institution—the Citadel Group, which consists of Citadel Technology that provides investment solutions to management technology. It also includes Citadel, which is an alternative industry top asset manager as well as Citadel Securities which is amongst the top providers of liquidity in the American Capital markets. There are approximately 1,250 employees working for Citadel all around the globe.

Griffin has expressed his stand on the issues of market structure and financial regulation all through his years as a business manager, thus he testified at varied government cases. He gave his testimony at the U.S senate committee hearing on “Role of regulation in the sharing of equity market structure and electronic trading”. In his utterances, he stressed on the need to possess industrial regulation procedures to help in the catching up with market structure changes so as to increase resilience and fairness of all American equity markets.

Griffin is also a supporter of Harvard University, where he acquired his degree. His benefactions in the improvement and enrichment of other people’s lives have totaled to a figure over and above $250 million, through the Citadel Foundation as well as on personal contributions. Most remarkably, he has donated to the Art Institute, Lurie Children’s Hospital and the University of Chicago. He also gave $150m financial support to Harvard, the biggest gift received by the University at that time.

Kenneth Griffin is a constituent of various business entities such as the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club in Chicago, G100 and the Economic Club of Chicago. He also aggressively supports Chicago’s cultural and civic institutions. This is why he is a member of the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago, the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Befriending People Online with Skout

Many people have become fans of Skout become this apps has made it easy to find new people all over the world. There is a level of comfort that comes with finding people online and getting to know them before meeting someone in person. This is what I like the most about this site. It has become a rather interesting way for me to say hello to someone new.

I use the wink feature to connect with someone that may have an interesting photo. It may seem a little shallow to some to only connect with people through their photos, but I am honest. I can face the facts. I know that most people are only checking me out and trying to get with me in person because of how I look. I believe I am funny and charming, but that isn’t something that people are going to see when they are passing me in the mall. They are checking my facial features and analyzing the possibility of a relationship based on these attributes. That is the same thing that I do on Skout from skoutorganic, and so far I have not been disappointed.

Skout can a wonderful site for those that are looking for some good times. Sometimes I use the drawer icon on the app and check out profiles of people. I don’t always have a desire to chat right away or send a wink to someone that is actually online. I do this when I have a lot of time, but I will just run through profiles and check out new people when I have a little idle time. This is usually something that I do at work in the morning or during lunch.

I purchase points on the site and I will often use the points to check who has been looking at my profile. This is interesting because it lets me know that there are some people that probably saw my photo and wanted to communicate. Some of these people are shy so I take the first step. Sometimes a person will send a wink, but they will not have anything to say. This can be a bit of annoyance, but with Skout you can block specific users if you desire.

Befriending people online through the cool social media apps like Skout has never been easier. I have really enjoyed the random people that I have met. I would not trade this experience for anything else. I also would not use any other apps. I know friends that have a screen filled with social media apps. They use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, OK Cupid and eHarmony. I don’t have that kind of time to keep up with all those different apps and accounts. I have one account and one profile to maintain and that is on Skout.

How To Make It Big As A Sports Team Owner

Being a professional sports team owner is a dream that many would love to live. It means controlling a team of talents and skills, but this comes with power and wealth tags. A story behind a professional sports team owner is probably an unfair tale where the kid got bullied and never had the chance to participate in hood games. Moreover, they got kicked into the watching ground maybe because they were the least favorites of the hood bullies. Nonetheless, the kid outgrew the pain, and now it’s time to take revenge and be the one in total control.

One would describe Bruce Levenson as an ambitious business person in particular who made professional sports a personal interest. He is also an established and achieved journalist by the side. Bruce is proud to be the official owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which runs the Atlanta Hawks NBA. He is also described as an ultimate leader that is quite evident just at the look of the team that has thrived so well under his title as the owner. Above that, the Hawks have achieved quite a number of awards that other teams would envy, among them being; the only team in the Eastern Conference to reach the NBA playoffs for the last consecutive seasons and have the best records in the NBA all dedicated to Bruce’s skills, knowledge and talent. Bruce has managed the Hawks like his own personal set of tools, carefully and skillfully.

Great businessmen always place and invest their hard earned money on ventures that have the highest probability in gaining back profits and initial investments. Bruce Levenson, for example, has a great business mind considering where he elevated the company from. A great entrepreneur ought to assess their financial position before making any investment. In case the investment option is way above the financial capability, one can consider having a partnership with other probable buyers. However, before forming any partnership, it is advisable to form suitable policies that stipulate how the venture will be run.

Businesses are set up with the aim of making profits. Therefore, undertaking adequate research is vital in ensuring that you put your money in the right docket. All the same, you can consider purchasing a poorly performing sports team. Such a team can be a great start because they are less costly, and one can build it and thus turn it into a great investment. Whichever way, all options have their downside that ought to be considered.
Team owners are allowed to move trade players or the teams. It is recommended that the team owners move the players to a better environment, let’s say a more competitive city where they can be offered better incentives and where there are better facilities such as a well equipped stadium. That way, you are sure that you will receive returns in good time.

A Word For Aspiring Business Women

Being a successful business woman heavily depends on how well you work with others and not just your education, training or talent. Despite the type of trade, all businesses are strongly based on the art of dealing with people. It is imperative that regardless of how good you are at what you do, you can never be successful if no one wants to deal with you. Many successful business women let themselves be unpredictable, dynamic and fabulous, and this has seen them through being at an added advantage over the competition. As it is simply put, “She who would lead, must first be willing to serve.”

For women out there who are still striving to be successful in their career, there is so much that needs to be done and an insight of other successful ladies can inspire you to get to where you dream. Researching and learning about the background and career path of such women will act as a motivation and inspiration to you. There are so many sources out there containing their biographies and memoirs that can help attain an insight into professional experience- both good and bad. A clear idea of how the path to success looks likes will assist in getting prepared to deal with the obstacles that might be present along the way.

Attending inspirational salons hosted by women who are at the top of their game is also another way of getting a way forward. A fascinating role model that has made it in the business world as a woman is Susan McGalla, a prominent businesswoman and a professional consultant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her successful career has been as a result of hard work and determination, and nothing has kept her down from achieving her goals and what she firmly believes in. She has exuded this in the former companies that has molded her career. Her consulting firm provides a variety of expertise that she is adept at such as marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, talent management among others. Her service offering includes but not limited to organizational development, supply chain and creative within and outside the retail industry.

Susan McGalla’s core values were ingrained at a tender age and her parents educated her of hard work and presenting her beneficial ideologies confidently to any audience. She was born and grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio with her two older brothers. Her father, a local football coach, did not cut her any slack, and this taught her that gender was no limiting factor to her success. Susan McGalla commenced her career at Joseph Horne Company where she undertook several managerial and marketing posts from 1986 to 1994. Later in 1994, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Her hard work and passion for work saw her through various managerial roles to being the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand and later the president and CMO of the whole company.

Kyle Bass Can’t Seem to Catch a Break

Kyle Bass is an American entrepreneur and investor who is known for correctly predicting the 2008 worldwide financial crisis. The 2008 recession happened because a few of the largest banks in the United States were making too many loans to people who were not qualified for such loans, and many people eventually defaulted on the loans. Once some people started defaulting, it seems as if everyone else with loans caught along and stopped making payments, as well. To correctly predict a recession is something few people have done, and is mostly luck. Not to say a beginning investor could predict a financial crisis, but there are not really any key indicators as to if a recession will take place.

Useful Stooges said that it may sound as if Kyle Bass knows exactly what he is doing as a businessman, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Kyle Bass has made numerous negative career decisions that has tarnished his image, not to mention incorrectly predicting a financial crisis in Japan for five years in a row, from 2010 to 2014.

One of the negative things Kyle Bass has done most recently is acting out against Acorda Therapeutics, who has a patent on the drug Ampyra, which is used to help treat multiple sclerosis. Bass tried to rip the patent away from Acorda, but his lawsuit was thrown out. Bass claimed that it would be good for multiple sclerosis patients, but many thought it was just because Bass wanted to make a quick buck.

Bass has also experienced failure with another one of his endeavors, this time his company called Celgene Corp. Bass really needs to clean up his act if he wants to be known as a reputable businessman – as if his reputation could ever start to clean up.

Kyle Bass has been in the news on major news networks such as CNN a lot, providing tips, tricks, and other suggestions to viewers of the networks. Bass is known to have given incorrect and misleading information a number of times, including his incorrect prediction of Japan’s economy crashing for five years in a row.

Bass has lots of investment in the major vehicle producer General Motors, and is known to have spoken out negatively against consumers of General Motors’ products (where is the sense in this?). One time, some of General Motors’ vehicles’ tires popped without any fault from consumers, and caused quite a few injuries and deaths.

The injuries were caused by faulty tires installed in the vehicles by some General Motors employees, not the consumers.

Syngenta GMO Lawsuit and it’s Impact on America

The price of corn in the United States is dependent on the ability of farmers to access foreign market, particularly the Chinese corn market. However, the conventional way of operation of the market between the major exports and US farmers changed drastically when Syngenta Seed Company, sold genetically modified corn to US farmers before the corn was approved by China, the leading export. Consequently, Syngenta reaped billions of dollars from the transaction. To counter such unscrupulous means of making money, the biotechnology industry created stewardship standards to reduce the market risks for the US farmers, which was broken by the company.

The Effects of the GMO Corns

Caller writes that the genetically modified corn seeds sold to the US farmers by the Syngenta included the Agrisure Duracade and the Agrisure Viptera. Syngenta convinced the farmers that, in a couple of days, China would approve the seeds since they were of higher quality than those sold previously .Syngenta made hundreds millions of dollars from selling the corns, and on the other hand, the result turned catastrophic for the innocent US farmers. First, China cut its entire links with the United States farmers and consequently stopped importing their corns. The prices of corn went down tremendously. The United States’ corn farmers led by the attorney Mikal Watts decided to file a lawsuit against Syngenta to get compensation for the damages caused to them and to the United States’ corn market.

Mikal Leads the Farmers in the Lawsuit

The seed company was sued in a class action suit over its failure to get China’s approval for its genetically modified seeds. According to Mikal Watts, Syngenta Seed Company demonstrated unacceptable blatant misrepresentation to the US corn farmers. When the company promoted the corns before getting a formal import approval, it valued its profit interests over those of the US corn farmers, which was illegal according to US legal statutes. Watts stated that the farmers had gone through a rough economic devastation following the incident, which led to loses of not less than a billion dollars. Mr. Watts assured the farmers that he would help them recover the damages caused. Watts is one of the few attorney who have broad experience in handing agricultural lawsuits.

How Bruce Levenson made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in the News Industry

Bruce Levenson is a legend in the world of news coverage. As a news reporter for the Washington Sun, he would dedicate thousands of hours of his time to covering stories. As he became more familiar with the industry, he realized that there was more that could be done to improve the state of data collection and statistics to support new stories. Being curious and passionate about journalism, he discovered early on that journalism is certainly a path that he enjoys. Although there just isn’t a lot of money in the journalism profession and he felt that he could better use his talents elsewhere. In becoming a lawyer, which is a profession that his father groomed to him to follow, there was plenty of money available for him, yet it isn’t really a profession that he personally enjoys, so he decided to take a third option and go into business for himself with his best friend Ed Peskowitz.

Bruce Levinson and Ed Peskowitz came together when they realized that something was missing from the general structure of news organizations. Every, single news event in the world is going to be covered over and over again. Those reporters are going to report the same, exact facts and statistics, even though each one of those reporters are required to spend hundreds of sometimes even thousands of hours a year searching for facts and statistics to back the stories. Bruce Levenson got an idea, what if instead of journalists each spending hundreds of unnecessary hours per year searching for all the facts they need to support their writings, why not just give them a library of facts that are easy to reference to enable them to all quickly write their stories. Ed Peskowitz was floored by this idea. He knew that his friend was on the something huge, so he quickly jumped on board. He eventually quit his job in order to follow in the footsteps of his best friend Bruce Levenson by cofounding the United Communications Group.

The United Communications Group was founded in 1977 in Bruce Levenson’s father’s garage with what little money he and Ed Peskowitz had. Their initial role in the organization was hire people to gather facts, data and statistics, and when they did, they’d wire money to their accounts. With all of the great information that was being collected for these newsletters, there was very little reason that news organizations wouldn’t pay nearly any price for the information that is easily accessed in the United Communications Group’s newsletters. The reason their resource is so valuable to business people and journalists all over the world is because it reduced their necessary investigation time by almost 90%. There was no reason to investigate their source because they were already known as credible. All that had to be done is to find the set of statistics that support their views. If they heard or read a statistic that they really enjoy or may want to further explore, they can write it down to access it later. Some writers may need a Rolodex of facts and figures that are supportive or anti-climactic in relation to their cause, project or particular style of journalism.

Excellent Products With Eucatex

What started simply in 1951 as a company to manufacture eucalyptus ceiling tiles has become a huge environmentally friendly company today known as Eucatex.

In the beginnings, the company focused on quality products. With time, they also thought of how to sustain their product through reforestation of the eucalyptus. Today, their scientist genetically produce eucalyptus seedlings from hybrid plants to make hearty plants for their products. This care for the sustainability of the environment is just one of the ways that Eucatex gives back to the communities and lives of its workers.

The Environmental Education Program teaches children in schools and groups like the Boy Scouts to take care of their natural resources. They learn about recycling and reducing wastes, all part of a program intent on keeping the planet safe for future generations.

In communities, Eucatex provides paint to refurbish old schools, giving them a fresh new face. Sustainability, accountability and community are at the heart of the company and it shows through their actions.

In addition to environmental care, Eucatex cares for their customers. They produce high quality laminate flooring that is coated with Bacterban, which is bacteria resistant. They also make a hypoallergenic vinyl flooring that is easy to clean and install, perfect for people suffering from allergies.

This company also makes paint and doors, perfect for finishing off a new room. Paints are made with Tintometric to ensure that the color will match every time, can after can. Stains and sealants help ensure that your outdoor decks and surfaces are protected from winds, sun damage and rains. Segs.com told that metal paints are specifically designed to adhere to non-porous surfaces. They also protect against rust damage.

Doors made by Eucatex come in three options. Eucaplac is their finished door, ready to be installed. You don’t need to do anything except hang your door and enjoy it. The Eucaprime doors come primed and ready to be finished with your custom paint color. The third option is the Eucaboard, which comes completely unfinished, ready to have wood veneers or paints applied.

The innovation of the products and company procedures can be traced back to Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex. He joined the company in 1987 and quickly began to modernize processes and procedures to ensure a quality product which is environmentally friendly.