How Comparative Law Experts Like Sujit Choudhry Can Help Your Business

How Comparative Law Experts Like Sujit Choudhry Can Help Your Business

Are you stuck trying to understand the different laws that dictate business in different countries? Don’t let your business get bogged down in these concerns. Instead hire a comparative law professional like Sujit Choudhry to help you understand the differences between various countries and how to navigate this minefield.



What Is Comparative Law?

Comparative law is an interesting form of law because it looks at the differences between legal systems, the rules they share, and how they differ. Those who specialize in this type of law are experts at identifying the differences between one country’s law and another. However they are also skilled at finding the differences between the laws of states and even cities.


In a rapidly globalizing world, it is important to know the differences between these systems. Failure to do so could result in lawsuits, problems with business, and other serious concerns. Fighting to identify these differences is crucial and it is something that Sujit Choudhry can help you achieve.



Who Is Sujit Choudhry?

In an article at the Berkeley Law, Mr. Choudhry has years of experience working as an authority in constitutional comparative law, particularly those in overseas businesses that may interest you as a business person or investor. He has traveled across the world to research in Egypt, Libya, Nepal, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, South Africa, and the Ukraine. Speaking multiple languages, he has also given important speeches in over two dozen countries.


Interests that drive his law career include federalism, the process of decentralization, secession from a country, constitutional courts, peaceful democratic policies, working with dictators to decrease human rights violations, protecting minor rights, understanding majority rule, and helping authoritarian countries transition to democracy. His knowledge has impacted the world in many important ways.



How Can Comparative Law Experts Help You?

How could a lawyer like Mr. Choudhry help your business? By providing you with the knowledge you need to point your business in the right direction when working with other countries.


Your lawyers and law experts will understand our laws, but what about Russia’s? Great Britain’s? Could they even understand the differences between Canadian and American legal systems? Even if they did hours and even days of research, could they match the expertise of those who have studied comparative law for years?


Probably not, but a comparative law expert like Mr. Choudhry can provide you and your business with the help they need to become a powerful business. So whether you call him or another comparative law expert, know that you are performing an important task that will compel you to further success.

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Creative and Target Marketing with Facebook

In the twenty teens social media, and in particular Facebook, has become a valuable asset for businesses and marketers to reach their audiences as well as establish brand awareness and allegiance. Achieving a wide array of organic promotion for your business or product is more than accomplishable when understanding how to publish content and market advantageously with Facebook. Through comprehending and conjoining the two ad strategies that work best when using Facebook, Creative and Target marketing, you can begin to reach the audience you’re looking for. Below we’ll take a closer look at both Creative and Target marketing strategies and examine just how you can apply these concepts to boost your audience and users and which is more worth your time to invest in.



A creative strategy at its foundation should inspire people and have an emotional influence on its audience. An intimate understanding of the audience you’re hoping to reach with your campaign is essential for a creative marketing strategy. This understanding and focus on your future fans or consumers will allow you to engage with your audience’s emotions and breakthrough the thousands of other businesses vying for attention. When it comes to creative marketing on Facebook using newly released features and apps from the site can help attract clients, users, and other members of your desired audience.



Target Marketing is just what it sounds like, aiming your services, product, or organization at a particular audience who is most likely to become loyal to your brand. With Facebook, there are dozens of different ad formats that help you aim ad campaigns at your targeted audience. By mastering how to target your specific audience you can guarantee your ads are seen by the people most likely to become clients, customer, fans, or followers of your business.



Websites specializing in online marketing, such as, highly recommend using Target and Creative marketing strategies as a surefire way to increase your performance. Through better Creative and Target strategies your click through rates as well as conversion rates will see improvement. This means you’ll receive a ten to thirty percent increase in interested clicks on your page for the same budget. In conclusion, asking yourself what you are optimizing toward is essential in determining where your budget should go in reference to advertising with Facebook. Determining if you are getting the true value from your investment is essential. Doing thorough research based on your company, your target audience, and your ad strategies is imperative in deciding just what is an acceptable cost for the return on your advertising investment.




Hiring the Right Business Lawyer Got You

Although there are many law firms and attorneys in Brazil that focus on business law, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them will be right for you. Take the time to research various law firms and attorneys until you find one that is appropriate for your legal needs.

You will need to have consultation with your potential lawyer. Contact the lawyer’s office to schedule a meeting with him or her, and be ready to go over the details of your case.

The more organized you are, the better your lawyer will surely be able to serve you. Maintain all records, and place everything in proper order. It can also be helpful to maintain documents of calls made to any events associated with your legal matter, including the name of the person you talked with and also the date and time of the phone call.

While you must expect your attorney to be attentive to your requirements, you should also recognize that these matters occasionally require time. It is a good idea to refrain from calling your legal advisor daily or expect a return call quickly, as lawyers or attorneys are always very busy with cases or in court. Nevertheless, you should receive a return phone call from the lawyer within two or three days.

Ricardo Tosto has a fabulous record of success handling business and corporate litigation cases. He has advised and represented a large range of companies, including both small businesses and large corporations, from a wide range of sectors. He is well equipped to address both litigation and alternative resolution issues, including arbitration, negotiation and mediation.

Ricardo has been in practice for over 22 years and has helped numerous clients resolved complex legal disputes and other challenging cases. He tries his best to settle cases using cost-effective methods, avoiding court trials, but if a beneficial out-of-court resolution can not be reached, then Ricardo will be willing to take the matter to court. Mr Ricardo Tosto is an aggressive and excellent litigator and aims for the best outcome in court trials.

Digital Advertising has Flight to Quality

Brands are becoming more cautious with how they advertise online and are considering disassociating themselves with controversial websites that may lead to damage to their brand. Part of these concerns arise as a result of a political environment that has become increasingly divisive. Overall, this is leading brands and digital advertising companies to a flight to quality websites do not have the potential to damage their brands the way other sites might do so.


One of the critical lessons was the abuse that Kellogg received when they tried to withdraw from advertising on Breitbart, a right based conservative news website. Breitbart pushed for a boycott of Kellogg as a result of their ceasing advertising on their site which led to poor news and possibly a reduction of sales.


Most brands will not select the websites that they advertise with directly and use a third party digital advertising company. Brands will either work through an advertising agency or directly with a digital advertising company and will use an insertion order to select the types of digital ads that they want to place as well as the geography and target audience that they want to reach. The digital advertising company will select the websites that offer the impressions that allow them to reach the target market that they have highlighted as desirable.


Digital advertising companies are coming up with solutions for the brands that advertise through them. One digital advertising company, Kargo, focuses on brand safety and is considered to be one of the top ranked digital advertising companies when it comes to the safety of the online publishers that they place their customers’ ads on. Kargo indicated that they typically rejected ninety percent of the publishers that approach them and this push for quality is helping them to protect the interests of their clients.


It is also helping to increase the rates that premium publisher websites are able to charge for their digital ad space. Well known websites like the New York Times and Hearst Properties are able to charge premiums for their digital ad space due to the safety that these more professional sites offer brands, while lesser known publishers, particularly those with controversial content are finding it harder than to obtain advertisers willing to spend significant amounts of money to advertise on their websites.


Next Entertainment Wants To Monetize Live Streaming

A company called Next Entertainment is planning on monetizing live streaming. Based out of Taiwan the company just raised over $25 million dollars in an investment round to make live streaming commercially viable. Next Entertainment is working on developing applications that will use online marketing and paid virtual gifts to monetize live streaming and make it financially feasible.


The man behind Next Entertainment is Andy Zhong. Mr. Zhong previously founded FunPlus, which was a socially themed gaming company. He sold it to Zhongji, which is a Chinese holding company for almost a billion dollars back in 2014. Now ironically, his former company is investing in his latest venture called Next Entertainment. Another social live streaming company from China called Inke is also taking interest and pumping funds into the startup.


Inke is a company that can be said to be a source on inspiration behind the founding of Next Entertainment. It joins together users in a chat room setting and and lets them interact and broadcast alongside an up and coming or famous live online personality. The viewers of the live streamer can then purchase virtual gifts that they can “give” to the live streamer. Inke also allows users to practice before they go before a real audience.


Next Entertainment is building a similar business model and service to Inke’s. Except, that it is planning on taking it outside of China and monetizing it differently to suit the habits of the country it it launching in. The latest application of Next Entertainment is called MeMe and it is now out in the island nation of Taiwan. The way a person makes money on MeMe is by creating a personality, building up a following and then monetizing through their followers via advertisements and paid virtual gifts. Next Entertainment of course gets a cut.


MeMe contains two different settings. The streamers are those that will attempt to make money by showcasing their online personality live through video. Viewers are those who want to watch live personalities or streamers. Next Entertainment allows users to search for locally based streamers and interact with them. As a viewer you are basically paying the streamer directly with gifts or indirectly through advertisements. In the United States, Next Entertainment plans on launching a live streaming application that focuses on sports teams.


Women & Proper Haircare

Ladies just love their long flowing locks no matter the race or religion of the individual. Whether you have black, blonde, red, or brown hair color, there are things that can enhance the look and strength of your hair. One of the biggest issues of hair maintenance is washing your hair too much. Though it’s always great to wash your locks, over washing creates problems as it strips the scalp of it’s natural moisture and oils. This is when the issues begin and once you’ve stripped your scalp, flakes, dandruff, itch, and dryness are sure to follow. Word of advice: Never wash your hair more than three times per week.

According to, the weather plays a critical role on hair depending on where you reside. Warm humid climates tend to create frizz while colder climates tend to cause hair to lose it volume which makes it fragile. Understanding the climate your in will better serve you when in doubt. There is a product line on the market that can handle any climate or weather condition. WEN hair is the name and total hair care is the game. These exclusive products are far more advanced than it’s competitors thanks to it’s special formulas. Plant Extracts provide your hair and scalp with beneficial nutrients which gives you shine, strength, and moisture. These ingredients are:

  • Chamomile Extract
  • Glycerin
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Wild Cherry Bark
  • Panthenol
  • Cucumber
  • And more

This QVC endorsed product is changing the game and it’s 5-in-1 Conditioner gives you a more balanced cleansing. his leave in conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioners. Managing your hair is a breeze from the use of this product as it removes tangles, adds shine, and builds strength. WEN by Chaz is the line of the future and Chaz Dean controls it all.


Marketing In The Current Music Business Climate

The music business is one of the hardest businesses to get into, stay in and succeed in. An artist needs an edge in order to achieve all three, and this edge comes by way of marketing themselves. Before you can sell songs, you have to sell yourself. Marketing yourself in 2016 can come in a variety of ways, with the internet being the obvious choice and the television landscape running a close second.


Many aspiring and established musicians will be looking for an easy way to do this. Not everyone is asked to do an awards or benefits show, which is a great way for a musician to market his or her wares, so where would one start? Late night talk shows would be a good start, with talent shows and cameo appearances on shows like The Simpsons being great options as well. Shows that showcase what a band or musician is like and what their music is all about.


Through the years there have been many musicians and bands on the above mentioned show, and one band that stands out in particular is The Ramones. They were a long established act before their appearance, but their presence gave them access to a new generation of consumers that may not have known much about them before, aside from their name. This marketing strategy married the demographic of The Simpsons audience, the access of this show both on the television and online, with the sell-ability of an established rock band. It is a unique method of marketing that works, and it is a sign of the times as well.


More Marketing Tips…


This would have been an unheard of strategy 20 years ago, but media, marketing and business have all changed drastically in 20 years. This is another aspect of marketing that should be focused on……the changing landscape. You have to change with the times if you want to stay relevant, and you have to see changes for what they are and when they come about if you want to break into the music business world.


Todd Lubar Professional Life and Career

Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Washington-based Sidwell Friends School. He studied in this school from 1977 to 1987. He also attended the New Jersey-based Peddie School when he attended the high school during those years. After graduation from high school, Todd Lubar proceeded to commence his higher education at the Syracuse University in 1995 where he studied a bachelor’s degree in speech and communication in human beings. When he graduated from university, he was employed to work with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. For more than four years, he worked in the company leading it t greater success through his work and innovation. In 1995, he also worked to join the Arlington-based Legacy Financial Group which helped to grow the Maryland-based office where there was the production of more than $100 million annually in volumes of loans.


When he decided to move forward and accept an offer to work at the Arizona-based Charter Funding Corporation dealing in financial services including loan production as the Senior Vice President, he had worked with the Legacy Financial Group till 2005. For more than two years, he held this position serving as the president of the company until 2007. During this time, the mortgage industry had numerous changes. The financial crisis underwent a big change in the mortgage industry making it more expensive for their customers to continue with their daily investments. For this reason, Todd wanted to go back and start working with the production of loans and services which aid in the development of mortgage industry services. During these times, he went to work with the Priority Financial Services in the mortgage industry. For most of his life, he has worked to focus on the mortgage origination of the banking services he rendered in his career.


While mortgage banking has been his main focus in his entire career development cycle, he has founded and owned numerous companies in the Industry of Demolition, Recycling, night club, and also the Real Estate industry. For many years, he was ranked as one of the 25 best mortgage originators in the United States. For the sake of his business extension, he has a vast experience in many industries.

Amazon to Soon Launch a Trucking Service App

Amazon made news with reports of a beta testing project involving drone delivery. While intriguing, drone delivery is going to take years to perfect. Getting a truck out on the road can be done today. Amazon is looking to put a bit of money into the trucking industry. Incredibly, Amazon wants to develop a trucking app that would a lot like the ride sharing app Uber.


Just as Uber connects freelance drivers with those in need of a ride, Amazon’s app would connect those desiring shipping service to work with truck drivers who could handle the load. Amazon absolutely has massive influence in the trucking industry. The online retail giant ships untold millions of dollars in merchandise all over the world. A lot of stock has to travel by truck to the local fulfillment centers. If any company could make a major splash in the trucking industry with an innovative app, Amazon could surely do so.


Amazon is not exactly a small company. The multi-billion online retail giant has a massive budget and can easily develop a workable app as well as a strong management staff capable of running all operations related to the service. Amazon also has the ability to address any potential legislative or regulatory hurdles. A smaller company might not be able to effectively do so.


Amazon may very well earn an incredible sum of money if this app is successful. Amazon’s success won’t be isolated. Truckers and shipper have much to gain if the app is a hit.


Truckers absolutely would benefit immensely from the app by eliminating the need for a booking service. Booking services are the entities that connect those who need truck drivers with the actual drivers. Booking services positively are helpful to independent truckers and small trucking companies. Booking companies do not perform their services for free. The commission paid to the booking company comes out of the trucker’s budget. Often, the fees — all or in part — are passed onto the shipper.


Booking services would lose some income just as taxi and limo services suffered revenue declines due to ride sharing services. The damage won’t be remotely severe enough to end these types of services. Instead, they would face healthy competition from the business and technology world.


Jeffry Schneider’s Take On Alternative Investments

Delivering on his approach that alternative investments are a remarkable means to expand holdings and lessen volatility, entrepreneur and financial services expert Jeffry Schneider’s intent is to be the trusted liaison to those looking to maximize return and diversify risk.

To accomplish his objective, Schneider founded Austin, Texas-based Ascendant Capital LLC, which focuses on a diversified array of services which take in education, marketing, inventive financial structuring and sales.

As chief executive officer and with his 24 years of financial services industry experience, he oversees sales, marketing, operations and policy while also administering a group of financial and operating professionals.

Over the last five years under the guidance and direction of Schneider, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly from two employees to more than thirty and raised nearly $1 billion working with more than 50 broker dealers and 250 investment advisors.

The boutique investment firm finds and classifies hedge, private-equity and real estate funds that are typically not available to investors and then works to add valuable options for clients.

In addition to working with a network of brokers and advisors, Ascendant Capital works with private banks and family offices.

According to Schneider, the firm’s success comes from its distinctive setting which encourages hard work, confidence and friendly, receptive communication.

On a personal level, Schneider recognizes the value of learning about new customs and cultures and has already traveled to Europe, Asia and South America and looks forward to travel to Brazil, Australia and Cuba.

He also enjoys staying fit and has joined in a number of marathons, iron man and half iron mans.

What’s more, Schneider is committed to giving back to the community as he is engaged in activities with such charitable organizations as the Gazelle Foundation, God’s Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, the Cherokee Home for Children and several others.

Jeffry Schneider, who was born in New York City, graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with a Bachelors of Science degree.

Before founding Ascendant Capital in 2009, Schneider worked at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors as well as at Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney.