Talk Fusion’s Products Can Help Your Business Succeed

When it comes to owning a business, there is a lot of work that needs to be put into it to make it a success and keep it from failing. Many people might not know where to start and can become frustrated. After all, every business needs customers and a marketing solution to keep those customers coming back. Talk Fusion is offering all-in-one video marketing products to help your business grow and become a success.

Talk Fusion offers such products as video chat, video email, video newsletters, and live meetings where you can talk about your product or business and advertise it. Talk Fusion’s products not only work for businesses, but can help promote awareness of different charities as well. You can even use these products for personal use, such as sending a birthday, get well, or other special moment video to your friends and family. These products are affordable, user friendly, and best of all are compatible with any mobile device. You can use Talk Fusion’s products to promote events, sales and promotions, appointment reminders, and even send thank you’s to your customers after they purchase a product. When it comes to marketing, sometimes those little touches make all the difference.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, believes in helping people grow their business. He is passionate about giving back to others whether it is his family and friends, his community, and even animal charities. Bob is the type of person who wants to provide the very best that he can to help others out when they are struggling. Bob does not want your business to fail. He wants your business to flourish and become the dream you have also envisioned.

Bob believes that a strong work ethic leads to a greater responsibility. He believes that anyone who has a vision for their business can become successful if they put in the effort to make it a reality. Many people have a business idea, but don’t often know where to start or what to do to get started. With the help of Talk Fusion’s products, you can rest assured that they will help your sales skyrocket.

Most Adults Getting Their News from Social Media

With the huge explosion in the popularity of social media in the past decade, people of all ages are finding it to be their first way of interacting with the world. This has caused all sorts of interesting rippling effects throughout the news and media industry, and led to the downfall of once-powerful media outlets. A recent article published by explores some interesting facets of this change in media habits. This comprehensive study published by the Pew Research Center outlines some interesting details of the results.

Fewer and fewer people are following television news and/or buying newspapers, as evidenced by the decline in sales and overall consumer shift towards online consumption. While the vast majority of news consumption has now moved online, there are interesting breakdowns by platform. Facebook has introduced a “trending topics” section in the sidebar, which provides immediate visibility for recent news. Two out of three Facebook users say that it is their primary source of news. Other platforms like Reddit also demonstrate wide-spread popularity as a news source. This makes sense, as Reddit is essentially a link aggregator sorted by popular vote. Other “short form” websites make it more difficult to discover news stories, but even platforms like Vine (which shares five second videos) reports that roughly one in ten users find their news information on their platform. This movement to digital consumption of news is not without its controversy, but the numbers indicate that digital news is here to stay.

Facebook Plans Expansion to Non-Users

Facebook is stretching their growth intends to target that non-users in other Social sites by developing intends to be the first to unveil internet’s advertising exchange. Facebook contributed massively to bringing a net-worth value of over $5billion in revenue. The plans of showing ads to non-subscribers will target all people across the website through advertising on Phone Apps and third-party websites. Facebook has approximately 1.6 billion active subscribers who share private information through their platform. It has acquired prominent features that offer cutting edge advertisement services that enable the companies to in-depth when focusing on the specific audience that they would like to reach.

Facebook services have trickled down the need by the companies to build advertising websites by offering a platform that caters the need at greater extend. Facebook Audience Network has played a significant role in expanding their advertisement to non-users who can find their friend on Facebook while not logged in or subscribed as a Facebook user, thus giving Facebook privilege to reach more people.

The Idea behind tapping the non-users market is enabled by the user of interlocking of cookies tracking, the Facebook plugins, and the combination of preferred data like hobbies and interest, Upon Capturing these specifics, it is added to a Facebook database that will be used to make informed guesses about non-subscribers and their preferred websites. According to Vice President of Facebook advertisement and Business Platform, the already established market on Facebook subscribers and the established active members places the Company on higher grounds of attracting ad companies on their website than any other Company,

I Keep My Retirement Money At Laidlaw & Company

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Popular Investment Vehicles Under Closer Scrutiny

In the past 15 years, the Exchange-Traded Funds (known as ETFs) have become increasingly popular among investors. These passively-managed funds follow a variety of indices and are a cheaper alternative to more expensive, actively-managed Mutual Funds. No wonder, billions have flown into these investment vehicles.

Now, the SEC, a United States securities regulator, will be taking a closer look into these funds. Based on a report provided by Reuters, the SEC will scrutinize Exchange Traded Funds’ compliance with the security laws.

What has happened before, especially during the 2010 Flash Crash (which was a large, short-term swing in the stock market), was due to differences between ETF prices and underlying equities. At times, the ETFs trade differently from what is their intrinsic value, causing speculation and arbitrage.

“Despite the popularity and broad success of these funds, their history is not without some turbulence,” claimed SEC chair, Mary Jo White.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a powerful agency of the United States government with the aim to protect investors by making the markets fair, orderly, and efficient.

The agency has been founded back in 1934 and is responsible for overseeing and regulating stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. The SEC is also capable of bringing criminal and other punitive charges against the violators.

GAP to close 75 Stores

As many as 75 Banana Republic and Old Navy stores will be closed by GAP. The Americans who love this brand will not be affected, though. The store closings are taking effect outside of North America, according Yahoo!Finance news report.

Overall, GAP holds 3,700 stores, so only a small percentage of all stores will be affected. Yet, the company expects to save as much as $275 million a year (before taxes).

GAP is struggling. Last quarter, the company reported 47% drop in profits, on a 6% revenue drop. Meanwhile, the S&P downgraded GAP’s debt to junk status, which means the company may face problems repaying its obligations.

Lately, GAP has had issues with getting buyers to make purchases without discounts. As a result, the profits suffered. Also, there’s an increased competition coming from such brands as Forever 21, H&M, and Zara.

With the upcoming store closings, GAP will exit Japan completely. On the other hand, the new focus will be on Old Navy stores in North America (United States and Mexico) and on China. The last country alone has around 1.4 billion people, many of whom are becoming increasingly richer.

How the new strategy will work out isn’t sure yet. The markets reacted modestly after the announcement. In the after-hours trading, the stock rose 5%.

Golfing Champion Caught for Insider Trading

Phil Mickelson has won many professional golfing championships in his career. He’s recognized among the top players. Despite fame and wealth, he decided to pursue an illegal activity of insider trading.

According to the law, investors can’t use inside information to initiate financial transaction until these news have been distributed widely to the public. In this particular case, Phil Michelson relied on information provided by William Walters, a professional gambler, about Dean Food’s corporate spin-off, ABC News report.

The information about this corporate action was first passed to William Walters by Thomas Davis, a former Dean Foods chairman. The trading scheme resulted in $40 million of illegal profits, with Michelson netting nearly a $1 million.

Since Michelson had heard the tip from a second hand, it was difficult to prosecute him. (It doesn’t mean impossible) Instead, Michelson will pay a penalty just exceeding a million dollars. On the other hand, Walters and Davis are facing criminal charges.

What would happen if it wasn’t Phil Michelson caught, but rather an unknown person? Perhaps, there would be criminal charges pressed. It is known that often celebrities are treated in benign ways by the justice system.

While many investors are taking risks with their own capital, those who trade on the inside information are making money at the expense of everyone else. Insider trading needs to be punished, no matter who does it.

Visits to Egypt Dive

Egypt used to be a popular destination. Those who have visited this country will agree that its ancient temples, museums, the Nile River cruises, and the Red Sea resorts are amazing attractions. However, since the Arab Spring began in 2010, tourism has dived due to security concerns.

The latest blow to Egyptian tourism comes with the downing of EgyptAir’s flight from Paris to Cairo. Many experts believe it was due to a bomb planted aboard. Even before this incident, the UK Foreign Office issued a warning to the British citizens.

In 2015, the revenue coming from tourism was half of what it used to be, according to BBC News. Many Egyptians depending on tourists- such as taxi drivers, hotel workers, small business owners, tour guides- now see their revenues evaporate. Many have lost jobs amid massive unemployment rates.

The Egyptian authorities are seeking measures to improve security with devices such as CCTV cameras. In addition, sniffer dogs are used and security checks are now routine. This didn’t prevent other incidents such as the stabbing of tourists in Hurghada this January.

Egypt isn’t the only country in the region suffering from terrorist acts. Tunisia has also seen its tourism drop after killings of tourists in a museum and on the beach. Another country in the region, Morocco, is deemed to be safer, yet fewer come as the whole region is becoming increasingly unstable.

Will tourism recover? It is quite unlikely, at least for now.

Why Choose the Laidlaw & Company Firm for you Investments

For anyone who has ever invested or tried to build their earnings, they know how tricky it can be to find a good investment option for themselves. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it might help to hire an investment banking firm like Laidlaw & Company. Laidlaw & Company is there to assist those who would like to build their investments and get to the point where they are able to relax and know that they have done everything in their power to build their finances.

Laidlaw & Company is a trusted and worthwhile company for anyone looking for good, solid investment assistance. They work with thousands of people on a weekly basis to help them make more responsible investment decisions. Once you begin working with Laidlaw & Company, you may wonder how or why you ever made investments in the past on your own. Another great and helpful aspect of using Laidlaw & Company is that they manage all of the different investments that you have made, allowing you to know where your money is being invested and how much you are getting out of it.

For a lot of people, using Laidlaw & Company is a great way to build their finances and get to the point they want to be, unless you’re working with James Ahern. Your finances can be built through investments, but these investments need to be done with some knowledge and experience to ensure that you are doing the right thing for yourself and your loved ones. Even if you are a business owner, Laidlaw & Company can help you to invest your money and get it to where you would like it to be. This will grow the finances and help you to feel fully confident in the choices that you have made for yourself.

Hackers Steal Millions from Banks

Over $100 million have has been stolen from the Bangladesh Central Bank by unknown hackers. What is known is that the attack originated in Ecuador. This is quite unusual as the previous attacks were aimed at smaller banks that don’t have sophisticated security systems in place, CNN Business News report.

Now, it looks the global banking system is under attack. When hackers can break into a smaller bank, they can make requests to transfer cash out of bigger banks. This is a worrisome trend.

The SWIFT system is used for international money transfers and experts claim now it is exposed by new technologies. If SWIFT can’t keep up, no wonder many other banks can’t as well.

It is reported that hackers use malware to get go around banks’ security systems and, as a result, get access to SWIFT. Then, fraudulent request for cash transfers are sent to steal money from banks. This system is used all over the world and over 15 messages are exchanged every day among the banks.

No wonder it is hard to catch theft. The system generates billions of dollars in daily transfers and had been deemed secure until the latest breaks. Now, SWIFT is subject to increasing cyber attacks.