Clay B. Siegall takes Seattle Genetics’ ADC through a milestone

In an interview in Boston at the PEGS summit, Clay B. Siegall, the cofounder and current president of Seattle Genetics, gave remarks on what Seattle Genetics had in store for its clients when it came to ADCs.

Dr. Siegall stated that his company had come up with Adcetris, which is an ADC that had been tested and has overtime been able to cure over 10,000 patients suffering from lymphoma. With this trend, doors to handle CD30 complications could be opened. He went on to mention that one of the company’s biggest achievement has been to manage to get their BLA (Biological License Application) approved for the ADC. With this, the company would be able to develop the drug and use it to improve the results of patients who tend to get to relapse whenever the go through a stem cell transplant. This will reduce this risk significantly.

To add to this, Clay Siegall mentioned that there are 3 different trial phases of the Adcetris drug and that the results of the trials will be made public starting from this year up to next year. When asked where he sees ADCs heading, the Seattle Genetics president explained that there are still a number of blank spaces to be filled including research on how to make a synthetic drug that will make the ADC target a specific tumor antigen. In addition to this, Clay specifically mentioned that they managed to meet with AACR, an American based cancer Research Company, and made presentations on their idea about the tumor antigen. According to him, deeper research continues to open up doorways and leads to newer discoveries.

Clay Siegall’s arguments show how important it is to put a lot of research into ADCs. Considering the number of milestones he has managed to take his company through, we would say that his arguments seem legit. He has managed Seattle Genetics since he helped found it in 1998 and has since then managed to help it secure around $330 through the aid of financiers who seem to believe in what he does. The company has also partnered with a lot of other ADC companies, including CuraGen and Progenics.


Visit the New York Food and Wine Festival

If you adore eating great food, then mark your calendars now for the New York Wine and Food Festival to be held on October 13 to 16. Over 100 different events will be held over the course of four days.
Guests attending the festival, believed to be the largest in America, are given the chance to meet over 500 chefs. While it is estimated that over 55,000 people will attend this event, many who have attended over the last eight festivals have been surprised at how close they can get to some of the chefs that they admire most.
One of the chefs that will be at this event is Mario Batali who is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Italian cuisine. Also, present at the festival will be David Bouley who is the owner of Bouley’s where over 7,000 people told Zagat’s is where they would choose to eat their last meal. Another chef that will be present is Bobby Flay who is the executive chef for many restaurants including Bar American, according to an article in Huffington Post. In addition to meeting professional chefs, attendees can meet several celebrity chefs including Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Patrick Harris, and Patti LaBelle.
While the food promises to be outstanding, attendees can also sample wines from some of the best wineries found in Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of New York portfolio. Their CEO was just named person of the year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
There will be many intimate dinners as part of the Bank of America’s Dinner Club with many selling out very fast. The festival also features hands-on demonstrations like cake decorating, cooking with spices and making homemade beagles. Brides will not want to miss the demo on wedding food. The festival swings on late into the night with a chance to eat French desserts and a midnight jazz breakfast.
Each event carries its own price. Over the last eight years, the festival has managed to raise $9.5 million for No Kid Hungry and the Food Bank of New York City.

Lyft and Uber Destroy Yellow Cabs in NYC

Uber and Lyft are utterly destroying the taxi cab industry in New York. Likely, Uber, Lyft, and any other app-based ride sharing services are doing a lot of damage to traditional taxi services. No one should be shocked as to why.Uber and Lyft are a lot less expensive. They are easy to book. The drivers are much more accountable for their actions since they lose a high-paying gig if customers complain too much or leave bad reviews.


The classic taxi cab is just that – a classical, outdated model.


An honest question has to be mentioned here: why don’t the Yellow Cab and other traditional taxis move more in the direction of the Uber/Lyft business model? Unionization and established overhead would probably be the answers. Both of those things can be changed. Union contracts may be rewritten and overhead could be reduced.


And what about the taxi drivers? Could they not jump to the “gig economy?” They could, but the lose of union protections and health and other benefits probably weighs on their mind.


Consumers do make their decisions regarding what particular business or service they choose to patronize. New York doubtfully could ban Uber or Lift. Requiring business licenses, city taxes, and adherence to certain regulations are things likely implemented. Considering the massive amount of money a company can make in the lucrative market of New York, all these extra costs ate sure to be offset by the massive amount of money earned.


And then there is the possibility of a new startup emerging that figures out a way to circumvent any laws and regulations. Such a business may thrive for the short-term. When it falters a new business is sure to pick up where the old one left off.


A dark cloud is looming over the classical model of New York City yellow cabs. Unless a serious approach to addressing the competition arrives, the classic yellow cab is about to become the extinct yellow cab. The gig economy may claim another.


The Power of a Simple Review

According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, business people should be encouraging reviews as it helps them build their business in many different ways.

The first thing that online reviews do is help you increase your click-through rate. This is the number of people that click on your listing when they enter words into a search engine. By simply using schema markup on your site, you can get your reviews to show alongside your listing. More people will be encouraged to click on your link even if it is not the first one on the page.

Reviews are also useful in increasing your search engine optimization allowing your site to show higher in search engines. In fact, you can visualize it as one leg of a three-legged stool. The second leg is your on-page search engine optimization like choosing great keywords and providing outstanding content. The third leg is the number of times that you appear in social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pinterest.

Reviews also provide social proof that other people like your company. Humans are social beings. We tend to like what other people like. These reviews encourage others to like your company.

Reviews build a level of trust with a potential customer. They can often be used to turn that customer into a paying customer. Even if you get a negative review, it is not the end of the world. It is imperative that you respond immediately in a calm professional manner. Customers realize that you cannot please all of the customers all of the time or that even the best of companies have a bad day.

While many people fear reviews, they also provide great feedback. They let you know what your company is doing great, and what your customers would change if they could. Instead of fearing reviews, embrace them because they are helping you build your online reputation. While they cost you nothing, they may make you a millionaire.

Kellie Jones on Diversity in Art

Artist Kellie Jones Creates Her Own Art Diversity Field

Sometimes the best way to make people notice art work is to do it yourself. Such is the case with Kellie Jones.

Dr. Kellie Jones is a professor and art expert who has been recognized as one of the MacArthur Fellows this past week as one of their “genius” names. Jones has spent a large portion of her lifetime devoted to challenging what many consider to be whitewashed narratives of art history and hopes to have artists of color thrown into more conservations and into canon. Her lengthy career includes working at Columbia University, namely in the Department of Archaeology and Art History, but only as an associate. She has also served as a curator for groundbreaking artworks that feature many artists and artworks of color.

In a recent interview with Jones, she spoke on all of her past accomplishments and any plans she may have for future endeavors, including what to do with a grant she earned from the MacArthur Foundation. She first stated that she grew up in East Village, or rather the Lower East Side of Manhattan and that art and culture were a huge part of her whole life, even when she went to the music and arts-base high school in the area. Being a child of the 70’s, she also mentioned that even in school she always noticed that ancient Egyptians were the only diversified peoples being represented in textbooks, which was commonplace at the time. Things have changed since then and now there is a ton of contemporary art out, with artists such as Lorna Simpson, David Hammons and others who can freely express their work.

Jones also mentioned that she had a wide variety of mentors who helped her along the way, such as Al Loving, Jack Whitten and Howardena Pindell. When Jones was growing up there was no such field for African American art but once she got to college she took it upon herself to create her own field and be a pioneer of sorts, creating her own major in the process. It was a medley of both African and Latin American studies and when she created that she got her ph.D and taught it in classrooms.

The Service of Stephen Murray to the Finance Industry and his Charity Undertakings

Stephen Murray was the former president and chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital. He left the finance firm one month before his passing on 12th March 2015 due to health complications. The profession of Mr. Murray was in the private equity investment, and his services are highly acknowledged by companies such as the CCMP Capital and its affiliates. Stephen Murray was also well recognized due to his active involvement in charitable undertakings that were devoted to supporting important projects in the community. Stephen donated towards various institutions, and they include the Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Food Bank of Lower Fairland County, and the Stamford Museum, Boston College, Stamford Museum, and the Columbia Business School. The Boston College and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave him positions on their boards due to his philanthropy on

Mr. Murray worked for various companies during the prime years of his career. He was first hired by the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation in 1984, and his responsibility at the firm was to control its credit forecast education project. Stephen Murray later transferred to different companies due to mergers and acquisitions. The MH Equity was incorporated into the Chase Manhattan, and a few years later then Chase merged with the JPMorgan & Co. to create the JPMorgan Partners. In August 2006, CCMP was created as a unit of the JPMorgan Chase and Stephen Murray was one of the co-founders. Stephen Murray had sufficient knowledge and experience in the private equity investment sector hence CCMP Capital made him its CEO in 2007.

CCMP started as a spinoff and its employees at that time were an advancement and takeover team. Mr. Stephen Murray led the company to be one of the most recognized private equity investment businesses, and its worth grew to $12 million dollars by 2015. His tenure was the most successful for the company. CCMP Capital had the best service for its customers, and it primarily focused on offering capital development services and controlled takeovers. The firm has currently grown into an international company and has set up branches in cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London. Its primary clients are high net worth persons, corporations, and organizational investors who are need of professional guidance on the most profitable business ventures. Besides being and administrator at the CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray also sat on boards of different firms such as the Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners and Pinnacle Foods.

Weight Loss And Technology May Not Go Arm and Arm In The Big Apple

How many New Yorkers currently use activity monitors? How many are acheiving posotive results? Dr. John Jakicic representing The University Of Pittsburg’s Department of Health and Psychical Activity…, is an astutely motivated individual who aimed to define the true benefits of activity trackers, specifically, in regard to the efficiency of the technology and the psychology in which it plays on the human mind. According to a diligent amount of research, studies are suggesting that users of activity tracking technology, most commonly attached to the arm or wrist, are experiencing a lack of motivation when completing their daily goals unlike the other group of the research contributors who find themselves reaching weight loss goals without any interference from these tracking devices. The facts align almost symmetrically when viewing the data recorded. Those who wore the armbands average a loss of eight pounds after a two-year period, and those who did not use the armbands, average a loss of thirteen pounds. Dr. John Jakicici was puzzled by this finding and was eager to express himself on the subject that he dedicates everyday exploring. In the name of research, Dr. John Jakicici’s is a true virtue to the world of Health and Psychical Activity. Dr. John speculates the irregularity of the act of using these monitoring technologies may be depressing the very act of activity in general. Perhaps a man who is unhappy with his lifestyle choices in nourishment has fallen into a unmotivated state, and once he checks his activity for the day, his lack of accomplishment pushes him even further down into a more servere state, misery. Apparently, it’s easier to just give up rather than move forward when one is faced with the digital lack of results they’re not even close to positively acquiring. It’s unfortunate that this revelation in technology isn’t having a profound effect similar to the other industries of the world. However, as this information becomes available, it’s rather inspiring if you glance at it from a specific perspective. The most prominent idea here is, health and fitness remains to be an extremely significant fabric of societal wellness, one that human beings should consider only trusting themselves or a registered fitness instructor to keep track of when desiring life enhancing results.

Skin Lightening At Home Just Got a Whole Lot Easier With These Products

Discoloration or displeasure with your skin’s tone is something that can be remedied by using a skin brightening treatment. There are many products that lighten skin and can even out discoloration. These products are often not even that expensive, so it is easy to select the right one for you that does the job. The top skin lightening home treatments are the following: Juvabrite, NUR 76, Cosmelan and the Makari Oralight.

Juvabrite contains the ingredients like hyaluronic acid, seaweed, grape fruit, mint and morusbombycis toot. These ingredients are dermatologically tested to lighten the skin and remove blemishes. The Juvabrite is also a product brimming over with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great to keep up the facial skin’s youthfulness. Juvabrite can lighten skin, diminish dark spots, is an anti-aging product and it can improve the skin’s overall radiance factor.

NUR 76 is used by people in Asia, the Caribbean and many other parts of the world. NUR 76 works by using natural based ingredients that slow or cease the flow of melanin production in the skin’s cells. This results in a lighter appearance and removes discoloration in the skin. NUR 76 is excellent at lightening, brightening and radiating amazing skin for those who want to brighten their skin.

Cosmelan primarily was created to treat hyperpigmentation of the skin. It does this by slowing the melanin production in the skin’s cells. Some of the causes of hyperpigmentation include sun exposure, melasma, PIH and chloasma. In just one week the product is said to remove the worst of hyperpigmentation of the skin. This may just be the case for certain individuals of course, since every product is different for everyone. That does seem to be a good indication of how powerful and poignant the product Cosmelan is though. You must initially get the Cosmelan face mask from a dermatologist or trained spa technician and them you receive a Cosmelan cream to apply when you are at home. Cosmelan use can improve your hyperpigmentation and overall lighten your skin tone.

Makari Oralight is a product that lightens the skin with the use of natural ingredients. The main ingredients of the Makari Oralight is bearberry leaves, lemon fibers, vitamin C, vitamin E, gelatin, zinc oxide and magnesium stearate. The bearberry leaves at the primary source of the hampering melanin production ingredient within the Makari Oralight. The lemon fibers assists the bearberry leaves to achieve greater results. The vitamin C and E improve skin health and reduces free radical damage in the skin. This product is actually something you take in capsule form instead of applying it on. You should take it with a meal and remember to drink plenty of water while you take this product.

When taking the Makari Oralight skin lightening capsules, you may also want to use a Makari skin lightening cream. Makari are one of the best skin lightening product companies in the world. Not only do their capsules improve skin brightness, their creams also do an incredible job with the use of mainly natural ingredients.

Learn more about skin whitening :

Don Ressler’s JustFab Unveils Exclusive Capsule Collection in Collaboration with People StyleWatch

JustFab, the world’s leading fashion subscription e-commerce site joins forces with People StyleWatch, female style brand to unveil an exclusive capsule collection. Featuring the season’s latest handbags and footwear, People Stylewatch Exclusively for JustFab can now be accessed on With the understanding of the emerging trends, JustFab design team collaborated with People StyleWatch’s editors to create an extensive collection of footwear in 1i 25 styles. They include flirty sandals, flats, and heels in a spectrum of patterns, texture, colors. Besides, the collection on contains seven types of handbags including envelope clutches, totes, and perforated bucket styles in a variety of colors.

According to Lisa Arbetter, People StyleWatch Editor, the capsule collection contains dozens of styles and colors to suit every moment of a girl’s life. Don Ressler, the co-CEO of JustFab noted that People StyleWatch’s fashion provides a new foundation for the design and believes that JustFab members will love the way the collection elevates their personal style instantly.

About JustFab

Founded in 2010, JustFab is a world-class lifestyle fashion brand and fashion subscription e-Commerce site offering engaging and custom-tailored shopping experience to its customers. JustFab launches multiple custom-tailored selections of handbags, jewelry, shoes, and apparel every month. Furthermore, JustFab’s customers have access to the company’s fashion consultants for expert advice, clickable style boards to shop complete outfit, and fashion content and tips. For all items over $39.95, JustFab does not charge a shipping fee. Currently, JustFab operates only in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a renowned entrepreneur with a significant contribution towards the success of a series of startups. Under his leadership, Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates grew to an award-winning organization, having extended its operations to different continents. After, Don Ressler’s first startup was acquired by Intermix Media; he teamed up with his business partner Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. Alena Media was an eCommerce and performance advertising firm that generated revenue to a tune of hundreds of millions. However, when New Corp acquired Intermix in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg were left to explore new opportunities.

Tapping on Ressler’s expertise and knowledge in the ever-evolving online performance advertising, the dual formed Intelligent Beauty as an enterprise they could execute autonomously. Intelligent Beauty’s first brand was DERMSTORE, online cosmetic, and skin care bazaar. Later, they unveiled SENSA, a weight-loss system. As a strategy to extend its addressable market, Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab, an online subscription eCommerce retailer in 2010.

Steve Murray and the role he played at CCMP Capital

The year at CCMP Capital started on a sad note as the business community received the news of the death of Steve Murray. The death came a few short months after he had resigned from the company. Murray had been working with this company for many decades and was CEO at the time of his resignation. Murray passed on at the age of 52. However, the age at which he passed on does not mean that he hadn’t made great achievements and transformed CCMP Capital he led. This business leader was an iconic business leader, husband and father.

Early years
Murray was born in 1952. He attended the Boston College where he studied economics. By 1984, he had graduated from the College with a bachelor’s degree in economics on Bloomberg. After the undergraduates, he proceeded to Columbia University where he got his MBA. Before the company he was heading became CCMP, it was a group of smaller companies. Between 1989 and 2007, he worked his way up the ranks to the post of CEO. He was passionate about the world of entrepreneurship, business leadership and supporting charitable courses. When he started working at CCMP, he was only a private equity investor. He was also a member of the board at Crestcom international, octagon Credit investors and many other companies.

For more than 30 years, Steve worked with CCMP Capital. He watched it grow from a little outfit that was worth a few hundred dollars to the big success that it is. At the time of his death, the company was worth 16 billion dollars in equity. This was achieved because Murray always emphasized sound economic planning, and teamwork. His sound economic planning also helped the company achieve a lot of success.

Another great thing that Murray will be remembered for is the fact that was a great philanthropist. For instance, he founded the make a wish foundation. The main aim of this charity is to help children from less privileged backgrounds gain access to college education. The fact that he gave direction and guidance that transformed a group of disorganized outfits into one complete company like CCMP Capital makes him a hero to the people that new and interacted with him personally. Even though the news of his passing away was greeted with a lot of shock form the entire business community, the reality us that he has left a legacy and that he will be remembered for many generations to come.