How Small Businesses Can Compete With the Big Guys Online

If you own a small business, it is hard to compete with the big guys, especially when it comes to online marketing. After all, they have a lot more money for ad budgets and to spend on content creation. However, there are things that you can do to succeed.
First of all, you need to be authentic. You need to be the real you. Do not attempt to copy anyone else. This way, you will be unique. You will be able to stand out. Make sure to find your own voice.

Next, you have to follow your passion. As long as you do what you are passionate about, you will be able to throw yourself in your business. This will lead to success. You need to love what you are doing. Do not attempt to create the next Amazon if that is not what you are passionate about.

If you want to stand out from the big guys, make sure to focus on the customer first. Smaller businesses have the ability to offer better customer support and connect with their audience. Use that to your advantage. Do not focus on selling to your customers. Focus on helping them instead. Do not think of your customers just as a potential audience of buyers. Think of them as humans.

You also have to create a high quality product. In fact, everything you do should be high quality. This is not limited to your product. You should focus on creating high quality content on your blog, on your social media profiles, and for your email subscribers. You should focus on a high quality user experience and high quality customer service. As a small business, you have time to focus on making your product special.

You should also focus on upping your content strategy. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on advertising, focus on inbound marketing, which does not cost anything. It all starts with a good blog. Write blog posts that are informative and interesting. Make sure you are authentic and unique. Use your own unique voice to stand out. Do not try to copy others or just write the same generic content as everyone else.

How Online Business Owners Can Manage Their Money

Many people who own online businesses are entrepreneurs who started a solo online business. For anyone who owns an online business, it is important to start paying close attention to how you manage your money.


The first step is to separate your personal and business accounts and expenses. Create a separate account for your business income and expenses. If you get incorporated, it will be easier for you to report business expenses for your tax deductions. You can also use a software like Quickbooks Self Employed to help you manage your finances.


If you own your own business, you do not have a steady paycheck. This means that one week you will earn a lot of money, while the next week business will be slow and the money will only be a trickle. That is why you need to do two things. First of all, make sure you have money saved up. You never want to have an empty bank account if you do not have a steady paycheck coming in. Next, you also have to create a budget so that you do not overspend and so you have enough to pay your bills.


If you earn money in multiple currencies, as online businesses can work with people all over the world, open up a virtual account that supports different currencies. This can help you avoid fees when exchanging money.


You should also create a plan to increase your cash flow. A good cash flow is very important to all businesses. For an online business, you can increase your cash flow by focusing on getting more traffic or by running coupon discounts.


If you own an online business, you also have to make sure that you are spending the right amount of money on continuing to build your online business. It is a fine line. All of your income will be coming from your business, so you need to figure out what percent of the money you will reinvest into your business and what percent of the money you will keep for yourself. You should create a plan that works for you. Make sure you leave enough for yourself to live on while still having enough to invest in your business.


Digital Marketing Advice for Small to Mid-Size Retailers

It seems like the classical forms of advertising – television, radio, and newspaper – has taken a back seat last year to digital media.

Since late November (2017), very little money was spent on traditional methods of marketing and instead retail giants like Sears, for instance, focused their advertising efforts towards digital media outlets.

As big retailers are seeing increased ROI’s through online marketing methods, there has been a shift to building brand presence and figuring out marketing tactics that work on the internet.

The great news for small and mid-size retailers is that they can do just as good as the big boys and that too by spending less money than they would if they used traditional media channels.

Below are 3 pieces of advice on how to best market your goods or services online if you are a mid to small store owner struggling to survive or just want to increase your mode of operations and expand your business fronts for much cheaper than opening another offline shop or advertising on TV.

Open an Online Store

If you have a website, consider offering an online store that people in your country or around the world, depending on your shipping policies, can order from.

A brick and mortar store is limited to doing business within the locality it is situated in. However, the internet is open to the entire world and your shop can be too.

Even if you do not have a website, you can still sell your products on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy as a third-party retailer. Not only will this increase your reach and profit margin but brand awareness as well.


Along with having an online shop, blogging is a great way to bring more customers into your business funnel.
People love receiving informative information through a quick and easy online search. Having a blog on your site is an effective marketing method that provides free information to current customers and so helps to cement their loyalty to you and your brand. Plus, if done properly, you will also gain a whole new set of customers as well.

Use Social Media

It is no mystery that almost everyone online these days has a social media account of some type or other, which is great for retailers engaged in digital marketing as such platforms make it very easy to target specific demographics and interests.

The key to advertising on social media is to first find out which venue your target audience (potential customers) is using and create, build, and expand your presence there.
For instance, if you find that there are a number of groups on Twitter that show a common interest towards your specific product or service then it would make sense to have a Twitter account and reach out to those groups there.

The same can be done on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and a whole slew of other social media platforms.

Jason Hope: Understanding the IoT

The recent publication of ‘Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era’ by Jason Hope provides valuable information and evidence about the way that the web can help promote valuable infrastructure for future technologies. There are a lot of methods these technologies utilize which will benefit education as well as development in the future.

Jason Hope explains that there are multiple perspectives when it comes to IoT. Most experts agree that regulation of these systems can make a big difference in the way that IoT improves quality of life as well as mobile technology at large. Jason explains the importance of IoT in future regulation as well as enforcement associated with mobile technologies.

This informative guide is written in order to help explain the importance of IoT as well as the opportunities for growth and sustainable development that may take place in years to come. Based in Scottsdale Arizona, Jason has contributed singificantly to the evolution of mobile and software technology. He is a prolific authort with years of experience in the industry.

The ebook is fourteen pages and can be downloaded for kindle at The benefits of this are long lasting due to the consistent improvements of IoT in design and implementation throughout contemporary technology and infrastructure. Jason Hope also articulates the cyber security threats and issues that may differentiate outcomes for users of all ages ages and skill levels.

The valuable insight of IoT is that it affects all mobile technology as well as future developments in infrastructure. It is a considerable foundation that influences the way that projects are executed and that customers interact with the world around them. Having lasting results is important because it contributes greatly to the way that organizations will improve existing technology while effectively distributing new ones.

Some of the valuable advantages of the IoT infrastructure are that it can provide consistent and ongoing benefits to consumers of all ages. Making things easier to understand while incorporating effective methods of implementation are some of the advantages of IoT. Hope explains that the importance of this technology is multidimensional and will ultimately guide the way that future technologies utilize available computing resources.

The IoT is a unique and valuable system that makes a big difference in the way that the internet as well as technology at large will expand. The ebook is a great way to get an overview the field as well as conditions that make a big difference in essential problems or standards of operation. Getting ahead in the digital age is made possible with the enhanced operations and methods of IoT. Jason Hope takes an in-depth look and makes it clear why this technology is the way of the future.

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Navajo Tribe Files Lawsuit Against Financial Giant Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo just came under fire when The Navajo Nation hit them with a federal lawsuit. The suite accuses the financial institution that the bank is targeting some of the most vulnerable members of the Navajo tribe in a large and notorious sales scam.

In a 55 page lawsuit that was filed in the Albuquerque, New Mexico United States district court on Tuesday states that Wells Fargo used predatory practices against both minors and elders with a sales campaign Wells Fargo ran between 2011 and 2016. The sale scam include having employees create over 1.5 million fake checking accounts and prompted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to step in and place a fine against Wells Fargo for $185 million in 2016. The lawsuit goes on to state that Wells Fargo is the only national bank that is located within the Navajo Nation an they took special advantage of tribal members.

According to Navajo Notion President Russell Begaye, Wells Fargo exploited their customers and that fact is incredibly well documented. Even knowing that, the actions Wells Fargo took against the Navajo people has been uniquely outrageous. Stated in the lawsuit is the fact that Wells Fargo employees lied to elders of the Navajo tribe that did not speak English, they informed these people that they could only cash checks for them if they opened savings account. These customers did not understand nor did they need these accounts. The employees were attempting to meet high sales quotas that Wells Fargo places on employees, they were also accused of opening these unauthorized accounts for minors.

According to the attorney representing the Navajo Tribe, John Hueston, this is a specific target of an ethnic community in the US, not only that but also very vulnerable subgroups in the Navajo Tribe. Hueston also stated that this current level of exploitation of such a vulnerable community is something that has not been seen in other cases so far to date. Currently, the lawsuit is seeking fines, damages, and penalties that reach over $50 million. For more information, head to the Huffington Post.

Jeff Yastine Looks Out for Investors

Jeff Yastine is the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He also provides an insight into the investment industry through Total Wealth Insider. He has been publishing information on these platforms for many years and it has allowed him to make a true connection with the people he usually works with. Many of them have gotten the advice they need based on the opportunities they have. This has helped Jeff Yastine make sure he is showing people all the opportunities they need so they can enjoy different things. It has also allowed him the chance to make sure he is helping people with the issues they are facing in the investment world. He knows what it is like to invest without any type of help and that goes back to the hard work he did when he was first getting his career off the ground. For Jeff Yastine, this is a big part of who he is and what he’s capable of doing. More info about Jeff Yastine at

As long as Jeff Yastine is able to do different things to help people, he knows what it will take to give them the opportunities they need to invest a lot of money. He has tried to continue helping people through the different investment outlets they have and that goes back to what he’s able to do with others. For Jeff Yastine, the most important part of his career is to give the community what they are looking for and what they can use to make things better.

Recently, Jeff Yastine talked about the major threats Amazon is going to see in the next couple years. He sees there is a lot of value in each of these markets and this has helped him make sure he can do things right. It has also given him the ability he needs to bring attention to the businesses that are going to continue to get better. For years, Jeff Yastine has known what he needs to do and what he can do to make sure things are going to get better for people who want to invest their money the right way.

The Banyan Hill platform allows editors to try different things. They can see what they are going to do and that will help them with the issues they are facing. It will also help them make sure they are providing people with all the opportunities they need to be successful. For Jeff Yastine, this is what he wants to do and how he plans to give people what they are looking for. It all goes back to his dedication and his desire to keep serving people no matter what they are facing in different areas of their investment careers.

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Lime Crime Handles Chinese Release Obstacles Gracefully

Innovative cosmetics provider, Lime Crime, recently launched in China. However, the company was not free of obstacles that it had to overcome before it could do that. One such obstacle that it had to overcome was the animal testing obstacle. No cosmetic product can be sold wholesale in China unless the scientists test the product on animals first to ensure that it is safe for humans. The obvious problem with that for the business is that it fights against any system that uses animals in such a way. Thus, the organization had to do something to get around the restriction. The only way it could do that was to ship all the products from a warehouse in the United States.

Another issue that the business had to overcome was that someone was selling counterfeit items in China and passing them off as theirs. The business resolved this issue by partnering with Revolve, which is a fashion e-commerce platform. The two companies got together and launched campaigns that educated consumers about the authenticity of the product. They made known that Revolve was the only legitimate source from which consumers should purchase it. The cosmetics firm saw great success and a huge reaction from fans of the brand.

Lime Crime is a growing Vegan cosmetics business that is dedicated to providing consumers with products that will be safe for their skin and their overall wellness. Lime Crime is dedicated to individuality, expression and independence. They are equally dedicated to stopping animal cruelty and are advocates of organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Leaping Bunny, which is a company that creates cruelty-free products and encourages people to get active and advocate with similar organizations. The company makes a huge statement to consumers, and that statement is that products can be high quality without sacrificing animal wellness.

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Dr. Villanueva: MB2 Dental Professional

Who Is Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Villanueva is a licensed and knowledgeable dental practitioner. He has over 35+ years of experienced in the dental industry including his education. His practice is from the superior MB2 Dental network with several local area offices to choose from conveniently near you. His team of specialist are prepared to work on your smile as early as pediatric dentistry. He gives his patients personalized care centered around inclusion into what you choose is best for your smile. His professional team of experts make sure you get the attention your deserve for the only smile you’ll ever own this lifetime.


Who Is MB2 Dental

If you’re interested in a licensed dental care specialist with superior technology, MB2 Dental meets your demands. Most insurance is accepted and they cater to cowards of any age. They truly break the myth of traditional pricey insurance costs and painful therapy with advanced technology and knowledge of today’s complex dentistry. Choose a relaxed environment willing to work on your dental repair or maintenance at any stage. Older patients are encouraged to see what they have to give you back a smile that resembles your youth.


Preferred MB2 Dental Services

advanced dental procedures

– specialty referrals

– licensed & bonded

– friendly technicians

– jaw realignment

– teeth correction/whitening

– gum disease

– oral cancer screening

– emergency services

– friendly technicians

– orthodontist referral

– spa dental

– alternative sedation

– affordable dental x-rays

– braces traditional/clear

– and much more…

Are you on a limited income with the need for emergency dental services? MB2 will never turn you down because of limited resources with superior in-house financing options. Pay for the dental care you need today conveniently over time based on your income.

They specialize in first-time dentistry with a relaxed setting and friendly technicians. You’ll have the comforts of getting a smile that makes face to face interaction easier or the reality of a job in entertainment or modeling. Dr. Chris Villanueva breaks the myth of traditional dentistry and they get you back to what matters most with holistic therapy options without painful injections. Improve your smile and boost your confidence with professional dental services. They make a bright smile easy for all their patients. Get a no risk free consultation for a diagnosis of your precious lifetime smile today, and,31.htm.

How One Man Is Taking the Eradication of Illegal Prison Contraband to a New Level

I recently came across the story of Robert Johnson and his journey to eradicate contraband cell phones in prisons. He knows too well the danger cell phones pose when used by inmates – he almost lost his life from it. However, through his efforts and the advancement of technology, we are now safer since many crimes are now thwarted before they can be directed from within prison walls.


Johnson spent 15 years as a correctional officer at Lee Correctional Institution where he became an expert at identifying and stopping the flow of contraband into the prison. His prize intercept was a large package destined for a prison gang worth $50,000. However, this landed Johnson on a hit list. Using a contraband cell phone, the prison gang attempted to harm Johnson through contracting with a convict on the outside, but Johnson survived and made a miraculous recovery.


Johnson now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies, a Texas-based company that specializes in providing paid phone services to inmates. Securus also offers their Wireless Containment Solution, or WCS, to block unauthorized cell phone calls from reaching phone networks, ultimately taking away a discreet way inmates can direct illegal activities outside of prison.


In March 2017, Johnson testified to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on how prisons can address the issue of contraband cell phones. Although federal law prohibits phone jamming devices, the FCC recently relaxed regulations that now allow prisons to adopt technologies that selectively prohibit unauthorized cell phone communications. During a trial period from July 2016 to July 2017, Securus’ WCS technology identified and stopped over 1.7 million illegal cell phone calls in eight prisons in the United States. However, not all prisons use technologies that intercept and block calls made from contraband cell phones. Robert Johnson continues to use his consulting role to educate prisons about his story and how they can save lives by adopting these new technologies.


Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors Provide HOPE for Others

HOPE means many things to many different people, but to Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of UAHEALTH Advisors, HOPE means Helping Other People Everyday.

Troy McQuagge  and it’s parent company USHEALTH Group is the successful President and CEO who has led his company to a growth of approximately ten times that of when he began. His philanthropy and love of community has created a presence that has created trust across the nation turning the company into a household name with the HOPE program.

Initiated in 2010 McQuagges HOPE program brought USHealth Advisor leadership together with those of the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) organization to aide those ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. While the horrific devastation made thousands homeless, this program brought optimism to those who were hard hit by the storm. With safe housing a priority, Troy, and his company donated hundreds of man-hours to remove storm-ravaged houses and restore those which could be saved. The company’s efforts in the Mid-City area of New Orleans helped to revitalize families who were formerly without a safe place to live.

Continuing to provide HOPE to others has become an annual offering to communities as Troy and USHA continued to provide needed services to many who are in need. Among those include a 2011 donation of clothing and supplies to The Crisis Nursery, a Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area children’s shelter. Troy McQuagge US Health also provided over $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona to aid families of children with life-threatening illness and $45,000 to the same entity the following year in Texas. Other non-profits that have benefited from those such as the Brevard County Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, Florida and many other community services across the United States.

According to Troy McQuagge US Health when asked why HOPE was formed Troy said “Every company has a soul. That soul lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are. Our people have made it their mission to help and serve others whenever and wherever they can. For me, there is no more noble way to run a business or to live your life.” This heart spoken philosophy can only create growth and prestige for the company in coming years as USHA helps thousands to live a better life.

Continuing to provide services across the nation hopefully the selfless philosophy of McQuagge and his compatriots at USHEALTH Group and their dedication to making the world a better place will serve as a model to other corporations around the world.