Labels and Love: Product Packaging That Makes Our Heart Go THUD!

We all know never to judge a book by its cover, but you have to admit, the books with the eye-catching covers always make their way into your hand, opposite your pumpkin spice latte during your unfamiliar brisk weather stroll through Barnes & Noble. So what if we are attracted to mentally stimulating objects, people, and places? Well for starters it means that smart marketers will look to lure us with visually striking design that appeals to our very heart strings.


It’s no secret that we all like to be paired with good-looking partners and likewise, wear good looking clothing but we can use other ways of assigning value to the like. For instance, its also important to have a partner that is funny, caring, and gainfully employed. This means that looks are acceptable at sub-par levels if made up for in other areas. Clothing that is high in cost assigns a higher value to what could ultimately be described as rags. When we begin to explore things like food, beauty products, and electronics or anything else that is seemingly one dimensional and/or finite in its nature, we have been conditioned to think that what we see is what we get. In this situation, there are no other attributes to these items that make them valuable to us. So its best to love, and not just like, what we see. Marketers are hamming this up and rightfully so.


Think back to the last time you purchased a new brand of shampoo without prior suggestion by anyone. Just on the spot, spur of the moment- what was the first thing you looked for as you scanned the overwhelming selection? Was it color? Size or bottle shape? I can assure you with astounding certainty that you weren’t looking for “volumizing” before your eyes were drawn to a particular visual identifier.


With advances in digital marketing techniques, the market for product and graphic design will continue to grow even faster to accommodate both digital and in-person marketing needs. With millennials making up larger portions of the consumer market and their choices being based on price and digital footprint, original design geared towards individuality is all dolled up and making for a deep consumer love affair.

The Companies That Create A Paradise on Earth for UK Wine Lovers

Since professional vine planting in the UK was inspired by the setting up of a large Hambledon vineyard in Hampshire in1951, the wine production industry has seen a tremendous growth. From 1976 up to 1995, there was an incredible number of vineyards with a corresponding increase of the wines available in the market. At the same time, wine producers began to adopt more scientific methods of vine planting and wine production. Today, English wine is the most sought after the world over with emergence of large wine UK Vintners as dealers, such as Merchant Vintners (

Treasury Wine Estates

One of the company’s most prominent brands is Lindeman which is based in Middlesex. It has a long and impressive history of exquisitely satisfying the taste buds of many wine lovers and has made an indelible mark in 22 countries. It is the creation of Dr. Lindeman who began his career in a Hunter Valley vine yard. It has been rated as the best-selling wine brand in the Netherlands, Canada, Norway and Sweden.

Concha y Toro

Although based in Santiago, Chile, the company has made a name in the UK market courtesy of its wine brand, Casillerodel Diablo which has claimed a place among the 10 best-selling wines in the UK. In addition, Cabernet Sauvignon made its way to the top of the best-selling grape variety expression after its sales rose by 60% in 2013. The company announced a US$ million investment plan for building of a Maule-based research and innovation centre in consideration of the abundance of water in the Chilean south.


E & J Gallo Winery

The wine company has its headquarters in the US and the weight of its big name is mainly carried by its Barefoot brand. Although it retains a top position in the American market, wine lovers in the UK cannot afford to resist its fruity flavor in the Crisp Red, Crisp White and Perfectly Pink expressions. Barefoot has, in fact, touched the taste buds of wine lovers all over the world, which has been evidenced by its claiming the title of the global best-selling wine brand in the bottled category. It remains the most favorite wine brand in UK’s Pinot Grigio.

Named after the mother company, Gallo is another wine brand that has conquered the taste buds of many wine consumers, especially Millenials, with a variety of flavors including passion fruit, pineapple as well as raspberry and lime. As evidence of its seriousness in making headway into the youthful market, it has invested millions of pounds on its marketing campaign. The effort has obviously paid off since the craze for the range of products in the Gallo brand does not show any sign of losing its momentum soon.

Accolade Wines

The company’s home is in Australia and has the Hardy brand as one of its most popular brands. However, Accolade Wines’ owner has launched a vigorous marketing campaign that has made a great impression on UK consumers. In 2014, the Hardy brand struck a deal with the England and Wales Cricket Board in which it committed to offer sponsorship. Its UK customers also had a reason to remain loyal to it after it offered them exclusive access to top quality, mature wines.

Bottom Line

Wine production and selling in the UK has a highly competitive wine industry (UK Wine Market: The Facts). In addition, the biggest part of the wine-loving population is not likely to forgive anyone who goes below the standards with no exception to wine dealers including UK Vintners. Everyone is, therefore, working around the clock to provide a better flavor and the most appealing taste while still retaining the old culture that hold so much value in the wine circles. With so many excellent wine makers in the market, wine dealerships such as UK Vintners are the best bet in doing justice to the taste buds of wine consumers all over the world by delivering the most prestigious products of the best vineyards in Italy, Spain and France.

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The Digital Revolution is Here

The online marketing business is booming, and there are quite a few business leaders that are taking advantage of this type of advertising avenue. There is evidence that social media marketing is working so people have to be receptive to this type of marketing environment. There are bountiful opportunities for people to expand the exposure to their brand. They just have to be willing to stay consistent with the branding strategy that they are creating.


In some cases people that are marketing a business will start out with someone on Facebook. They will then move to another social media site like Twitter. Entrepreneurs may try two different types of things, but this is not a good idea. It is always a better idea to stay consistent across the different platforms. A business that is advertised in one way on Google+ or Snapchat should have the same type of consistency on Facebook or Twitter.


The great thing about using this type of environment is that it is free and it gets the attention of consumers much easier. There are tons of people that have cut their cable. They do not use any type of cable program so they never see any advertisements this way. More people are using smart phones, and that is why more entrepreneurs with businesses need to become familiar with all of the apps that allow them to market to customers in this new way.


The digital revolution is here right now, and the smart business man or woman is going to make sure that they can reach customers through alternate methods. At one time television was the best way to market products to consumers. There were big time spots where advertisers were paying ridiculous amounts of money for the 60 second spots. In the world of advertising today there are so many opportunities for people to reach customers without ever having any type of television advertising. There is not even any need for advertising through magazines. People can do everything that they need to do with social media and video websites like YouTube. This is the best way to reach customers that have abandoned their televisions for tablets and smartphones. Digital marketing is the best solution to building a loyal customer base.

Jose Borghi Tackles The Visual Aspect Of Selling

One thing that is to be remembered is that people are visual when it comes to buying something. Therefore, the whole point of advertising is to make something look good. However, one is not going to be able to make that many sales if their advertising does not look that interesting on Facebook. Therefore, a lot of creativity has to go into not just the nature of the campaign, but also the visuals of the campaign. Therefore, when people look at a commercial, they will be stunned by all of the creativity and care that went into crafting a visual masterpiece. Then they will not be able to help but to see what the commercial is advertising.

Jose Borghi has helped many companies sell products and services in that way. For one thing, people will be interested in the product for wide variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that the visual presentation gets them curious about the product. It also gets people thinking that the product is really worthwhile sense the creators of the ad cared enough to put a lot of thought into their campaign. Therefore, the company works well in making the sale of the product, service or promotion.

There is one part of the ad that needs the most attention. It is the product that is being advertised itself. Jose Borghi knows that the product itself needs the most attention in the advertisement. Therefore, it is important that the product is not overshadowed by anything else in the commercial. Jose and his ad agency makes sure that the product is given the best visual treatment. For instance, it is important for the audience to know how a certain product is to be used. Whenever Jose Borghi uses his creativity to show the style and the usefulness of the product, then he will attract the most customers that would want this product.

Jose Borghi has shown a lot of creativity in his advertising campaigns. This is why he is one of the most sought out advertisers in Brazil. Jose Borghi’s advertising agency also attracts a lot of clients that want his assistance with increasing his sales in Brazil as well as internationally.

Why Samsung Threw In The Towel On Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung was well aware of all the faults associated with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, some people probably thought that the South Korea based company was hiding its head in the sand and ignoring the complaints heard around the world about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Certainly, the exact opposite was true. The company started investigating the defects. Their first conclusion was that there was nothing wrong with the phones. The fault was with the battery. Still, millions remained loyal to the Samsung Galaxy and continue to carry their phone with them on travels and locally. Still, more phones were exploding, harming the Samsung’s company credibility.


The Next Phase

Samsung was at their wits end and decided to recall the Note 7 back in September. This is where the story gets really interesting. Since the company insisted that the battery was the reason for the explosions, they decided to ship out the new Galaxy 7s with brand new batteries supplied by a new manufacturer. Of course, loyal customers jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on the brand new Galaxy 7s. Well, the new phone exploded too. This should have served as a lesson to Samsung to make them provide more testing on their devices before releasing them to the public.


Pulling The Plug On Galaxy Note &

The fact is that the company testers were at a loss. They simply could not reproduce the conditions that made the phones explode. Recently, Samsung decided to take the phone off the market. However, industry insiders believe that the move was a bit too late. Now, the company has lost a lot of credibility and trustworthiness. Loyal customers have simply lost faith in Samsung. This issue has also affected their investors and other products. Still, Samsung has not revealed the reason for the phone exploding. They are still frustrated and totally in the dark about that issue. Insiders are still wondering if Samsung is down for the count or will they ever recover after this fall.

Clay Siegall’s and Seattle Genetics ambitious plan for 12 more drugs

There is a lot to expect and watch out in the cancer research community. Cancer institutions have been on the rise to produce better ways of managing cancer. We could be possibly expecting a cure in the near future. One institution that has been working hard to better treat cancer is Seattle Genetics. It is a firm medicine company that has broadened the application of its drugs. The organization recently announced its plan to expand their current drug pipeline with new medications.

The move has seen Seattle Genetics rise to become an institute of cancer research. Adcetris is the main drug produced by the company. The drug is mostly applicable in cancer treatment applications. Information received from its CEO, Clay Siegall indicates that the drug has been experimented on up 70 different cases on lymphomas. Under its CEO, the drug company plans to hire more employees and produce more drugs. The hiring is an ambitious plan and is going to be the biggest hiring the company has had. The company today has more than 800 employees. The company has grown to have approximately 20 offices in Switzerland and plans to expand more.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Siegall has played a huge role in steering Seattle Genetics on its path to success. He has managed to secure a large amount of financing for the company. He has been behind the company’s initial major funding that took place in 2001. Since then, he has gone to secure other funding from private sources that amount to more than $675 million.

Siegall has made a significant impact under his company in the Cancer research platform. His promise of unleashing 12 new cancer drugs has given hope to people who suffer from Cancer. Dr. Siegall’s educational background explains his excellence in his work. He graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a degree from Maryland University. Before becoming CEO of Seattle Genetics, he worked for several research organizations. He has also worked with the National Institutes of Health and Cancer. He today is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics where he has led the company to paths of great success.

White Shark Media Takes On Some Of The Trickier Online Marketing Tasks

One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that the experts of this company are some of the most experienced when it comes to online marketing. They are especially very skilled when it comes to that AdWords campaign. One thing about AdWords is that it does increase the chance of clicks and visits. However, when it comes to conversions, that part is a little trickier. For one thing, whether the person clicks on the page to buy a product or not depends on the ad campaign. Therefore, it is important that the ad campaign is compelling and focused.


One thing that could be said about advertising spaces is that one only has a little bit of space to get his point across. Therefore, it is important for the user to be able to describe his business, product or services in a compelling way with the use of very few words. However, this is something that could be too much for the business owner since he has other parts of the business to take care of. Fortunately, White Shark Media could take on some of the weight that the company has to carry. To top it off, White Shark Media is one of the most effective advertising companies.


White Shark Media is very trustworthy because the company is always evolving. The experts are always willing to receive feedback from their clients. With the feedback they are given, they are able to adjust their business so that they can better serve the needs of their clients. Each client has not only experienced increases in sales and conversions, but they have also been let in on every aspect of the advertising campaign. White Shark Media also evaluates campaigns and provides feedback to clients on what they can improve about their ad campaign so that they will be able to generate more sales for their business.


White Shark Media knows a lot that there is to know about marketing. Among the things that they understand about marketing is that there is always changes occurring in the market. Therefore, they do everything they can to keep on top of the changes in the market.

How Online Marketing Continues to Change Over and Over Again

Internet banners, pay to click links, social media and smartphone apps are all a part of the new wave of online marketing. This is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to turn the page and bring more people to a certain website. The online trends are changing the way that people shop. This is changing things for everyone, and a lot of people are seeing how the Internet can help them build a much better business structure.


In the early stages there was a lot of talk about Myspace. This was the very beginning of the online marketing process for some people that used social media. As time progressed Myspace would fade out and get replaced by Facebook. This would become the social media mecca over time. It would become the thing that people looked forward to for communicating with friends. This would also become the thing that other people would take interest in if they were promoting products.


Online marketing is expanding in many different ways. It is obvious that apps are also good avenues for marketing. There are a lot of entrepreneurs that avoid the operating costs for advertising altogether because they stick with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers have become a lot more technologically savvy. They want to use their phones to shop and communicate with friends. All of these things allow business leaders to connect with customers in a better way.


The best thing about this type of marketing is that it gives customers all types of advertisements about the other apps similar to apps that they are already using. This is something that can actually get attention from the customers that may actually benefit from these types of products.


Digital marketing isn’t new, but it is becoming the strong thing that people look for much more often than they ever have before. Most people are not watching television for the commercials. The digital marketing trends are much more effective because it markets to people at all times. It is easier to market to customers with repetition when the Internet is used. People are using the social media to communicate so it makes sense for entrepreneurs to take the advantage of this avenue for marketing to customers.


ClassDojo Seeks to Monetize Extra Content

Since ClassDojo app came to the American elementary classrooms, many teachers have expressed high levels of satisfaction. One teacher from Oklahoma acknowledged how the app has helped her redefine classroom interaction with students and parents. She admits that the app has really made it easy for her to teach and communicate.


Parents also seem to like the app with some saying that it has bridged the gap that existed between them and their kids while they are in school. For them, they feel that communicating with their children regularly in school has now become easier and cheaper with the advent of the application.


ClassDojo has revolutionized how parents, teachers and students communicate since it was started in June 2011. The app has become part and parcel of classroom activities in 2 in 3 of American schools. More than half a million teachers are using it on a daily basis. It gained popularity with its system that allowed teachers to award students who performed well in classroom activities with coupons. Though the app received some resistance from people who minded privacy a lot, it remained one of the most popular education technologies in the country.


According to Class Dojo co-founder and co-CEO Sam Chaudhary, the developers are still looking forward to adding more features on the application. The tech company is also planning to monetize some of its services for sustainability. Given the huge benefits the application has amassed recently, there could be a lot of potential in revenue. Though it can see the path of monetizing its services clearly, the company is cautious not to damage its reputation. They are focusing on building it first.


ClassDojo started in 2011 as a product of two brilliant young men from the United Kingdom. It started as a small startup and grew into a large tech company. Today, it has a market share larger than Coca-Cola in the United States. The company has diffused in more than 160 countries so far.


Many investors are attracted to the market potential of the company. As a result, it has received several funding with the highest being $21 million collected from its B series of financing. The company recently struck a partnership deal with Harvard and Stanford universities to teach students about growth mindset. The company is also planning to roll out new services to elementary schools across the country. ClassDojo is an example of good management and great strategies put together to come up with something sensational.

The Best Online Marketing Solutions

There are Internet users that may have thought that the social media sites were a fade that would soon pass. Afterall, people got tired of websites like Myspace, Black Planet and Friendster. It would seem like a social media gathering place like Facebook would just be another fade that would pass. That is what some people assumed. They continued to assume this until people started taking down their websites and blogs to replace these sites with Facebook pages. This would become one of the hottest ways for consumers to advertise to customers. Years have passed, Zuckerberg has made billions and Facebook is still one of the hottest digital trends in online marketing.


What Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook was blaze a trail for many other avenues of online marketing. He has become the person that people know the most because Facebook has ads and free giveaways for people that spread the word to friends. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg in digital trends though. There are a lot of businesses that are using apps for mobile advertising. This is a big concept that has managed to reach a ton of users for one simple reason: consumers like things that are free.


There may be a select number of people that are interested in pro or premium apps that are out there. This is a very small number. The majority of people that acquire apps on their phones or tablets are going to get the apps that are free. These apps, in more than 50% of the applications that are classified as free apps, are going to have some type of advertising. In many cases the advertising is linked to something that is connected to the game or software that people are using. It may intrigue them to click the ad. It may not . Either way, this is much more effective than television because it prompts the customer to click an ad that could instantly lead to a purchase. With a television commerical people have to resist the urge to change the channel or walk away during the commerical breaks. Even if they are enticed by the product they still have to remember the ad the next time that they are out shopping.