Make it Makari for the Ultimate in Perfect Skin Lightening Balance

Perfect skin tone, balance and radiance are something we all hope to achieve with our unique complexions.

Women of ethnic complexions often feel left out of the beauty industry, because there aren’t enough choices for skin care that tackle pigmentation issues. Most of us rely on over-the-counter and even prescription items that contain suspect bleaching agents like hydroquinone. Studies show these kinds of chemicals can be harmful and unsafe for the body.

That is why Makari De Suisse has quickly become the world’s leader in skin whitening and brightening products. Their rich formulas are based on purity and ingredients found in nature that help deliver the ideal, lighter skin tone.

Makari has a wonderful variety of skin care products carefully designed to fade away dark patches, acne, ashy blotches, sun spots and any other discoloration imaginable. Plus, the brand does it safely and effectively with unique formulas in caviar extracts, fruit and plant bases. Makari has been a quality brand manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for its tough and rigid standards when it comes to giving the green light to beauty products.

One of Makari’s best ingredients is their patented Organiclarine, a safe, non-medicated substance found in nature that bleaches and balances the skin tone. It is gentle yet powerful and goes to work fast, with many users seeing results appear in two weeks.

Makari’s Exclusive Toning Milk and Toning Bar Soaps are excellent examples of shin whitening and brightening at its finest. The Organiclarine-enriched formulas are amazing at evening up the skin tone, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells, smoothing skin texture and allowing every inch of you to glow. Shea butter, argan and carrot oils are also blended into this superior formula to help slow down the production of melanin and prevent the darkening of skin. Just use the Exclusives line three times a week, and you will begin to see a dramatic improvement.

Every unique complexion deserves attention and specially designed products to achieve a balanced, smoother and more even skin tone.

Make it Makari, and watch your skin transform and brighten before your eyes.

Google Is Working On A New Operating System

Google is working on a new operating system. It is not based on Android. This is a totally new operating system called Fuchsia. This one is going to be different from the smartphone based operating system. It is also a lot different from Linux. For people looking for detail, it is important to note that there is no official announcement from Google about the project. It is in fact apparently in the early days of development. Therefore, Google needs a lot of time to develop its project so that it can become something worth looking into for users. Google is not even responding for requests for more information from sources like Business Insider.

There is a lot of speculation as to what the new operating system is going to be used for. A lot of people are noting that Android and Linux are not very ideal for smartphone usage. Closer looks at the OS in development reveals the possibility that it is designed for use across a wide variety of systems which include mobile systems, embedded systems as well as other systems. It is possible that it is made to unify all of the systems. Therefore, this new operating system might be a solution that mobile and computer users are looking for.

One thing that a source is speculating about the operating system is that it might be used for augmented reality devices. As of right now, there is no telling what this new operating system is going to be used for. However, it is likely that all of these speculations could be right. One thing that Google is known for is being innovative. A large part of its innovation is the integration of many features and convenience for users. Then there is the possibility that Fuchsia is going to turn out to be nothing. It could actually be a project that never sees the light of day. There are tons of projects that get toyed with which don’t actually get realized.

Panama Entrepreneurship with Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

A majority of people love starting their own ventures. However, they lack professional help and advice on the way forward, which prevents them from moving forward with their plans. The rules below will help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into business ventures on Currently, there are enormous opportunities in Panama that require potential and willing bright minds to exploit them. Succeeding in Panama, unlike in the rest of the world, may be much easier and quicker with determination and guidance.

You need to initiate the game. It is imperative for you to find your niche in the market and exploit the opportunity maximally. Your skill set, passion, and experience should be your guiding principles to getting the perfect area of specialization in the market. Then, you need master the art of being mobile. Those businesses that prosper in Panama are those that run while you are asleep. An internet business would be ideal as Panama enjoys high-speed services. Focus on coming up with a good, pragmatic idea and implement it successfully.

Networking to meet potential partners in your niche is key. You need a trustworthy partner who boasts of strong work ethics, and you share the same vision. Joining forces with the right person in Panama will double your accomplishments as well as maximize on each other’s strengths. Motivating yourself is not an option. Find a Panamanian lawyer and have him build a custom corporation for you. Award a hundred shares to yourself and then print business cards. The firm’s name and yours as the President or Founder should appear.

To be successful in Panama, you need to drop all the shortcuts. It is not smooth and quick, but the ultra-conducive environment in Panama is ideal for young entrepreneurs.

Minimizing your costs is essential. Learn how to focus on low overhead costs. You can share rent, electricity and rent expenses with another group. You will expectably make mistakes in your Panama venture. However, if you are adequately prepared, the failure will be comparatively friendlier. Lastly, you need to find a mentor in Panama. A mentor like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa will accelerate your learning curve substantially. If you choose a mentor correctly, you will avoid costly mistakes as well as solicit advice from them.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is one of the best expert mentors for entrepreneurs. Mr. Velasquez is a native of Venezuela and holds a high reputation in the business world. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Panamanian professional executive and uses his knowledge and expertise in several fields in different organizations. Currently, Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa serves five companies in three positions: The President, Director, and Treasurer. He is a prominent leader in the business world of Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has helped businesses grow and mentored young businesses leaders as well, to help improve the economic conditions.

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Twitter Has Started Using Stickers On Ads For Brands

Twitter has introduced the use of promoted stickers for advertising other brands both on people’s content feeds and the actual content. While social media advertising primarily uses the strategy of brands placing adverts on people’s content feeds, Twitter has taken its model a step ahead to advertise brands into the actual content. Twitter is responding to what its competitors such as Snap-chat and Facebook are doing to increase their advertising revenue

Twitter is also considering introducing ads on the photos people post on its network. The ads are the branded version of the stickers that Twitter introduced in the mid-2016 for people to add to their photos. The new branded labels enable individuals to click on them to see photos made by other people in the category. Pepsi has already embraced the idea and it has already rolled out ads using Promoted Stickers on Twitter network. Recently, the company posted about fifty branded stickers to Twitter’s stickers library which were accessible in Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, the United Arab Emirates and the US to promote user engagement with the branded stickers.

Twitter has now said that only certain brands with their sales reps on Twitter will be able to buy Promoted Stickers. Brands will have the choice to buy four or eight stickers which Twitter will display in its library. Twitter has not revealed the price of these Promoted Stickers which seems weird. However, it is proving to be an effective advertising strategy because if a brand pays for the sticker added to a photo, there are impressions created from the person’s followers. If on the other hand a brand has to pay for everyone who views the branded photo, it could be less of a deal.

For Twitter, the deal is increased sales assuming that people will embrace the idea and that brands are cool with its pricing structure. It is not the first attempt Twitter has tried this advertising strategy. Twitter had already unveiled the sponsored emojis which brands could also pay for. Earlier in the year, Twitter launched the conversational ad format that would be used by advertisers to enable people to tweet a branded message.

How Target Can Change Its Grocery Business

Target, the successful North American retail company, has been struggling to market its grocery section to customers. Most customers visit the retail store for its fashionable clothing and home accent, but the company’s grocery sales are down according its fourth quarter sales results. Although the company has developed many initiatives to turn the tanking grocery sales around, one activist’s demand may be the very thing that could help Target’s grocery business expand. Jordan Figueiredo, a food activists who focuses on getting large conglomerates to sell fruit that is bruised or damaged, has began a campaign to get Target stores to implement “ugly fruit” as he calls it.

According to Jordan Figueiredo, the United States wastes up to 45 percent of its fruit and vegetable produce because plant suppliers can not sell fruit that is not physically perfect. Plant suppliers throw away massive amounts of produce that could be use to combat America’s hungry child epidemic. Because large stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger stores do not offer to buy this produce, it also contributes to the growing waste problem in the country which, according the Figueiredo, greatly contributes to global warming.

Figueiredo has been engaged in a battle with conglomerates for over 4 years to get ugly fruits into large stores. So far, Figueiredo has successful launched his ugly fruit campaign in several Walmart and Whole Foods stores across the country. By implementing the ugly fruits program where a company sells less than perfect fruit for a discounted rate, businesses can help families who do not normally have access to fresh fruits and vegetables because of the cost. Additionally, by implementing the programs, businesses are sending a message to produce suppliers that less than perfect fruit is valuable and should not be tossed out simply because it has a bump or a bruise.

If Target stores decides to implement the ugly fruits program in its grocery department, the effects on the business’ failing grocery department could be enormous. By adding healthier options that many people can afford, Target stores can provide customers with the produce that they need and receive a major boost in grocery sales. In this article about Target’s grocery business, interested parties can learn more about Figuiredo’s attempt to get the ugly fruits program into Target stores.

The Woman Behind the Brand: The Successful Rise of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Easy going, laid back, and extremely relate-able, are a few of the many reasons why Doe Deere has found success in the world of self-made entrepreneurship. Due to an ever changing technological landscape, it is no secret that the world of online blogging can be extremely competitive. However, through utilizing the power of social media to help launch her career in the make-up industry, Doe Deere has proven that ambition, hard work, and staying true to one’s self can be the keys to success.

Doe Deere’s interest in cosmetics began in childhood, where she often found herself playing dress-up with her friends, taking their imaginative play to the next level with eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip glosses. Her love of color only grew as she reached her twenties, which was when she first burst onto the online makeup scene. Initially confused by her popularity, she soon realized that her eye for color and design, as well as her friendly personality, were what kept her fans logging in on a regular basis. Experimentation with fun and bold makeup is something that she has excelled at, which is a primary reason why her innovative beauty blog stood out amongst the masses.

It was not until 2004 when Deere decided to come up with a creative name for her eBay store front, that Lime Crime was created. Now synonymous with unique, experimental makeup and cutting edge looks, Lime Crime is a brand for fun, creative people who are not afraid to think outside the box.

Throughout her successful rise in fame, Deere has remained humble, continuously seeking feedback and opinions from her fans (whom she lovingly refers to as her “unicorns”). Friendly and accessible, it is not uncommon for her to personally reach out to her fans on an individual basis.

Though she credits Dita von Teese as one of her inspirations, there is no doubt that Doe Deere also stands out amongst her peers. Always an individual and never afraid to be bold, Deere’s ever evolving sense of style will continue to push the boundaries of makeup and design for years to come.  Be sure to join the conversation on Facebook, but also check out the Velvetines line for yourself on Amazon.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

In January of 2013, the biotechnology-based company Mirna Therapeutics announced that Seattle Genetics co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and current Chief Executive Officer Clay Siegall, Ph.D. would be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors as an outside director.

Mirna Therapeutics is an Austin, Texas-based company founded in 2007 that is focused on microRNA in therapeutics. The company’s focus is currently in cancer research, which Dr. Siegall has a background in. The President and CEO of Mira, Dr. Paul Lammers, said that they are excited to someone with the experience that Dr. Siegall has joining their Board of Directors. He expects Dr. Siegall to help guide them towards advancements in developing their microRNA-based therapeutics.

Clay Siegall, Ph.D. co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and is the company’s current President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman for the Board of Directors. With Dr. Siegall‘s direction, the Seattle Genetics has successfully created antibody-based therapies for cancer patients whose medical needs were not being met. In addition to being a part of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is a published author with over 70 works published. He also holds 15 patents.

Before starting Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he received his Bachelor in Science in Zoology. He then attended George Washington University where he received his PhD in Genetics. After graduating he worked for the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health as well as the Bristol-Myers
Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before co-founding Seattle Genetics.


A Great and Influential Person; Nizan Guanaes

Life presents its self in different angles as we hope to see. We all write our future and success stories. One chooses their career path, but that’s not the end, you have to make everything work out for you and others that rely on you. Against all odds, be able to prove to yourself how capable you are. A few people go through great trouble to do this while others never have to struggle because they choose their paths, wisely and based on their passion.


Nizan Guanaes, the co-founder and partner of ABC holding companies, started small, gave the respect to the little startup, and all this propelled him higher to the place he is today. His humbleness and desire to make the change the world needs has motivated him greatly in life and also in the commencement of his ventures. He is currently a great entrepreneur and an excellent advertising professional. His dedication in his work has contributed significantly to the expansion of ABC Group, which currently has over 18 companies, that range from advertising, content marketing and entertainment. He has acquired considerable recognition in the business world and is not only a great entrepreneur and investor but also among the most creative and influential people in Brazil.


Nizan Gunaes has not only revolutionized the advertisement industry but has stunned many with his efforts and desires to give back to the society. His contributions to education, the environment, women and girls empowerment and combating sexual harassment among girls; has enabled him to gain higher status and respect in the society. It has also allowed him to gain recognition worldwide for his efforts, bugging among other awards and recognition, the ambassador of good will for UNESCO. He is also a great family man, giving all his love to not only the society but to his wife and son.

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Don’t Let Anyone Laugh At Your Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is not known for being a humorous site. Those looking for a little Wikipedia humor do have an option. They can check out the Twitter account run by Ed Summers. Summers has logged a number of fairly funny – and outrageous – Wiki edits made by congressional staffers.

Those affiliated with members of Congress are tasked with a great many duties. Representatives do want to make sure accurate reporting is done about them. Unfortunately, they cannot just open an account with a major newspaper and start changing stories. Wikipedia does not present such barriers. Anyone who creates a profile on the platform can write, edit, and update a Wikipedia page. Congress has taken note of this, and made a host of changes to Wikipedia pages.

Summer has made it a mission to keep track of some of the more comical Wikipedia revisions. One edit focused on referring to GOP Congressman Tim Huelskamp being named a “national conservative leader”. The edit – and title – is a dubious one. Tim Huelskamp is not going to be returning to Congress next session as he lost a primary election. Additionally, he was removed from a committee position showing his influence in Congress has diminished. Admittedly, the Tim Huelskamp staff likely does not see the humorous side of this edit.

Anyone who has a legitimately serious requirement to create a Wikipedia page doesn’t want people to be laughing at it. A person who lacks the professional skill to create a nice Wikipedia page may end up creating a page that yields disastrous results. Putting forth a good effort is commendable, but the end result is what creates the greatest impression. Actually, the impact left on the reader is really the only thing that counts. A Wikipedia page that does not contain quality writing is, at best, going to be a mundane read. At worst, the page will be a huge turn off. Entrepreneurs positively cannot accept such a result.

Get Your Wiki ensures no one has to worry about being a laughing stock due to a messed up Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki creates completely original Wikipedia pages on behalf of all manner of clients. The service also handles editing and monitoring and does those tasks quite well.

An online presence should not cause any harm. A solid Wikipedia page definitely won’t hurt its subject. With the people creating the page, the page is sure to yield great results.

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Raj Fernando: Triple Threat

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading Raj Fernando is a jack of all trades. Fernando has extensive experience with trades and got his start in 2002 at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade where he completed volunteer work to help him gain extra experience. He worked as a cash bond trader from 1996 to 2003. He started Chopper Trading in 2002 as a small fixed-income trading company and currently services more than 200 people in several locations.

Raj Fernando was born in Denmark, and came to the United States when he was just one year old. He attended Beloit College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and history. Fernando is also widely known for his political affiliations and support for the democratic party, specifically the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign. He has been a strong supporter of the democratic party since 2003. Fernando has made several selfless financial contributions toward the Democratic Party and the fight for true equality. This year alone he donated $30,000 to Women Count, a political action committee with the goal of helping place more Democratic women in office as well as $9,400 to Democratic 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Aside from his political contributions Fernando is a member on the PAWS Chicago board of directors. PAWS is a Chicago area “kill free” animal shelter that uses several different strategies to care for and provide shelter to dogs who are ill. Throughout his philanthropic career Fernando has made donations to organizations like Wounded Warriors, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and the Illinois Holocaust Museum.The Clinton Foundation has received more than $150,000 from Fernando in support for their campaign total since he began contributing in 2003.

Fernando has made his mark on business, politics and philanthropy as well. His generosity and desire to contribute to a better society is immeasurable. Whether it is business or politics, Fernando genuinely wants the best for everyone involved. He even implemented this into his hiring strategy at Chopper Trading. Fernando wants his employees to feel comfortable when working, he wanted to create a stress free work environment with equal opportunities for success for all and through his donations and opportunities offered at Chopper Trading he has opened doors for so many.