Jeffry Schneider’s Take On Alternative Investments

Delivering on his approach that alternative investments are a remarkable means to expand holdings and lessen volatility, entrepreneur and financial services expert Jeffry Schneider’s intent is to be the trusted liaison to those looking to maximize return and diversify risk.

To accomplish his objective, Schneider founded Austin, Texas-based Ascendant Capital LLC, which focuses on a diversified array of services which take in education, marketing, inventive financial structuring and sales.

As chief executive officer and with his 24 years of financial services industry experience, he oversees sales, marketing, operations and policy while also administering a group of financial and operating professionals.

Over the last five years under the guidance and direction of Schneider, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly from two employees to more than thirty and raised nearly $1 billion working with more than 50 broker dealers and 250 investment advisors.

The boutique investment firm finds and classifies hedge, private-equity and real estate funds that are typically not available to investors and then works to add valuable options for clients.

In addition to working with a network of brokers and advisors, Ascendant Capital works with private banks and family offices.

According to Schneider, the firm’s success comes from its distinctive setting which encourages hard work, confidence and friendly, receptive communication.

On a personal level, Schneider recognizes the value of learning about new customs and cultures and has already traveled to Europe, Asia and South America and looks forward to travel to Brazil, Australia and Cuba.

He also enjoys staying fit and has joined in a number of marathons, iron man and half iron mans.

What’s more, Schneider is committed to giving back to the community as he is engaged in activities with such charitable organizations as the Gazelle Foundation, God’s Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, the Cherokee Home for Children and several others.

Jeffry Schneider, who was born in New York City, graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with a Bachelors of Science degree.

Before founding Ascendant Capital in 2009, Schneider worked at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors as well as at Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney.

Growing Your Business Quickly

Warren Buffett is a financial genius who built a billionaire dollar empire off of a simple business principle, avoiding what others love, and loving what others avoid. In online marketing for your business, it pays well to know what those around you are eagerly pursuing. Do not copy them. You will face a lot of competition if you do.


What are the people around you eagerly pursuing in their business? Easy, quick, lots of money, English, USA, Europe, Facebook, leisure, pleasure, debt, and spending. You should avoid these things like poison. They will slowly sap your profit and give you a lot of competition. Why? Everyone else is doing the same thing. What are your peers eagerly avoiding? Hard, slow, little money, foreign languages, Africa, Asia, Baidu, work, suffering, saving, and giving. These are all things that you should be doing more of to grow your business. Why? Your peers are not doing them.


Warren Buffett has some other good tips such as minimize the wrongs you do, do not lose money, and hang out with people better than you. These three are great. If you minimize the wrongs you do, you will have nothing to regret later. If you do not lose money, you will have money to invest later. If you hang out with people better than you, you will become better.


In designing your online market, ask the following questions:


  1. What am I unusually good at?


  1. Who desperately wants what I am good at?


  1. What are my competitors afraid to do to meet that particular market?


If I answer all three of these questions, and eagerly pursue what my competitors are afraid to do, I will have a pick of quality jobs that are in a field I enjoy fairly well. The key is being flexible and tough when others are scared.


A good example of how this plays out in real life is the recent election of Donald Trump. Donald Trump was going to lose. Everyone said he should. But he somehow won. How? He won because he asked these three questions and did them. He was good at business and selling. He knew that there was a large population of disenfranchised white males who were angry at the current government. He knew that his Republican competitors were afraid to brutally criticize fellow politicians. He eagerly pursued that behavior and won. You can apply the same business principle, and win the market as well.




Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group, Inc. – Named the Gold Standard in Health Insurance

One Planet Awards, a global premier awards program honoring business and professional excellence, has named Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year. McQuagge’s award was from the category of companies with 100 to 499 employees in the industry of accounting, banking, finance, and insurance. Persons nominated for One Planet Awards compete against and are judged by their peers in organizations in every industry from all over the world. The nominees are from companies of all sizes, including public and private, for-profit and non-profit, and new start-ups.

Troy McQuagge has well over 30 years in the health care industry. He is known as a leader and visionary. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2010. Prior to that time he served as President and CEO of HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group. Under McQuagge’s leadership HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group’s annual sales volume totaled more than $1 Billion.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company provides health coverage for persons who are self-employed and small business owners. One of McQuagge’s most notable accomplishments was rebuilding the company’s distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisor. In 2014 McQuagge was promoted to President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Under his leadership USHEALTH Group Inc. had experienced success with new growth and profits in the individual health insurance market.

Troy McQuagge recognizes that it is the committed employees of USHEALTH Group Inc., who care about the service they provide to their customers, that sets USHEALTH Advisors. apart from other companies in the health insurance industry. He attributes being selected as the recipient of the award as CEO of the Year to the hard work and dedication of the company’s officers, employees and agents. In accepting the award, McQuagge stated, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

In addition to recognizing Troy McQuagge, One Planet Awards also recognized USHEALTH Group Inc. as Company of the Year in the category of Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance.

Jason Halpern’s Undertakings at JMH Development and his Philanthropy.

Jason Halpern is one of the most experienced and skilled real estate professionals. He is the managing director of the JMH Development, which is a company that he founded. His background revolves around the business since his family had a third generation real estate development enterprise that has been operational for more than five decades. The company is recognized for constructing several buildings in New York. The real estate record of the Halpern family is outstanding since it has developed several residential buildings in New York and Westchester County. The company has Class-A office spaces that are base in the Westchester County. The exceptional knowledge that Jason has gained in the sector has enabled him to construct several outstanding buildings that are considered landmarks. He is an individual who is dedicated to ensuring that his company grows successfully.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Mr. Halpern’s passion and excellent reputations differentiate him from other professionals in the industry. He is focused on developing healthy relationships with the residents of all the cities that his company is contracted to build. His associations make his work to be appreciated in the regions. He has always learned to acknowledge the communities that he serves.


Jason has also been recognized due to his outstanding record of philanthropy. He gives with a passion for supporting communities. He has donated toward the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which is a facility that is managed by the Westchester Medical Center. It owns a Level I Trauma Center, which has enough equipment and physicians. The foundation offers complex emergency neurosurgery, open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and also fixes broken limbs. It has also been providing medical services to children, pregnant women, burn victim, and individuals who are injured internally.


Halpern’s philanthropic undertakings have also spread to his company, JHM Developments. It has a partnership with a non-profit organization to offer clean water to the people of Ethiopia and Nepal. The firm has promised to donate $20,000 towards this venture for every contract that it seals in the Three Hundred Collins that is in Miami. The companies that build the water infrastructure are Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. The charity project has been beneficial to more than 650 people.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Trending Business Marketing Strategies

Technology is something that is tremendously changed the landscape when it comes to business marketing, as just about everything has shifted to the internet. Each and every year, companies attempt to improve upon their overall marketing strategy utilizing the variety of marketing techniques. this year has been no different, as a massive amount of companies have up their games in terms of reaching potential customers on the internet. Social networking is something that has completely changed the game when it comes to marketing online, as just about every single company out there today has a very strong social media and networking campaign. One of the changes that has occurred this year, however, is the way that they run these social media accounts. On websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a host of other social media networks, the new thing today is creating a system of automation on the various networks that they utilize. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using these types of algorithms in business is the fact that these companies no longer have to use an employee and allocate a lot of time to running their social media networks. Rather, they take these algorithms and automate them to update each social media website that they are using, according to whatever strategy they have employed.

While some social media platforms have been fairly rigid in the past, there are a lot more options for personalization these days, which many businesses are starting to take full advantage of. This allows them to stand out, connect with their fans and customers, and provides them with a much more unique and diversified landscape to work with. Another thing that has continued to grow in business and marketing, is the widespread use of apps. While apps have already been around in widely used over the last several years, major changes have been made that have increase the overall experience that a user receives. This includes better usability on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, which are devices that many people spend the bulk of their time using each and every day. This is a great way to reach customers and potential customers, in an environment that is more appealing to the user experience. Business marketing is something that is continually evolving, but thanks to the ever expanding world of technology that we live in, things are getting much more convenient for companies all over the globe.


Company Adding Feature To Compare Workplace Metrics With Competitors

When it comes time to take inventory of your company’s employment practices, sometimes you need to get a feel for how your employees feel about your company. This new tool from a company called Comparably now allows businesses to do that. Comparably is a company that uses analytics to get a feel for a business’s practices, and has an interface similar to that found on where people can review and rate companies they’ve worked for. Users can also see if the salary they’re currently making is better than or worse than workers at other companies.


Employers on the other hand can take a look at their numbers and see how they’re doing with employee morale, but they can also take a look at their diversity factors through gender, race, age, average tenure of employees and so much more. In fact, many current fortune 500 and growing tech companies are using Comparably because of its unique employer interface, and some of those companies include Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, and PayPal. The analytics on this software can really analyze each company department, or even executives and managers to see how their reputation is doing and to highlight problem areas that can be improved.


With the rise of Glassdoor and Comparably, companies are going to be scrutinized even further by their workplace environment. With new generations entering the workforce, perception is everything and factors such as age groups and gender also carry a lot of weight for millennials. Comparably also helps companies make anonymous hires by helping them find candidates whose job qualifications match what they’re looking for without having to wade through all the other fluff. Also, new workers care about geography when looking for a job, and Comparably has questions about what to expect at any given job or office culture within US cities. It used to be said that beggars can’t be choosy when looking for work, but with these new analytical tools new candidates will get more information on those few choices.


Amazon Planning On Launching On Demand Application For Truckers

Online retail giant, Amazon has released plans to further expand into the logistics and trucking industry with an on demand trucking app. According to details obtained by business insider the application will be similar to Uber which connects drivers and riders together and monetizes the connection. Amazon plans to connect truckers or transporters with shippers or those who need to ship out packages.


You could view this on demand application as being a win-win situation for both truckers and shippers. With the app, truckers could easily find new customers and increase their profitability. They could also cut time when they are out of work or lack goods to move. Shippers can benefit because they can easily find truckers to move their goods from one place to another.


According to Amazon, the Uber like application could be released sometime in 2017. If you think Amazon is not serious about entering this trucking market, then consider this. Amazon has recently purchased thousands of company trucks and even some cargo planes to transports packages and other goods. Should Amazon indeed develop this application it could control an entire logistics cycle of delivery. That would include shipping, transportation and final delivery. Currently Amazon contracts with a company called C.H. Robinson to arrange for deliveries between its warehouses and facilities and destinations to customers.


There are currently several companies that are operating in this space such as the C.H Robinson that currently provides a service to Amazon. If Amazon enters this market it would be in competition with these companies. There is no doubt that Amazon could really shake up the market segment and industry if it indeed entered.


One of the things that can happen if Amazon does enter the trucking and delivery marketplace is that its new app could eliminate middlemen that charge about a 15% commission fee for arranging and scheduling deliveries to loading docks and warehouses. Just like Uber cuts out taxi companies who act as middlemen, the Amazon on demand app could eliminate these middlemen in the trucking and delivery industry. The app could also provide directions, alert truckers of delivery opportunities and provide suggestions for a delivery route.


White Shark Media: Strategies for Resolving Clients’ Complaints

White Shark Media is an authority when it comes to the development of ingenious marketing solutions customized particularly for small and mid-sized businesses. On numerous occasions, the firm has received awards and acknowledgments as a fast-rising North America-based digital agency. Its growth stems from its reputation of coming up with budget friendly Search Marketing campaigns. The company dedicates its resources to delivering a memorable experience to its ever-expanding client base.


Since its inception, White Shark Media has forged a strong and amazing relationship with its clients. Many clients from different geographical locations and across distinct sectors have reached out to the company with many compliments. However, the company has also dealt with a fair share of complaints as well. White Shark Media has invested heavily in solving the issues raised by its clients.


How White Shark solves customer complaints


  1. Losing touch with AdWords campaigns


Customers residing close to White Shark’s head offices raised this issue. The firm discovered that the reporting procedures it had executed were not sufficient to permit owners of small business to review the company’s reports and be updated on the current affairs. White Shark Media has resolved this complaint by ensuring each client understands every bit of his or her campaign.


  1. Ineffective communication


Few months after the inception of White Shark Media, several clients felt that the firm’s communication was not good enough. The customers could not reach out to their contact person directly since they had to go through a receptionist. To solve this issue, the company implemented:


  • A monthly meeting via GoToMeeting: Each month, each customer and SEM Strategist evaluates the performance of AdWords campaign for the past 30 days. They communicate via GoToMeeting, a unique online conference tool.


  • Allowing clients to communicate with their contact person directly: Under this program, each customer is given details of his or her contact person as well as the person’s supervisor.



  1. Performance of optimized campaigns


White Shark Media’s mission is to develop well-performing campaigns on a monthly basis. At times, customers may feel that their campaigns are stagnant or are underperforming. The firm has implemented the following strategies:


  • The agency ensures all the existing AdWords campaigns are active.


  • Competent supervisors offer feedback and are responsible for all campaign management.



Although White Shark Media has not started offering SEO services, the company has the right expertise to identify a competent SEO firm. It evaluates all SEO work and proposals on behalf of its clients. The company’s Senior SEM Consultants follows customers from the sign-up phase to the optimization process. Additionally, in 2012, it executed a new procedure targeting new clients. The firm uses new AdWords account to ensure that new campaigns are developed from scratch.

What Ethical Practices can do for You and Your Buisness

In any business there are always people that find your company or organization and are completely clueless as to any aspect of the industry in which you work every day and knowledge on the subject pours out of you like breathing. This is a good thing. It means that people trust your experience and know how and have come to your company because they know you know how to get things done. These kinds of customers are vital to any type of business and their word of mouth referrals will lead to many other clients that aren’t knowledgeable in your line of work to seek out your business.



In a recent article on, integrity in business is the main topic of discussion. The author of the article is quick to state a little known truth of the business world, that the lack of integrity is where many, many different organizations, companies, and businesses, looking to make a quick dollar instead of establish real, honest, and long lasting relationships with clients get themselves into trouble. It will be at times incredibly easy to pass of false information as true to elicit a bigger financial gain from a client because you are a trusted source on the subject. Though there are many that have grown rich from these tactics, ultimately many businesses that employ these underhanded techniques fall through due to lack of returning customers, lack of satisfied customers, and ultimately lack of referrals from customers. In order to stabilize your business and provide longevity for your company, a sense of honesty, integrity, and honor is an essential business practice.



However, integrity is not limited to how you interact with a customer face to face or even financially. In modern society when identity theft and fraud are so common, clients want to know you have their upmost security and privacy at heart when dealing with you. If you’re a company that deals with sensitive personal information, your ability to secure that information is tethered to your sense of company integrity. It is absolutely vital that sensitive data and information be kept in a safe place, like a locked filing cabinet, as well as enacting policies to restrict access to such information or data unless needed and destroying such information or data when it is no longer needed on a companywide level.



In conclusion, integrity is such a vital part of business because of the way a good moral perspective can affect your earnings just as well as a bad one. Learning that open, honest, and reliable communication is the first step in doing business with integrity and honor is the only way to achieve longevity in your field. Though it may not be taught in many business classes today, the most successful CEOs will tell you the same.

Deciding on a Business Litigation Lawyer

Need a business lawyer in Brazil? Selecting the ideal lawyer can take several days and also could be a really lengthy procedure. You will have to make telephone calls and ask questions if you have no referrals from family members or colleagues. Most of the important inquiries entail how much the legal advice or solution will cost you, experience the attorney has, and the attorney’s record.


The more organized you are, the better your legal representative will certainly have the ability to offer you the service you need. Maintain all records, and put every information or contract in writing. It is also advisable to maintain documents of phone conversation made to any kind of legal organization associated with your issue, revealing the name of the person you talked to and the day as well as time of the phone call.


While you should expect your attorney to be conscientious to your needs, you need to also identify that these matters sometimes require time. Do not call your lawyer every day or expect a return call quickly, as lawyers are generally really active with either workplace issues or in court procedure. You will commonly get a return call within two or 3 days.


Get the right lawyer for your legal matter and you can rest assured that your case will receive good attention.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a popular attorney in Brazil, concentrating on business and corporate litigation. Ricardo Tosto has practiced litigation for many years and is highly renowned. He is well respected by clients and hid peers and renders top quality legal representation. He has great litigation experience and negotiation skills in a huge variety of business disputes along with commercial matters.


Ricardo Tosto takes a careful and analytical approach planned to reach his customer’s specific goals. Ricardo Tosto has actually handled complicated corporate and business litigation for some of the most popular companies in Brazil. The majority of big corporations and multinational companies in the nation rely on him for efficient and effective advice and guidance on all of their legal issues.