Troy McQuagge – Awarded the Best CEO of the Year 2017 at One Planet Awards for his work with US Health Advisors

The insurance market of the United States is one of the most competitive especially due to the presence of so many insurance companies. The insurance enterprises in the United States try out new marketing techniques and come up with unique insurance products to attract the attention of the public and grab the significant market share of the multi-billion insurance industry of the United States. One of the leading insurance companies in the United States that have been consistently delivering on its promises and has served more than 15 million customers so far is USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group and has helped in taking the company to new heights of success through his strategic direction and business initiatives. Troy McQuagge USHealth knows how to stay ahead of the competition, and he has been able to achieve that successfully from the time he has taken over as the company’s CEO. One of the first things he did after taking over as the Chief Executive Officer is to modify the business structure of the company to modernize it and make it more efficient.

The efforts put in by Troy McQuagge USHealth for the success of USHEALTH Group are widely recognized, and it is also one of the reasons why he won the award for the Best CEO of the Year 2017 at the One Planet Awards. There are many other leading executives of other major firms from across the globe that participates at the One Planet Awards, but Troy MCQuagge managed to beat the competition single-handedly due to his long list of achievements since he joined USHEALTH Group in 2010.

One of the significant accomplishments of Troy McQuagge has been to turn around the business of the subsidiary firm of USHEALTH Group, named USHEALTH Advisors. The firm was running in loss before Troy joined, but he managed to study the business strategy of the company carefully and make necessary changes, which has helped the firm to become one of the most successful arms of USHEALTH Group today. One of the reasons why Troy has been able to achieve huge success for USHEALTH Group is because he is passionate about the insurance industry.

Even at the award ceremony of One Planet Awards, he said while receiving the award that one of his primary aims is to make insurance affordable for everyone. He mentioned that health care is expensive, which makes insurance necessary for every individual. It is for this reason he has been able to devise and market some of the most affordable insurance plans in the market. Troy MCQuagge is committed to penetrating the insurance market and making it accessible to the people, and he continues to implement new and unique strategies to make it happen. Read more:



Ted Bauman Believes in Utilizing Time for Maximum Productivity

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing, and today, he is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club where he focuses on issues regarding international migration and asset protection. Mr. Bauman has dedicated his life to connecting people with resources, helping to ensure that they live autonomous lives, apart from government and corporate subjugation. While he was raised on Maryland’s eastern shore, he eventually ventured to South Africa, where he completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town, garnering degrees in History and Economics. As an executive in South Africa, Ted Bauman participated in a number of nonprofit ventures, including helping to found Slum Dwellers International, which has, to date, helped nearly 15 million people secure proper housing. Today he lives with his wife and daughter in Atlanta, GA. See the complete profile on LinkedIn

Ted Bauman usually begins his day dropping his daughter off at school, before returning home to his basement office to begin his day’s work. Over the years, Mr. Bauman has made a habit of conducting his most difficult work first thing in the morning, learning that he tends to be most productive at that period of the day. Adhering to a strict schedule, he attempts to avoid all distractions and things that do not pertain to work during this time, using it to gather information regarding any of the upcoming topics he intends to discuss with his audience. When researching, he tends to scour the mainstream sites, as well as obscure new outlets in order to give the most valid information to his readership, while also staying ahead of the curve. According to Ted Bauman, “it is absolutely critical for anyone in my business to keep themselves well-informed.” He also prefers to do his research personally, not divvying this responsibility out to anyone on his team, helping to keep him abreast of any changing trends.

When discussing any changes that he would have made if he were allowed the opportunity to go back, he cites utilizing his time to much better effect. With time management being the key asset to his success, he now tries to maximize it in order to be as productive as possible. As a writer, Ted Bauman is also an avid reader, and he recommends that anyone in business read something that goes against their major principles in order to garner a complete understanding of both sides of the argument. Visit:


OneLogin Security

The world has progressed a lot due to the advancement in technology. Companies may have benefited the must so far. The technological advancements have contributed to the growth and development of many companies. Increasing success has yielded increased risk. Derek Brink collected data from over 17,000 companies to analyze the difficulties they all have in common. Once he has determined the problem and some possible solutions he hopes to help make business better.

The most significant problem that Derek Brink realized was the problem that manufacturers have with security. Companies have not adequately managed their safety and have risked the personal and vital information that their users trust them with. All in all, manufacturers have mismanaged the profiles of their users and have not put into place stable security for their user’s protection.

One problem that companies are having is managing third-party user’s activity. Third party users should not be treated the same and regular users because they are on the outside. They should not be able to access the same things that the people inside access.

Manufacturers are also suffering because they are putting their partners at risk. They are given crucial confidential information that no one should who doesn’t have permission should be able to access. When a data breach takes place, they lose the trust of their partners and have to pay large sums of money to recover from the damage that has taken place.

After facing data breaches and the negative backlash that is placed on a company many companies have begun to consider one login. OneLogin provides the safety that many corporations need without giving them too much trouble. They only have to sign in once a day, and they can work freely for the rest of the day. This software eliminates the hassle that many manufacturers are faced with concerning security. They are provided with the tools to properly manage their growing user database and ensure their protection. Any company is able to use the software no matter what they are currently facing. User security is a critical factor in success.

Nick Vertucci’s rise to the top and how he is helping others achieve the same

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NVREA Nick Vertucci is spreading the good word about getting into the real estate business. With over a decade of experience in the field has given him great insider tips he shares with his students. Nick Vertucci created a system that is simple, straightforward, and a great way to break your way into real estate.

You will learn everything you need to know including flipping homes, using funds to invest in properties, asset protection, the ins and outs of commercial investing, and so much more. With that being you can sign up to attend Nick Vertucci’s workshops all over the United States and they even have free workshops available to students. That’s not all students have available to them. Nick has a network of private lenders and investors that are funding students real estate investments, over millions each month.

On his website Nick Vertucci has a page full of testimonials from happy customers and students. They took the tools and advice from NVREA and used it in the real world. So far they have experienced a lot of success of achieving their dreams of financial freedom. Mr. Vertucci knows what it means to struggle in life and what it means to work hard for your dreams. He also appreciates the level of success he has achieved and wants to give back so others can experience the same thing.

Nick struggled throughout his life, starting at a young age when his father died. He and his siblings did not see their mother very much because she had to work all the time to keep afloat. Flash forward 8 years later and Mr. Vertucci was living out of his van. A change was in store for him and he dedicated his time selling computer parts. Struggle reared its ugly head again and Nick Vertucci fell into a lot of debt when his business crashed with the dot com disaster. After months of slipping into more debt a friend convinced him to attend a seminar focused on the real estate industry. He rolled with it and now can call himself a successful millionaire.

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Matthew Autterson Journey Through Career

Matthew Autterson serves as board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. in Denver, the company in which he is also the Chief Executive Officer as well as the president. CNS Bioscience was established in 2013 as a subsidiary company of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), founded by Scott Falci, M.D. It is a drug development company, for neuropathic pain drugs.

Autterson attended Michigan Stet University, right after graduating from Brother Rice High School. By 1980, he graduated from the Michigan Stet University with a bachelor’s Degree in Finance, and went for a Graduate Tax Program, thereafter in the University of Denver.

To start off his career, Autterson joined a subsidiary company of Fiserv, First Trust Corporation, where he worked until 1982, when he got a chance to work with Colorado State Chartered Trust Company, in a chartering team that was to charter the company as a satellite company of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. Mr. Autterson was made the president of Resource Trust Company in 1986. Resource Trust Company and all its assets and employees were purchased by Broad Inc, in 1989. Broad Inc., was changed to SunAmerica before AIG acquited it in 1998. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before Resource Trust Company was fully acquired from AIG by Fiserve in 2001, it was among the largest state-chartered companies, that was also insured by FDIC as a depository trust company in the nation. It dealt with offering both custodial and depository services to its clients, who were more than 200,000 who had become part of the company’s client-base through the over 15,000 dedicated and registered financial advisors who served the company independently. The company had 700 employees, held custodial assets of over $20 billion, and deposits of more than $1 billion, all under the presidency of Matthew Autterson. It was after the acquisition of Resource Trust Company by Fiserve, that Mr. Autterson and other company employees lost their jobs.


Autterson 25 years of working with Resource Trust Company, made him gain much experience financial services industry.


Today, Autterson is much interested in philanthropy, which is evident through the several years of leadership in the Denver Zoo Board, Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Hospice and Denver Zoological Foundation. In fact, even after losing his job, Mr. Autterson was still very supportive of the Denver Zoo annual event, not only through his financial support but also in bringing in more sponsors.


Autterson, lives in Colorado, together with his wife Lori. He is also a father of grown-ups.


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The Many Endeavors of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been on a mission of excellence. This mission of excellence comes in various forms as he is a entrepreneur, a doctor, a futurist and a philanthropist. This man has founded numerous successful companies throughout his professional career. He’s also licensed in surgery and in medicine by the Georgia & Louisiana State Boards of Medical Examiners. One of Dr. Mark McKenna’s greatest attributes is that he is dedicated to his community. Many people are well-aware that this guy has a passion for helping others, and he does it at every chance that he gets.

Hurricane Katrina brutalized the Gulf Coast, especially in Louisiana. Many people lost their belongs, their lives, and their livelihoods. Being such a dedicated community servant, McKenna decided to use his talents to better society, and he did this by helping with the redevelopment-phase of the city. Low-to-medium income households was the name of the game, and these structures were heaven-sent. During this time of need, Dr. Mark McKenna lost many of his business contacts. In order to move on to better opportunities, he would have to relocate in another area to get a fresh start. After McKenna moved to Atlanta, he would open a series of health & wellness centers. Of course, these weren’t your average health centers because they hosted some of the most technologically advanced components. On top of that, these companies catered to a specific audience. Shape Medical Wellness Center, which is an aesthetic medical practice, offered some of the best spa-treatments in the city. This medical practice was operated by a team of clinical professionals.

ShapeMed would go on to become very successful by achieving Black Diamond certification. Dr. Mark McKenna has many other successful companies under his belt like Uptown Title and Universal Mortgage Lending. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna is laying a blueprint of medical excellence in the 21st century.

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Stream Energy: The Energy Behind A Cheaper Bill

A cheaper energy bill may require you to not use anything in the house for some time. You can find a more realistic process though. We begin with Stream Energy. Energy use is only expanding. There are few options on the market that make your management easier. We all have to pay money to some type of service every month.

Getting utility agencies to offer a cheaper service is about finding ways to integrate your energy use. Integration comes by examining the options of energy suppliers. The message we have for you is clearer when seeing the choices in the market. There are too many businesses you’re paying if you don’t have Stream Energy.



Fast, Integrated And Easy To Use

Technology is what society uses to operate at greater speeds, with simpler integration and with an easier understanding of the world around us. This is the work undertaken by Stream Energy. The services you’re now using limit you while over extending the money you hold and the physical energy you have.

Managing this is about looking at what technology allows us to achieve.

Getting technology to operate on your side is about first knowing the work of technology. You’re currently integrated to modern technology, so you can’t operate a normal day without it. You’re most important need is a power source. It doesn’t help that you have multiple suppliers for the various energy services you use.


More Than A Simple Phone Line

The wireless signals roaming this earth is an example of energy and its consumption in practice. The wireless services you access can be consolidated to one energy bill. These services include monitoring and emergency dispatches in remote locations ( The endless consolidation lets you stay up with modern technology in every way.

Growing with the movement of technology enables you to live a hassle-free life. The time you cut down is difficult to define but will let you accomplish more in a week, day or month than others can. This isn’t so much about how smart you are. The ease you get by consolidating your energy comes about because of how we rely on technology.

Do it with a better consciousness on your energy use.



Lime Crime Plushies

In the beauty community, Lime Crime is known as one of the best companies when it comes to making lip products, especially their matte liquid lipsticks. They just announced they are launching a new line of lip products called Plushies. They offer 12 new shades altogether with a 13th available exclusively on Ulta’s website. On Lime Crime’s website they are dubbing this the cutest release ever when it comes to their packaging.

Now Lime Crime hasn’t directly come out and said what the lip products are going to be exactly but Pinterest followers quickly discovered that if you zoom in you can see the production description, which reads: “Soft Focus Lip Veil.” This leads people to believe this new release is going to be a lip tint. This is a new concept for Lime Crime as it’s completely different from all of their other lip products currently out as they tend to make mostly liquid lipsticks.

Youtubers that have received them for reviews are agreeing with Lime Crime when it comes to the adorable packaging. It has bears on the cap and is light pink but it is in a clear bottle so you can see the color on the outside of the bottle. This lip veil does come with a scent that is similar to the Diamond Crusher line by Lime Crime, which resembles a fruity smell. When it comes to product application, they do go on sheer at first application but they do layer nicely on the lips and don’t clump up or feel tacky.

They also dry down on the lips quickly. The Plushies last all throughout the day compared to other products that come off easily when eating or drinking. It also is kiss proof and transfer proof. Plushies are also non drying on the lips even when they have multiple layers added on to the lips. They retail for $20 on Lime Crime’s website.

Troy McQuagge – HOPE in US Health


Helping other people everyday is what Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program stands for. It was started in the year 2010. USHEALTH Group is benefiting from Troy McQuagge’s program one hundred percent and visa-versa. HOPE assisted the Hurricane Katrina victims by partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans and by rebuilding homes. They donated shoes and accessories for babies during the Phoenix crisis. The HOPE program is people centered.

Troy McQuagge US Health believes that HOPE is their conscious providing a roadmap to how each day will go. They transform the lives that are served by HOPE. The Soul of HOPE is provided by the people. USHA gives more attention to helping other over counting the amount of money that is spent. HOPE allows people to have peace of mind. HOPE is all about loving them and allowing the steps of the program to work in their lives. Troy McQuagge believes it is how one does it. The fieldwork of feeding people in a homeless shelter to the rebuilding of the hardest hit areas are equally the soul and life’s breathe back into HOPE.

They help the Veterans. USHA and HOPE are one in love. There is no dictation. The devastation and suffering that HOPE fixes is their own. The employees love the HOPE organization because of its normal values and mission. Troy McQuagge notices that his field agents bring the help and the HOPE mission into their local communities. Mr. McQuagge is very proud of his agents and the fact that he does not have to say any words. The company speaks for itself and relays the message to the field agents that life is about the big picture. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

USHEALTH advisors were also very impressed with the natural love shown. They presented two checks, one for $25,000 and one for $45,000, to HOPEKids Arizona. Children in this group have heartbreaking and life threatening sicknesses that would make you cry. They laid cash on the stage in the check giving ceremonies.

Troy McQuagge displayed amazing leadership as the president and CEO of the USHEALTH Group and therefore of the HOPE program. In 2017 Troy McQuagge was the winner of the Gold Winner award for his amazing achievements and his leadership with the HOPE program. HOPE is an amazing program. HOPE’s leaders and workers are very talented to make it run.

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The New CFO of Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell

On August 21, 2017 the Willis Towers Watson company made the decision to announce their newest CFO, Michael Burwell. The WTW company is the leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company. Of course, this means that the old CFO is retiring, so that Burwell can take his place in the ranks.


What is Burwell able to bring with him to the company? Burwell has 31 years of financial and professional services experience that he obtained while holding a position with the PwC company. He has played the part of senior leadership roles for more than 10 years, and has played a big role with many companies, as well as being a COO, CFO, and Head of Global Transformation. Along with everything else, Burwell has 11 years of experience when it comes to audit services, and 12 years of experience with Transaction Services advisory.


Of course, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson (John Haley) is excited for Mike joining their leadership team, especially during such an important time for their company. With Mike having a great understanding of management, leadership, and client’s needs he has a lot to offer not just the company, but the clients as well. Everyone at the company is sure that the expertise Burwell has in transactions, transformation, and finance is going to go along great with their plans of long-term building and integration efforts. All of this means that he will certainly be helping the company reach their full potential.


With this great news comes the retiring of the old CFO, and John Haley will not be forgetting all that Roger has done for the company. Roger was an important part of the story behind Willis Towers Watson, and his contributions to the company along with the services he provided helped the company to build a brighter future. See This Article for more information.


Mike Burwell is, of course, very happy to be joining the company, and states that he hopes to help the company grow in any way that he can. He also has said that he is very impressed with the growth of the company so far. Michael Burwell hopes to contribute to the growth for as long as he is able to.


About WTW


Willis Towers Watson is a company that has been around for a long time, and they are a company that aids clients in turning risk into growth. The company currently has more than 40,000 employees that have been helping over 140 countries for years. The company is in charge of designing and delivering solutions that help in managing risk, strengthening benefits, and expanding on the power of capital so as to protect and optimize the institutions and individuals that come to them as clients.